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Early Adopters Question Usefulness, Maturity of AI in Healthcare

October 18, 2017 - Adoption of business intelligence and clinical intelligence tools is on the rise as healthcare organizations equip themselves with the health IT infrastructure required to succeed with value-based care, yet healthcare organizations are still wary of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. According to a new HIMSS Analytics Essentials Brief, sixty-two percent of healthcare...


70% of Healthcare Execs Pin Growth to Big Data Analytics Skills


Healthcare organizations that successfully cultivate their big data analytics skills are anticipating a significant competitive advantage over those who fail to make the transition to the digital economy, reveals a new survey from SAP and Oxford...

AMA Launches Integrated Healthcare Big Data Analytics Platform


The American Medical Association is working to develop an integrated big data analytics and clinical informatics platform that will offer a common data model for organizations seeking to deliver the highest possible quality of coordinated care....

How FHIR Offers a New Approach to Working with Healthcare Data


Healthcare organizations seeking a simple, intuitive, and standardized way to solve many of their most pressing big data problems don’t have to look much further than the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource, better known as FHIR....

ONC Challenges FHIR Developers to Create Secure API Servers


As more and more healthcare organizations begin to adopt the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) as a way to engage in health information exchange, the security of those transactions must be top of mind for developers and participants....

Five Blockchain Use Cases for Healthcare Payers, Providers


The distributed ledger methodology known as blockchain is piquing interest in the healthcare industry as organizations search for more secure and trusted strategies for managing big data.  By decentralizing ownership of key data sets, yet...

Big Data Analytics, Population Health Top Executive Priority List


Big data analytics and population health management are among the top priorities for healthcare executives in 2018 as organizations attempt to navigate an uncertain regulatory landscape while improving the quality of care, according to the 2018...

Growing NLP Marketplace Drives Healthcare Machine Learning


Machine learning has quickly become of the most pervasive trends in the healthcare IT industry, opening up endless opportunities for vendors, providers, and patients alike.  From personalized clinical decision support for cancer and chronic...

Big Data, AI Rapidly Transforming the CIO Role in Healthcare


Few roles in the healthcare industry are exempt from the transformative effects of big data analytics, and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position is surely not one of them.  CIOs are quickly expanding from infrastructure gurus and...

How Mayo Clinic Uses CDS Algorithms to Standardize Nurse Triage


The healthcare system has always relied on primary care providers to be the initial point of contact for patients with routine care needs and low-level complaints – a role that has become increasingly important as organizations try to cut...

Blockchain Activity Grows Sharply for Healthcare Payers, Providers


Blockchain has come to healthcare in a big way during 2017, generating significant interest among providers and payers as an innovative way to bolster data exchange while keeping sensitive information secure. The distributed ledger methodology...

Big Data, Machine Learning Can Revamp Provider Health IT Use


Big data doesn’t have to be the enemy of overwhelmed clinicians staring at their computer screens while griping about their electronic health records, says a pair of researchers from Harvard Medical School and Press Ganey in a NEJM perspective...

Change Healthcare Plans Payer, Provider RCM Blockchain Tool


Change Healthcare is among the first health IT companies to announce the launch of an enterprise-scale blockchain solution that would bring payers and providers the ability to leverage the distributed ledger technology for revenue cycle management....

Big Data, Health IT Innovation for Hospitals Risks Stagnation


Productive partnerships and more effective management processes are a fundamental requirement for hospitals and health systems seeking to harness their big data assets for digital innovation, says a new survey conducted by the American Hospital...

Illinois Aims to Put Baby’s First Health Data on the Blockchain


Babies born in Illinois may soon have one of their foundational health documents stored on the blockchain.  The state, which is taking the lead in exploring the use of blockchain for healthcare-related issues such as provider identity management,...

Will Big Data Analytics Rescue Lackluster Electronic Health Records?


Big data analytics are “extremely important” for helping healthcare organizations see a return on their electronic health records (EHRs) investments, according to 83 percent of stakeholders participating in a recent Health Catalyst...

Can $10B Solve Healthcare’s Big Data Analytics, Productivity Woes?


“Give me a lever long enough and a firm place to stand, and I shall move the world,” declared Archimedes in defense of the notion that with the right tools in place, the targeted application of a little force could shift a mass that...

Transparency is Key for Clinical Decision Support, Machine Learning Tools


Developers and vendors of clinical decision support tools, especially those based on machine learning, must be transparent about their methodologies, capabilities, data sources, and limitations if providers are to rely on their products, says...

The Difference Between Clinical Decision Support, Big Data Analytics


Healthcare organizations have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to leveraging their growing big data assets.  From population health platforms and supply chain management tools to clinical decision support and business intelligence...

CHIME, DirectTrust Partner for “Universal” Health Data Exchange


CHIME and DirectTrust have entered a partnership geared towards enabling the “universal deployment” of the DirectTrust secure health data exchange framework, the two organizations announced today. The healthcare CIO professional organization...


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