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CVS Health Cuts Red Tape with Real-Time Prescription Cost Data

March 13, 2018 - Access to real-time data at the point of care may be one of the healthcare industry’s highest priorities, yet it remains one of its most elusive goals.  From interoperability issues, workflow barriers, and data aggregation woes to outdated information on patient financial responsibilities, many stakeholders have struggled to integrate timely data for decision-making into the workflow....


Hashed Health Launches Blockchain Provider Identity Tool


LAS VEGAS - Hashed Health has launched a provider credentialing solution that leverages blockchain to securely exchange information related to a clinician’s permissions to practice at a certain level or location, the industry consortium...

Duke Health Achieves Stage 7 Maturity Score from HIMSS Analytics


Duke Health is the first US institution to reach Stage 7 on the HIMSS Analytics Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM), a companion to the popular EMRAM framework from HIMSS gauging electronic health record and health IT maturity. “Duke...

Ochsner Adopts Artificial Intelligence Tool from Epic Systems, Microsoft


Louisiana-based Ochsner Health System has adopted a new artificial intelligence technology that provides early warning alerts for patients experiencing adverse health events. The predictive analytics platform, powered by cloud and AI technologies...

EHR Data Mining, Patient Outreach Can Aid Hypertension Care


Pairing EHR data mining with patient outreach and follow-up could be an effective way to identify patients with undiagnosed hypertension and support chronic disease management in underserved communities, according to a study published in The...

AI for Imaging Analytics Intrigues Healthcare Orgs, Yet Starts Slow


Healthcare organizations are developing a strong interest in leveraging artificial intelligence for enhanced imaging analytics, but are approaching investment and implementation a little more cautiously, says a new report from KLAS Research....

VA, DeepMind Partner for Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently announced a partnership with DeepMind to use machine learning as the foundation for developing predictive analytics tools. Patient deterioration while in the hospital accounts for 11 percent of...

EHR, Lab Data Support Pediatric AKI Analytics Dashboard


At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, reducing the incidence and severity of acute kidney injury (AKI) is an exercise in elegant analytical simplicity.  Without extra funding, new vendors, or a massive organizational effort, Dr. Kanwal...

CIOs Plan to Invest More in AI, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Tools


Healthcare IT leaders are investing more time and money in predictive analytics tools because of their potential to improve population health and reduce care costs, but they will also have to invest in artificial intelligence and big data analytics...

Big Data Analytics Fuels Penn State Precision Health Research


Penn State researchers recently announced their plan to create a Digital Collaboratory for Precision Health Research that will leverage big data analytics to boost individualized care. Project collaborators hope to develop a secure health IT...

Machine Learning Underpins Predictive Analytics for Hypertension


A predictive analytics model using machine learning to extract patient EHR data effectively predicted patients at high-risk for hypertension and could ultimately improve care quality and reduce healthcare costs, according to a study published...

Deep Learning, Big Data Fuel Medical Device for Predicting Seizures


A medical device using deep learning to analyze long-term neural data could effectively predict seizures in patients with epilepsy and reduce their disease burden, according to a study published in eBioMedicine. Developing accurate and reliable...

Yale, Epic Partner to Boost Healthcare with Big Data Analytics


Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) has announced a partnership with Epic Systems to launch the Capacity Command Center (CCC) that will combine data analytics and the physical co-location of key operational services to enhance patient care. “Through...

IoT, Machine Learning Integration Boosts Medicaid Patient Care


Applying smart technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning to Medicaid systems can drive better care for patients, according to a recent Deloitte report. Medicaid agencies could consider integrating connected devices and...

EHR Natural Language Processing Identifies Care Guideline Adherence


Using natural language processing (NLP) can help providers measure the quality of heart failure inpatient care by extracting key data from the electronic health record (EHR) and monitoring adherence to clinical guidelines, according to a study...

EHR Timestamp Data Can Help Monitor, Improve Clinical Workflows


Organizations can use EHR timestamp data to improve clinical workflows by approximating the time it takes to complete common tasks. The data may be able to help providers with refining scheduling methods, analyzing EHR use, and quantifying how...

Machine Learning, Imaging Analytics Predict Kidney Function


Machine learning and imaging analytics from renal biopsies can help to predict how long a kidney will function adequately in patients with chronic kidney damage, says a study published in Kidney International Reports. Using deep learning and...

Adopting Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine Drives Quality Care


The successful adoption of technological innovations in big data analytics, precision medicine, and digital health will increase quality care, according to a health policy statement from the American College of Cardiology (ACC). During an ACC...

Has Google Cracked EHR Speech Recognition for Medical Conversations?


Healthcare providers ready to throw their laptops out the window rather than spend another minute documenting care in their electronic health records may be pleased to know that Google is taking on the challenge of developing unobtrusive speech...

Big Data, Clinical Intelligence Markets to See Major Growth


As consumers, regulators, and health insurers expect more and more from the provider community, healthcare delivery organizations are actively seeking out a new generation of clinical intelligence and big data analytics tools to equip them with...


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