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Congress: Health IT, Big Data Tools Crucial for Quality Care


The House Ways and Means Subcommittee is challenging health IT and big data analytics vendors to bring the “outdated” healthcare system into the modern age while focusing on translating technical innovations into quality care improvements...

CMS Public Health Data Repository Will Aid Quality Reporting


CMS is currently developing a centralized data repository for public health data and clinical data reporting, the agency announced, in an effort to streamline and synchronize the use of big data for population health management and quality improvements....

HHS Doles Out $87M to Promote Health IT, Analytics Adoption


More than 1300 health centers across the nation will share in $87 million of HHS funding to support the continued adoption of health IT tools, including health information exchange capabilities and big data analytics solutions, as well as certified...

“Data Lake as a Service” Enables Internet of Things, Precision Medicine


Earlier this year, Partners HealthCare gave the industry a glimpse of its ambitious plans to create a combination big data storage warehouse, research workbench, and analytics environment, based on data lake technology, that could support research...

Value Proposition Hard to Find for Care Coordination Tools


Healthcare providers may be having a hard time justifying the time and expense required to implement care coordination tools due to the relatively limited value proposition for investment and persistent gaps in knowledge about patient management,...

Desire for Predictive Analytics Outpaces Hospital Investment


Predictive analytics may be at the top of the big data wish list for the majority of hospital executives, but few organizations currently have the knowhow, the budget, or the infrastructure tools to make it happen.  Even though 80 percent...

Intelligent Planning Is Key for Healthcare Big Data Analytics


When it comes to developing a big data analytics program, healthcare organizations often can’t help but focus more on the results they hope to achieve than the long, arduous, complicated process of climbing the ladder to get there. ...

EHRs Can’t Keep Up with Healthcare Analytics Abilities, Needs


The electronic health record simply isn’t evolving quickly enough to keep up with rapid innovations in healthcare big data analytics and the increasingly complex needs of end-users, says an editorial published in the Journal of the American...

Can Point-of-Care Analytics Change the Healthcare Equation?


For consumers and providers alike, healthcare is a time-consuming business.  Patients may wait hours in the emergency department waiting room, days to get an appointment with their primary care provider, or several months before they can...

CMS Seeks Info on Medicaid Big Data Analytics, Warehouse Modules


CMS is probing the healthcare industry’s interest in helping to develop plug-and-play big data analytics tools and data warehousing systems for the nation’s collection of Medicaid organizations.  In a request for information...

Reviewing the Progress of Health Data Access, Interoperability


Vice President Joe Biden may not be the most likely champion for improving healthcare data interoperability, but that was exactly the topic of his speech at this May’s seventh annual Health Datapalooza, a public-private conference focusing...

VA Clinical Decision Support Cuts Unnecessary Lab Tests by 11%


The use of a clinical decision support tool geared towards overseeing laboratory utilization significantly reduced the number of unnecessary tests ordered by clinicians without affecting patient care quality, says a new study published in the...

Providers Quick to Blame Vendors for HIE, Interoperability Woes


No matter how often health IT vendors insist that improved health data interoperability is on the way, providers are reluctant to believe that their developers are putting enough elbow grease into accelerating the pace of seamless health information...

Healthcare Internet of Things Investment is Just Getting Started


Nothing is getting investors, providers, and developers more excited about the future than the healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) and its potential impact on big data analytics, predictive analytics, and personalized care.  As financial...

93% of CMIOs Experience Clinical Decision Support Malfunctions


Clinical decision support tools may not be as useful or reliable as clinicians could like, states a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA), and may be prone to significant, widespread, and long-term...

4 Basics to Know about the Role of FHIR in Interoperability


As health data interoperability becomes an increasingly pressing concern for providers, developers and vendors are paying a great deal more attention to the data standards that will enable seamless, on-demand information exchange. The Fast Healthcare...

New York Requires 100% e-Prescribing, But Adds Big Loopholes


The nation’s e-Prescribing networks may be some of the nation’s most successful health information exchange systems, but healthcare providers in New York State are concerned that they may not be able to meet a new requirement to send...

Medicaid Gets a Big Data Boost with Funding, Analytics Tools


While much of the industry’s attention over the past few years has been focused on Medicare and the massive funding opportunities involved in its half of the EHR Incentive Programs, the Medicaid ecosystem has been quietly plugging away...

MS Medicaid Achieves Real-Time Health Data Interoperability


A health data interoperability project has enabled the nation’s first real-time health information exchange between the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) and the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), the groups announced...

NQF Proposes Guiding Principles for Health IT Patient Safety


Although health IT has the power to enhance how healthcare is delivered, says the National Quality Forum, it also raises several concerns when it comes to patient safety. In an effort to improve the way healthcare providers address patient safety...


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