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Google Pursues AI, Voice Recognition for EHR Workflows

June 18, 2018 - Google is recruiting talent to help develop artificial intelligence and voice recognition tools to improve the clinical documentation process and streamline EHR workflows, according to a report by CNBC. The company appears to be making good on some tantalizing promises made at HIMSS18 earlier this year, where former Alphabet, Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt asked attendees to envision...

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AMA Urges “Thoughtfully Designed” Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

The American Medical Association (AMA) has released a policy statement that takes a favorable view towards artificial intelligence in healthcare – as long as the emerging category of tools and solutions can be carefully designed, user-friendly,...

DOE, NCI Developing AI, Big Data Tools to Advance Cancer Research

by Jessica Kent

The Department of Energy (DOE) together with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) will pursue three pilot projects that will develop artificial intelligence, big data analytics capabilities, and predictive modeling to enhance cancer research....

Machine Learning, Wearables Accurately Predict Poor Mental Health

by Jessica Kent

A machine learning algorithm can accurately identify risk factors for mental health issues, including high stress, by analyzing data collected from wearable devices, according to a study published in JMIR. Recent advancements in mobile and wearable...

HHS Names Accelerators for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

by Jessica Kent

HHS has selected eight accelerators to drive artificial intelligence innovation to enhance health security and patient care. The chosen accelerators include the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center of Lowell, First Flight Venture Center...

Mount Sinai to Boost Kidney Disease Management with AI, Big Data

by Jessica Kent

Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) will partner with RenalytixAI to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and deploy them in MSHS’s big data warehouse in an effort to enhance kidney disease detection, management, and treatment. The...

FDA Clears Marketing for AI Algorithm to Detect Wrist Fractures

by Jennifer Bresnick

The FDA has cleared one of the first artificial intelligence algorithms intended to provide clinical decision support at the point of care, officials announced this week.  Imagen’s OsteoDetect software can use imaging analytics to...

AI, Big Data, IoT Bring Growth to Multiple Healthcare Markets

by Jennifer Bresnick

Big data analytics tools and services are poised to bring unprecedented growth to almost every segment of the healthcare IT marketplace, according to the latest series of market reports.  From the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial...

Challenges of Developing and Deploying AI in Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare is on the edge of entering the era of artificial intelligence.  As machine learning, deep learning, and other aspects of AI start to mature, they bring nearly endless possibilities to supplement, streamline, and enhance the way...

Exploring the Promises of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

Few data science concepts have brought as much excitement and anticipation to healthcare as artificial intelligence and machine learning.  With an almost limitless capacity to revolutionize how patients, providers, payers, and other stakeholders...

Google Uses Deep Learning, EHR Big Data to Predict Mortality

by Jessica Kent

A deep learning approach that incorporates big data from electronic health records (EHRs) was able to predict inpatient mortality, unexpected readmissions, and long length of stay more accurately than traditional predictive models, according...

Amazon is Exploring the Role of Alexa in Chronic Disease Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

In a not-at-all surprising move from Amazon, an internal team is exploring how Alexa can help consumers manage chronic diseases and maintain wellness, according to a report from CNBC. An “internal document” obtained by the news outlet...

Success of AI in Healthcare Relies on User Trust in Data, Algorithms

by Jennifer Bresnick

From prediction to diagnostics to population health management, artificial intelligence holds unprecedented promise to revolutionize the way healthcare providers and patients interact with data. Some diagnostic and clinical decision support algorithms...

LG Health, Aspire Launch $300M AI, IoT, Precision Medicine Fund

by Jessica Kent

Aspire Universal has partnered with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health (LG Health) to introduce the Aspire Ventures Precision Medicine Fund (AVP), a $300 million initiative that will accelerate personalized device and medical practice innovation...

Top 12 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry is ripe for some major changes.  From chronic diseases and cancer to radiology and risk assessment, there are nearly endless opportunities to leverage technology to deploy more precise, efficient, and impactful interventions...

How AI Can Cut Costs, Uncover Hidden Opportunities in Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

In what seems like just a matter of months, artificial intelligence has become the number one topic of discussion in the health IT industry.  Machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and natural language processing suddenly seem...

Consumers Support AI in Healthcare More than Other Industries

by Jessica Kent

While the general public is more at ease with artificial intelligence (AI) being used in healthcare than in other industries, many consumers still worry about lack of human interaction and data security, according to a survey from SAS.  ...

Chatbots May Be Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence Entry Point

by Jennifer Bresnick

Chatbots and virtual assistants may offer healthcare organizations a low-cost entry point into the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence, indicates a new cross-industry survey conducted by Spiceworks. By 2019, up to 40 percent of large...

Medical Imaging is Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence Bellwether

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry has innumerable opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning in pursuit of more accurate, proactive, and comprehensive patient care.  From reducing administrative burdens to supporting precision...

AHA Precision Medicine Platform Offers Up Data for Machine Learning

by Jessica Kent

Precision medicine driven by machine learning offers the promise of tailored, individualized treatment, improved patient outcomes, and better overall population health. However, the promise of precision medicine is often overshadowed by the data...


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