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ONC Views APIs as Key to Health Data Exchange, Interoperability

June 21, 2018 - Application programming interfaces (APIs), or standardized “hooks” that allow disparate applications to connect with one another, will continue to be an important tool for increasing health data exchange, preventing information blocking, and fostering industry-wide interoperability, says National Coordinator Dr. Don Rucker. In light of the 21st Century Cures Act, which requires...

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Provider Data Management Offers Payers a Blockchain Use Case

by Jennifer Bresnick

Moving provider directories onto a blockchain could offer payers a high-value use case for exploring the role of distributed ledgers in healthcare data management, assert Humana and Ernst & Young (EY) in a new white paper.  Payers, patients,...

Blockchain Offers to Solve Pain Points in Healthcare Data Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Blockchain may be able to significantly improve the way healthcare providers collaborate to manage data and participate in transactions across organizational lines, predicts a new report by Chilmark Research. The distributed ledger methodology,...

Machine Learning Can Quiet “Building Crescendo” of EHR Dissatisfaction

by Jennifer Bresnick

The notion that electronic health records are difficult to work with and cumbersome to use has become a worryingly common theme across the healthcare industry.  Providers working in organizations of all sizes, settings, and specialties have...

ONC: APIs Can Boost Interoperability, Healthcare Data Access

by Jessica Kent

ONC is working with innovators to develop application programming interfaces (APIs) that will create a robust health application ecosystem, improve interoperability, and increase healthcare data access, according to a recent HealthITBuzz blog...

Verma: CMS Will “Use Every Lever” for Promoting Interoperability, Data Access

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is doubling down on its commitment to health data interoperability and ensuring that patients have comprehensive access to their own health data, said CMS Administrator Seema Verma in an interview...

CMS Renames Meaningful Use to Highlight Interoperability Goals

by Jennifer Bresnick

CMS has announced a rebrand of the familiar EHR Incentive Programs, commonly known as meaningful use, to reflect its ongoing commitment to interoperability, patient data access, and system-wide health information exchange. According to a proposed...

AMA, Google Launch Health Data Interoperability, PGHD Challenge

by Jennifer Bresnick

The American Medical Association (AMA) and Google have announced an innovation challenge aimed at improving healthcare interoperability and developing new methods of collecting and managing patient-generated health data (PGHD). The contest will...

Should Connectivity, Not Comprehensiveness, be the EHR Goal?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The few electronic health record vendors that have risen to dominance in the past decade have done so by creating strong brand identities and targeting their offerings to specific segments of the health IT marketplace. Names like athenahealth,...

Da Vinci Project Brings HL7 FHIR to Payers for Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

In just a few short years, HL7 FHIR has exploded in popularity to enable unprecedented connectivity across the healthcare ecosystem.    The internet-based data standard has started to hit its stride at a pivotal moment for providers...

74% of Execs Say Interoperability is Critical for Value-Based Care

by Jessica Kent

Over 70 percent of healthcare financial executives say that data interoperability must improve within the next three years to ensure the success of value-based care, according to a Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) survey sponsored...

New Epic Systems EHR, Big Data Features Zero In on Interoperability

by Jennifer Bresnick

Epic Systems is moving ever closer to creating true interoperability within a comprehensive health record by enhancing many of its data exchange, patient and provider communication, and population health management functionalities. As part of...

CIOs: FHIR Has Potential, Blockchain Overhyped in Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare CIOs are proceeding cautiously with their health IT innovation projects as they balance industry hype around emerging technologies like blockchain with the promises of FHIR and big data analytics, according to a late 2017 survey of...

Epic, Cerner Get Tepid Population Health User Satisfaction Scores

by Jennifer Bresnick

Notable EHR vendors, including Epic Systems and Cerner Corporation, can’t match the user satisfaction scores of more dedicated population health management products, according to the latest KLAS Research market report. A series of user...

SHIEC Expands Patient-Centered Data Home HIE Network Nationwide

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC), a coalition of many of the nation’s successful HIEs, has expanded its Patient-Centered Data Home (PCDH) initiative to cover a number of new regions across the United States....

Big Data, FHIR, Machine Learning Dominate Top 10 Stories of 2017

by Jennifer Bresnick

2017 has been a huge year for fans of healthcare data analytics.  From the growing fascination with machine learning to the ongoing maturity of FHIR and aggressive vendor investments in population health and decision support, 2017 has marked...

“Basic Science” of Healthcare Big Data Analytics Still Needs Work

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry still needs to focus on developing the foundational building blocks of big data analytics by creating and implementing meaningful data standards, says the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). In response to...

Blockchain Aims to Foster Payer, Provider Trust for Value-Based Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

As the healthcare industry slowly becomes more connected and more interoperable, organizations are attempting to implement data management strategies that balance privacy and security with collective access and accessibility. Value-based care...

70% of Healthcare Execs Pin Growth to Big Data Analytics Skills

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations that successfully cultivate their big data analytics skills are anticipating a significant competitive advantage over those who fail to make the transition to the digital economy, reveals a new survey from SAP and Oxford...

HIV/AIDS Patient Registries, EHR Use Improve Population Health

by Jennifer Bresnick

The combination of an electronic health record (EHR) and a digital patient registry is starting to significantly improve care for individuals with HIV and AIDS in a number of clinics and health systems across the country, says ONC Chief Medical...


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