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CDC Works to Improve Public Health Data Analytics, Surveillance


It may seem as if the clinical environment has taken the lead in collecting data and leveraging analytics for population health, but ambulatory providers and hospitals aren’t the only entities involved in surveilling and predicting community...

Healthcare Big Data, IoT, Cognitive Computing Markets Set to Grow


Healthcare data analytics will continue to present lucrative opportunities for vendors of cutting-edge software, services, and devices, according to a new series of market reports.  The healthcare industry’s appetite for the Internet...

Video Analytics, Machine Learning Can Aid Mental Healthcare


Mental healthcare is one of the most complex fields of clinical study, requiring providers to blend the regulation of physiological functions with the delicate nuances of psychological and emotional distress.  Understanding what a patient...

“All of Us” Precision Medicine Program Enters Beta Testing


The first beta test participants in the All of Us Research Program have started to contribute their personal health data to the nation-wide precision medicine program, says Director Eric Dishman. The program, previously known as the PMI Cohort,...

ONC Releases C-CDA “Checkup” Tool for Healthcare Providers


Organizations that aren’t sure if their Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) formatting and presentation are up to snuff can now get a simple numerical quality score from a new online ONC tool.  The One Click Scorecard...

Provider Coalition to Use Machine Learning for Type 1 Diabetes


A three-year collaboration between several top healthcare providers will leverage machine learning techniques to improve the identification and treatment of Type 1 diabetes.  Funded by a grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable...

Top 10 Challenges of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare


Big data analytics is turning out to be one of the toughest undertakings in recent memory for the healthcare industry.  Providers who have barely come to grips with putting data into their electronic health records (EHR) are now being asked...

Henry Ford to Launch New Precision Medicine, Cancer Center


A new facility in Detroit, MI aims to become a premier destination center for ambulatory cancer treatment, precision medicine, clinical trials and research, and enhanced support services for cancer patients. The Henry Ford Health System broke...

70% of Orgs Planning Precision Medicine Will Deploy Within 2 Years


Precision medicine is quickly approaching its mainstream tipping point as organizations pursue the benefits of delivering personalized care to patients.  Nearly 70 percent of healthcare organizations that are planning precision medicine...

93% of Payers, Providers Say Predictive Analytics are the Future


Healthcare organizations will not be able to navigate the financial and clinical challenges of the future without investing in predictive analytics tools, said more than 90 percent of respondents to a Society of Actuaries (SOA) survey. The vast...

Epic Systems, Cerner Remain Leading Population Health Companies


The major health IT powerhouses will continue to dominate the population health software market as EHRs, predictive analytics, and revenue cycle tools merge into comprehensive patient management platforms, according to a new report from Black...

Which Healthcare Data is Important for Population Health Management?


From claims to electronic health records to input from the Internet of Things, healthcare organizations have a whole lot of data on their hands. Big data has become one of the industry’s most precious business assets, but it can often be...

HHS Offers $70M in Grants to Prevent Opioid Abuse, Overdoses


HHS has announced over $70 million in grant funding to help communities and providers across the care continuum reduce the incidence of opioid abuse and overdoses. The grants, authorized by the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA),...

Artificial Intelligence Could Take Over Surgical Jobs by 2053


Robots are already a familiar sight for surgeons in many operating rooms, but there is a good chance that artificial intelligence will eventually render its human colleagues obsolete.  In a survey of machine learning and AI experts, researchers...

CancerLinQ Partners with FDA for Precision Medicine Studies


CancerLinQ and the FDA have entered a long-term partnership centered on studying the real-world impacts of precision medicine therapies for cancer care.  Using big data analytics and patient data, the two organizations will monitor newly...

How Care Management, Care Coordination Differ in Health IT


The terms “care management” and “care coordination” are starting to take on slightly different flavors in the health IT world as software companies create new offerings for the growing value-based care marketplace, says...

Brown Gets $1.1M to Study Medicare Post-Discharge Care Quality


The Peterson Center on Healthcare has announced a two-year $1.1 million grant that will allow researchers at Brown University to study how to improve post-discharge care coordination for Medicare beneficiaries. The new initiative will combine...

Understanding the Many V’s of Healthcare Big Data Analytics


Extracting actionable insights from big data analytics – and perhaps especially healthcare big data analytics – is one of the most complex challenges that organizations can face in the modern technological world. In the healthcare...

IBM Watson’s Cognitive Computing Rivals Human Oncologists


IBM Watson’s cognitive computing skills are getting even sharper as the supercomputer continues to develop its diagnostic and clinical decision support abilities.  At the ASCO 2017 conference this week, IBM announced that Watson has...

FDA: Education, Population Health Can Fight Opioid Abuse


Newly minted FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb is coming out swinging against the rising tide of opioid abuse, stressing the important role of population health management strategies and education in preventing unintentional addiction to controlled...


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