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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market to See 40% CAGR Surge

July 24, 2017 - The advent of true artificial intelligence in healthcare may still be some way off, but strong interest in achieving the goals of AI is producing a significant surge of investment in advanced machine learning, predictive analytics, and cognitive computing. According to a new Market Study report, the healthcare artificial intelligence segment is projected to see a staggering 40 percent compound...

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Artificial Intelligence, Genomics Combo Boosts Precision Medicine

by Jennifer Bresnick

The combination of artificial intelligence and genomic sequencing could significantly accelerate the development of precision medicine, researchers from the New York Genome Center (NYGC), The Rockefeller University, and IBM suggest in a...

Machine Learning Algorithm Outperforms Cardiologists Reading EKGs

by Jennifer Bresnick

A machine learning algorithm leveraging a multi-layered convolutional neural network exceeds the performance of human cardiologists when detecting a range of abnormal readings from standard electrocardiograms. Developed at Stanford, the algorithm...

Machine Learning in Healthcare: Defining the Most Common Terms

by Jennifer Bresnick

After a slow and unsteady beginning at the start of the decade, the healthcare industry is finally becoming somewhat more comfortable with the idea that learning to live with big data is the only way to see financial and clinical success in the...

Natural Language Processing, AI to Foster Clinical Decision Tools

by Jennifer Bresnick

Clinical decision support (CDS) tools that feed on unstructured big data are in high demand from healthcare organizations seeking to improve care quality and gain a competitive edge over their peers.  Driven by rapid advances in artificial...

84% of Execs: Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

More than 80 percent of healthcare executives polled by Accenture believe that artificial intelligence is on track to completely revolutionize healthcare, and a similar number believe that the advent of machine learning and digital healthcare...

Video Analytics, Machine Learning Can Aid Mental Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

Mental healthcare is one of the most complex fields of clinical study, requiring providers to blend the regulation of physiological functions with the delicate nuances of psychological and emotional distress.  Understanding what a patient...

Artificial Intelligence Could Take Over Surgical Jobs by 2053

by Jennifer Bresnick

Robots are already a familiar sight for surgeons in many operating rooms, but there is a good chance that artificial intelligence will eventually render its human colleagues obsolete.  In a survey of machine learning and AI experts, researchers...

IBM Watson’s Cognitive Computing Rivals Human Oncologists

by Jennifer Bresnick

IBM Watson’s cognitive computing skills are getting even sharper as the supercomputer continues to develop its diagnostic and clinical decision support abilities.  At the ASCO 2017 conference this week, IBM announced that Watson has...

UPenn Uses Machine Learning, EHRs to Target Severe Sepsis

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Health System have developed a machine learning tool that helps predict patients at highest risk for developing severe sepsis, a common and fast-moving killer in the inpatient setting. Using electronic...

IBM, Rensselaer Open Cognitive Computing Center for Chronic Disease

by Jennifer Bresnick

IBM and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have announced a five-year collaboration centered on applying advances in cognitive computing and machine learning to healthcare. The Center for Health Empowerment by Analytics, Learning, and Semantics...

Deep Learning Network 100% Accurate at Identifying Breast Cancer

by Jennifer Bresnick

A deep learning network developed at Case Western Reserve University earned a 100 percent accuracy score when identifying the presence of invasive forms of breast cancer in pathology images.  The machine learning tool was consistently more...

AI, Machine Learning as a Service Set to Overhaul Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

Relatively few healthcare organizations have the resources or analytics maturity to develop their own intricate big data analytics infrastructure from scratch, but a growing number of vendors are starting to make the daunting and costly process...

Top 4 Machine Learning Use Cases for Healthcare Providers

by Jennifer Bresnick

As healthcare providers and vendors start to show off more mature big data analytics skills, machine learning and artificial intelligence have quickly rocketed to the top of the industry’s buzzword list. The possibility of using intelligent...

Google’s Machine Learning, Imaging Analytics Flag Breast Cancer

by Jennifer Bresnick

A new approach to imaging analytics driven by machine learning algorithms can identify metastasized breast cancer with sensitivity rates that exceed other automated methods and even rival human pathologists, says a research paper published by...

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Augmentation or Companionship?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Every year, the HIMSS Conference and Exhibition acts as a barometer for the health IT industry, reflecting the most promising trends and hottest buzzwords capturing the attention of regulators, developers, providers, and consultants. In 2015,...

IBM Watson Expands Role in Imaging Analytics, Population Health

by Jennifer Bresnick

ORLANDO – IBM Watson is continuing to make its presence felt in the healthcare industry by launching a slew of new machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives focused on care coordination, advanced imaging analytics, and population...

Microsoft Revs Up Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Projects

by Jennifer Bresnick

Microsoft is getting very serious about bringing artificial intelligence into the healthcare system, launching a brand new research division and several development projects with provider groups and vendor partners. The company, better known...

Blockchain, Big Data, Interoperability Coming Up at HIMSS17

by Jennifer Bresnick

In just a few short days, will be heading to the happiest place on earth – the annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition – to sync up with tens of thousands of health IT professionals and innovators.  At this...

UCSF, Intel Partner for Healthcare AI, Deep Learning Project

by Jennifer Bresnick

The University of California San Francisco and Intel Corporation have partnered to create a deep learning analytics platform that will deliver clinical decision support and predictive analytics capabilities to its users. The platform seeks to...


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