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The 7 Step Plan to Success with Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

March 23, 2018 - The healthcare industry may be going through a seemingly endless period of flux, but there are a few unchanging truths about big data analytics that can help guide executive leaders through troubled times. Planning, preparation, and a firm grasp on how to communicate measurable value are critical components of any successful big data analytics program, says Soyal Momin, Vice President of Data...

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The Top 3 Planning Pain Points in Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

“Measure twice, cut once” is the advice given to do-it-yourselfers embarking on a new home improvement project, but healthcare organizations ramping up their big data analytics initiatives amidst regulatory pressures and the constant...

Healthcare CIOs Turning to Data Analytics for Business Intelligence

by Jennifer Bresnick

Big data analytics and business intelligence tools are a top priority for CIOs in the healthcare industry, says data from a Harvey Nash and KPMG survey, as organizations seek to improve efficiencies and generate actionable insights for decision-making...

As ICD-10 Grace Period Ends, EHR Data Quality Reclaims Attention

by Jennifer Bresnick

Just when it seemed like the healthcare industry had successfully laid its phobia of ICD-10 to rest, another October is bringing yet another challenge to health information managers and EHR-using clinicians. The yearlong ICD-10 grade period,...

Lack of Big Data Analytics Agility Hobbles Healthcare Orgs

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations are not necessarily known for embracing innovation at the speed of light, but the relentless pace of technological and regulatory disruption bombarding the industry has started to require additional attention to the ability...

How to Build a Successful Big Data Analytics Program in Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

When it comes to big data analytics in the healthcare industry, there’s a significant difference between starting an initiative and succeeding with it.  Most hospitals and health systems have started to collect some form of electronic...

Will Half-Hearted Commitment Scupper Healthcare Data Analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare providers are used to making all-or-nothing decisions about patient care each and every day, but they may not be taking the same committed, confident approach to their big data analytics programs.  Wary of the risks of failure...

Health IT Integration Leaders Key to EHR, Big Data Success

by Jennifer Bresnick

LAS VEGAS - Strong executive leadership and a dedicated clinical health IT expert in the C-suite are helping to ensure that healthcare organizations are making the most of the electronic health records and big data analytics efforts, according...

HIMSS Tool Offers New Healthcare Business Intelligence Insights

by Jennifer Bresnick

HIMSS Analytics is adding to a heap of new offerings by introducing a tool that will allow healthcare organizations to glean deeper business intelligence insights from its storehouse of provider data.  Logic, billed as a “comprehensive...

ICD-10 Implementation is Just the Beginning for Coder Education

by Jennifer Bresnick

NEW ORLEANS - October 1, 2015 is etched into the consciousness of health information management professionals as the day when ICD-10 finally becomes a reality, but anyone who thinks that the hard work will be over once the first ICD-10 claim...

How Can Healthcare Big Data Analytics Bust Data Silos?

by Jennifer Bresnick

While end-user clinicians may be frustrated by gaps and blank spaces in their patient data, they are not the only ones who are experiencing some degree of consternation when it comes to big data analytics.  Before a physician or nurse even...

EHR Data Standards Driven by Market Forces, Not Vendor Cabal

by Jennifer Bresnick

Whatever its shortfalls, there is no denying that the EHR Incentive Programs have created an enormous market for healthcare information technology that would likely be lacking if the HITECH Act was never passed.  EHR adoption has reached nearly...

Information Governance Must Protect PHI Outside the EHR

by Sponsored Content

Over the last several years, most healthcare organizations have moved to storing all protected health information (PHI) in HIPAA compliant electronic health records (EHRs) systems.  Yet, over the same period, there has been an accelerating...

Flexible Healthcare Data Strategy a Must for Accountable Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Arguably, accountable care has made the transition from experimental pilot to the new standard in healthcare payment, but many healthcare organizations are still unsure of how to take advantage of what risk-based reimbursement has to offer. ...

Illinois Health Information Exchange Hits 1 Million Records

by Jennifer Bresnick

The MetroChicago Health Information Exchange has accomplished in six months what many other HIEs are still trying to achieve: the secure exchange of data covering one million patient lives in its designated local region.  The Illinois-based...

ONC Health IT Interoperability Roadmap Stresses Data Standards

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Office of the National Coordinator is refining its course towards health IT interoperability with the release of a detailed plan to achieve nationwide health information exchange entitled Connecting Health and Care for the Nation: A Shared...

Medical Device Integration Brings Real-Time Data, Better Workflow

by Jennifer Bresnick

At the University of Arkansas Medical Center last year, Director of Clinical Informatics and Innovation Amy Hester, PhD(c), BSN, RN, BC, has had a pair of huge health IT projects on her hands.  Not only was the 517-bed academic medical center...

AAFP Asks ONC for Simplified Path to Health IT Interoperability

by Jennifer Bresnick

Industry-wide health IT interoperability is a top priority for the Office of the National Coordinator, but the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) would like to see a smoother, easier path towards achieving the goals of the ONC’s data...

Docs Seek Health Information Management Pros for ICD-10 Prep

by Jennifer Bresnick

The ICD-10 transition is a large, complex, and complicated task for the healthcare industry, but if one thing is clear about the drawn-out process, it’s that many providers are lagging behind where they should be to meet the October 1, 2015...

Data Standards, Interoperability Expert Joins WEDI Board

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) is welcoming Scott Whyte as the newest member of its Board of Directors, the organization announced today.  Whyte, who is Senior Vice President of Growth and Innovation at ClearDATA, brings...


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