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Clinical Decision Support Systems

User Comments, NLP Improve Clinical Decision Support Alerts

January 8, 2019 - Leveraging natural language processing methods to analyze user feedback and override comments in clinical decision support systems could help organizations detect malfunctioning or broken alerts, according to a study published in JAMIA. Rule-based alerts in clinical decision support (CDS) systems analyze electronic health record (EHR) data and notify providers of potentially dangerous...

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Hard Stops in EHRs, Clinical Decision Support Can Improve Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Clinical decision support systems that use hard stops, in which a response is required before a user can move forward with a task, are associated with higher performance on both process and outcomes measures, according to a new study...

Top 4 Big Data Analytics Strategies to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

by Jessica Kent

Unplanned hospital readmissions are one of the costliest services in healthcare, with organizations shelling out billions each year on these frequently avoidable episodes. With the rise of value-based care initiatives, most notably...

Will Clinical Decision Support, Health IT Cut Diagnostic Errors?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare professionals are continually being asked to do more with less.  With more patients but less time; more data but fewer meaningful tools to help them process it, it seems almost inevitable that diagnostic errors and patient...

Machine Learning Complicates FDA Clinical Decision Support Guidance

by Jennifer Bresnick

The FDA’s recent guidance on classifying and regulating clinical decision support (CDS) systems is currently too ambiguous for developers to effectively follow, contends the the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) in...

FDA Unveils Clinical Decision Support, Medical Device Guidance

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released three new guidance documents aimed at helping developers and vendors better understand how to create effective and safe clinical decision support tools, medical device applications, and...

How Mayo Clinic Uses CDS Algorithms to Standardize Nurse Triage

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare system has always relied on primary care providers to be the initial point of contact for patients with routine care needs and low-level complaints – a role that has become increasingly important as organizations try...

Transparency is Key for Clinical Decision Support, Machine Learning Tools

by Jennifer Bresnick

Developers and vendors of clinical decision support tools, especially those based on machine learning, must be transparent about their methodologies, capabilities, data sources, and limitations if providers are to rely on their products,...

The Difference Between Clinical Decision Support, Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to leveraging their growing big data assets.  From population health platforms and supply chain management tools to clinical decision support and business...

MIT Uses Deep Learning to Create ICU, EHR Predictive Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Deep learning, a variant of machine learning that aims to mimic the decision-making structure of the human brain, can help to supplement the skills of critical care clinicians, according to a pair of new research papers from...


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