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Blockchain, AI, NLP Target of Late-Year Healthcare Acquisitions

December 20, 2018 - The impending holiday season is no reason for healthcare companies to slow down their strategic plans, according to 3M, M*Modal, Change Healthcare, and PokitDok. All four companies are shifting position – buying or being bought – in the final days of 2018 as a challenging, data-driven future unfolds in front of them. Change Healthcare will be bulking up on blockchain with...

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Shrewd Health IT Purchasing Strategies Key to Seamless Data Exchange

by Jessica Kent

To develop seamless industry-wide health data exchange, healthcare systems should work to create holistic, long-term health IT purchasing strategies that work towards broader goals  rather than focusing on the procurement of...

Big Data Analytics Top List of Healthcare VC Investment Deals

by Jennifer Bresnick

Big data analytics and clinical decision support companies are continuing to rake in funding from venture capitalists and other investors looking for the next breakthrough in healthcare information technology. According to Mercom Capital,...

Big Data, Health IT Innovation for Hospitals Risks Stagnation

by Jennifer Bresnick

Productive partnerships and more effective management processes are a fundamental requirement for hospitals and health systems seeking to harness their big data assets for digital innovation, says a new survey conducted by the American...

Healthcare Big Data, IoT, Cognitive Computing Markets Set to Grow

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare data analytics will continue to present lucrative opportunities for vendors of cutting-edge software, services, and devices, according to a new series of market reports.  The healthcare industry’s appetite for the...

Healthcare Business Intelligence, Big Data Tools Spark Investment

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations are actively seeking business intelligence and big data analytics tools that will help them get ahead in a tightly competitive marketplace, driving significant investment in infrastructure to support more efficient...

How the Search for Smart Data Drives Healthcare IT Investment

by Jennifer Bresnick

There’s no question that the healthcare industry has become extremely “data rich” over the past few years.  Thanks to the rapid pace of electronic health record adoption, the vast majority of healthcare organizations...

Data Overload May Impede Healthcare Internet of Things Growth

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Internet of Things (IoT) may simply be too hot for the healthcare industry to handle as organizations continue to struggle with the huge amount of data produced by wearables, sensors, remote monitors, and other medical...

Slavitt Urges Medicaid Big Data Analytics, SaaS Development

by Jennifer Bresnick

The nation’s fifty-six Medicaid agencies are in need of a big data analytics makeover, Acting CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt said in a blog post this week, and Silicon Valley developers are in the perfect position to help.  As...

Healthcare Internet of Things, Big Data VC Funding Hits $1.4B

by Jacqueline LaPointe

In the first quarter of 2016, healthcare technology companies, including those focused on big data analytics and the healthcare Internet of Things, saw a significant spike in venture capital funding, according to a recent study by...


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