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Clinical Decision Support from Dana-Farber Powers Cancer Care

June 22, 2018 - Experts at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are partnering with Royal Philips to provide improved clinical decision support for cancer care. The incredibly complex nature of cancer, coupled with its many available treatment options, has long made this set of diseases a major point of focus for healthcare stakeholders seeking to improve clinical decision support and develop more personalized care...


FDA: Drug Development Transparency Key for Precision Medicine


New guidance from the FDA urges drug development stakeholders to be transparent with their data as a way to maintain high quality and foster patient-centered precision medicine.   Innovative, personalized treatments are being developed at...

WVU Genetic Test to Improve Lung Cancer Treatment


Researchers at the West Virginia University (WVU) Cancer Institute are developing a genetic test that will improve treatment for patients with lung cancer and help physicians determine which patients will benefit from chemotherapy and immunotherapy....

NIH Precision Medicine Clinical Trial Releases New Findings


The National Cancer Institute’s Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH) trial, the largest precision medicine trial of its kind, has released results from several sub-studies that could bring targeted treatments to patients with...

Broader Availability of Genetic Testing a Boon for Precision Care


Precision medicine is quickly moving out of the realm of science fiction and into the everyday routines of oncologists, neurologists, and other providers treating patients who may have had little hope just a few short years ago. While the cures...

NIH Recommends Precision Medicine Approach to Treat Alzheimer’s


Precision medicine, big data analytics, and stakeholder collaboration could improve treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, according to recommendations from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The recommendations...

Cleveland Clinic Sets Up New Biobank for Clinical, Genomic Research


Cleveland Clinic and Brooks Automation have announced a new biobank facility to enhance research on human tissue samples and improve clinical care for several conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and epilepsy. "This new biorepository...

Harvard, Cancer Orgs Unite to Accelerate Precision Medicine Research


The Harvard Business School Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator has announced that five leading cancer organizations will come together to share best practices, engage patients, and create synergies to advance precision medicine across cancers....

Geisinger Adds Genomic Sequencing to Routine Clinical Care


Geisinger Health System has announced that it will soon include genomic sequencing in routine clinical care in an effort to advance precision medicine and improve patient outcomes. “Understanding the genome warning signals of every patient...

NIH Opens Up “All of Us” to Research Participants Nationwide


The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) All of Us precision medicine research program is now open to all individuals 18 and older nationwide, allowing participants across the country to contribute their data to a research resource that...

LG Health, Aspire Launch $300M AI, IoT, Precision Medicine Fund


Aspire Universal has partnered with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health (LG Health) to introduce the Aspire Ventures Precision Medicine Fund (AVP), a $300 million initiative that will accelerate personalized device and medical practice innovation...

Intermountain Launches Prospective Precision Medicine Study


Intermountain Healthcare is launching a new precision medicine project that will allow researchers to take a prospective view on the potential of genomic data. The PRECISE study allows for the collection of fresh-frozen tissue and blood specimens...

NIH Concludes In-Depth Genomic Data Analysis of 33 Cancer Types


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has completed detailed genomic data analysis of the PanCancer Atlas, a data set of molecular and clinical information from over 10,000 tumors that represent 33 types of cancer. “This project is the...

Henry Ford to Apply Data Analytics to Pancreatic Cancer with $20M Gift


An anonymous $20 million donation to Henry Ford Health System will help the health system leverage big data analytics for the early detection and better treatment of pancreatic cancer. The Henry Ford Pancreatic Cancer Center will focus on fostering...

AHA Precision Medicine Platform Offers Up Data for Machine Learning


Precision medicine driven by machine learning offers the promise of tailored, individualized treatment, improved patient outcomes, and better overall population health. However, the promise of precision medicine is often overshadowed by the data...

Precision Medicine Rises, Data Management Still a Barrier


Precision medicine adoption is on the rise in healthcare organizations, with leaders interested in applying these initiatives to new disease areas with the help of additional data sources. Even so, many entities still lack the data management...

Payers Starting to Tie Precision Medicine to Value-Based Care


Precision medicine has started to offer important answers to patients with diseases that have a genetic component, but covering the costs of cutting-edge testing and emerging therapies can be a challenge. Payers are often hesitant to commit to...

Big Data Analytics Fuels Penn State Precision Health Research


Penn State researchers recently announced their plan to create a Digital Collaboratory for Precision Health Research that will leverage big data analytics to boost individualized care. Project collaborators hope to develop a secure health IT...

NIH Preps National Launch of “All of Us” Precision Medicine Biobank


The All of Us Research Program is in its expanded beta phase and is making strides in patient engagement and data capabilities in preparation for its national launch, according to program director Eric Dishman. The program, which began its initial...

NIH Calls for “All of Us” Population Health Research Proposals


Update: The NIH has extended the submission deadline from February 9 to February 23, 2018. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has put out an informal call for research proposals to harness its growing All of Us big data resources. ...


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