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CancerLinQ Big Data Analytics a “Powerful Tool” for Oncology


The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) isn’t the only one attempting to bring “learning” big data analytics capabilities to clinicians at the point of care, but they are among the most successful organizations focused...

Predictive Analytics, Healthcare IoT Markets See Major Growth


The electronic health record adoption market may be more or less saturated at this point, but new health IT products that enhance and expand the capabilities of healthcare providers are still seeing massive growth.  Predictive analytics...

Quality Metrics, Big Data Woes Make Value-Based Care Difficult


Overly complex clinical quality measures, inadequate health information exchange, and poorly designed EHR interfaces are just some of the challenges providers face when trying to make decisions about an individual’s care or meet value-based...

ADA, IBM Watson Tackle Cognitive Chronic Disease Management


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is hoping that a little cognitive computing will go a long way towards helping patients manage one of the nation’s most common and costly chronic diseases.  A new long-term partnership with IBM...

Using the Healthcare Internet of Things for Better Patient Care


As part of the “information generation,” our technology-driven world is dramatically changing our lives, impacting our personal interactions, business transactions, and the way we consume information. We’re always connected,...

What Big Data, EHR Vendors Do Accountable Care Organizations Use?


Selecting a vendor for an electronic health record, big data analytics system, or population health management tool can be a difficult process for a healthcare provider – and it only gets harder if that provider wants to participate in...

Definitive Healthcare Introduces New Clinics Data for Analytics


As part of a major product upgrade, market intelligence leader Definitive Healthcare has announced the availability of new information on healthcare clinics, including Federally Qualified Health Centers, dialysis providers, and rural health centers. ...

Senate Committee Passes $34B NIH Budget for Precision Medicine


The Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee has passed an appropriations bill that would provide the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with $34 billion in 2017 in part to advance precision medicine...

NIH Launches Genomic Data Commons Supporting Cancer Moonshot


The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) and Cancer Moonshot just took one large step forward with the launch of the Genomic Data Commons, according to a National Institutes of Health press release. The Genomic Data Commons (GDC), a data repository...

ONC Taps Boston Children’s for $275K FHIR, API Innovation Award


The FHIR ecosystem is still heating up as the EHR developer community searches for innovative new ways to bring application programming interfaces (APIs) into mainstream use.  Spurred on by the promise of up to $625,000 in competitive awards...

Mayo Gets $142M to Create Precision Medicine Initiative Biobank


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that it will provide $142 million over five years to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to create the world’s largest biobank as part of the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort...

Montefiore Semantic Data Lake Tackles Predictive Analytics


Semantic computing is becoming a hot topic in the healthcare industry as the first wave of big data analytics leaders looks to move beyond the basics of population health management, predictive analytics, and risk stratification. This new approach...

Slavitt Urges Medicaid Big Data Analytics, SaaS Development


The nation’s fifty-six Medicaid agencies are in need of a big data analytics makeover, Acting CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt said in a blog post this week, and Silicon Valley developers are in the perfect position to help.  As Medicaid...

Internet of Things for Healthcare May be Worth $410B by 2022


The Internet of Things for healthcare is poised for explosive growth over the next six years, predicts a report from Grand View Research.  Wearables, smart devices, implantables, and a slew of patient monitoring devices in the hospital and...

65% of Patients Unlikely to Volunteer for Clinical Research


Patients may not be as excited about the precision medicine era as the clinical research community, reveals a new survey conducted for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in which just 35 percent of patients said they were likely to enroll...

UMass Receives $6.4M for Surgical Clinical Decision Support


The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) has awarded a $6.4 million grant to researchers at UMass Medical School to develop a web-based clinical decision support tool that uses patient-generated data to improve the quality of...

Big Data Analytics Can Bring Visibility, Value to Healthcare


The healthcare industry is often criticized for being ploddingly slow to innovate, reluctant to embrace new technologies, and unable to keep pace with quality measures and payment reforms intended to improve the quality of care.  The degree...

Will Precision Medicine Create Healthcare “Data Dumpsters”?


Many healthcare organizations have been luxuriating in their newfound ability to swim through enormous volumes of big data, but will they soon have to take to dumpster diving instead?  As the precision medicine community matures and continues...

FDA Outlines EHR Data Use Best Practices for Precision Medicine


Even though the rapid advance of precision medicine has brought new sources of genomic and socioeconomic data into the research community, the electronic health record remains an invaluable tool for clinical trials and investigations.  EHRs...

ONC Details Plan to Improve Data Standards, Big Data Analytics


ONC has proposed several pieces of legislation promoting better and more effective data standards for health information exchange, which would help to support the use of healthcare big data analytics to improve patient care. According to a recent...


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