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Revenue Cycle Analytics Enable Value-Based Care for Pediatrics Group


Value-based care contracts are becoming increasingly popular for providers and payers looking to slim down spending and increase quality, but few organizations can truly flourish in the pay-for-performance environment if they do not have robust...

Healthcare Business Intelligence, Big Data Tools Spark Investment


Healthcare organizations are actively seeking business intelligence and big data analytics tools that will help them get ahead in a tightly competitive marketplace, driving significant investment in infrastructure to support more efficient and...

EHR, Big Data Analytics Success Hinges on Holistic Change Management


The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus probably didn’t have electronic health records, value-based care, and big data analytics in mind when he said that “change is the only constant in life,” but most modern healthcare organizations...

SAP Joins Hyperledger, Building Healthcare Blockchain Momentum


Hyperledger, the cross-industry collaboration focused on operationalizing blockchain technology, is welcoming SAP to its ranks of “Premier” members, setting up an opportunity for another major companies with healthcare interests to...

Lack of Talent, Direction Afflict Healthcare Data Analytics Plans


Healthcare organizations are eager to dive into big data analytics projects that improve clinical quality and reduce inefficiencies, but a chronic lack of qualified talent, concerns about interoperability, and uncertainty over where to start...

Population Health Management May Worsen Physician Shortage


As the financial and professional environment for clinicians keeps getting tougher and tougher, the healthcare system is likely to continue experiencing a significant physician shortage, with up to 105,000 vacant positions expected by 2030, says...

30-Day Patient Mortality Rates Drop During Hospital Inspections


30-day patient mortality rates notably drop in hospitals experiencing surprise quality inspections conducted by The Joint Commission (TJC), says an article from JAMA Internal Medicine, indicating that clinicians may not always be on their absolute...

YMCA Diabetes Management Program Saves $1100 per Patient a Year


The YMCA may not be a traditional healthcare provider, but its widely acclaimed diabetes management program sets a good example for organizations seeking innovative ways to boost patients’ chronic care skills while cutting costs. The program,...

APIs Boost Care Coordination, Data Exchange at Northwell Health


Northwell Health, the largest hospital system in the most populous metro region in the country, has a lot on its plate when it comes to conducting care coordination activities for more than 8 million people.   With 21 hospitals, over 2700...

Machine Learning, NLP Help with Physician Skill Benchmarking


Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) tools may be able to aid and improve the process of benchmarking the professional skills of physicians, suggests a new article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. When researchers...

CMS Promotes Chronic Care Management with Provider Education


CMS and the HRSA are hoping to broaden the use of chronic care management strategies by delivering education and support to providers via its new Connected Care program.   The CMS Office of Minority Health and HRSA Federal Office of Rural...

AHA Debuts Cloud-Based Cardiac Precision Medicine Data Platform


The American Heart Association (AHA) has announced the launch of its cloud-based precision medicine analytics platform, which will allow researchers to access large volumes of patient data on cardiovascular conditions and stroke. The Association...

SAMHSA Offers $142.9M in Grants for Substance Abuse Programs


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is currently taking applications for participation in a new grant program that will offer up to $142.9 million to population health management programs looking to address...

EHRs, Clinical Decision Support Top 2017 Patient Safety Hazard List


Information management errors in electronic health records, incorrect use of clinical decision support, and poor prescribing habits are among the most dangerous health IT hazards for 2017, according to ECRI Institute’s annual patient safety...

Google DeepMind: Blockchain Can Ensure Health Data Integrity


When healthcare experts talk about data integrity, they’re not just thinking about whether or not the original authors filled in all the fields and ticked all the boxes.  They are talking about trust.  Completeness is one small...

Seema Verma Receives Confirmation as New CMS Administrator


Seema Verma, the former head of Indiana’s Medicaid agency, will lead the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as Republican lawmakers seek to make significant changes to both public programs.    In a 55-43 vote that saw...

Precision Medicine, Population Health Share Strategies and Goals


Any organization that wants to have a hope of functioning smoothly divides its operations into distinct departments, each of which is in charge of a specific process.  Every member of the team contributes to the organization’s ultimate...

PGHD, Genomic Data Predicted to Power Clinical Decision Support


Patient-generated health data (PGHD) and individualized genomics are expected to become two of the most impactful data sources for clinical decision support, population health management, and care coordination over the next five years, according...

Epic App Orchard Encourages Developers to Use FHIR, Open APIs


At HIMSS17 in Orlando last month, the vendor halls were packed to the gills with companies touting the latest plug-and-play technologies that use emerging data standards to perform analytics, shuttle information between organizations, enhance...

Point of Care Diagnostics Usher in Era of Personalized Medicine


Even before the advent of value-based care, healthcare providers have always faced pressure to do more, do it better, and do it faster while using fewer resources and producing high quality results.  As reimbursement changes tighten the...


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