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Health IT Patient Safety Center to Tackle EHR, Usability Hazards


The breakneck pace of EHR adoption and the industry’s sudden reliance on health IT systems to complete the majority of their daily tasks has its positives and negatives.  While technology has enabled providers to engage in predictive...

AHIMA, IHE Publish Draft Information Governance, Big Data Paper


Helping healthcare organizations develop a cohesive, standardized approach to information governance in the big data era has been a major focus for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) over the past few years as providers...

Is ICD-10 Dual Coding Proposal Even a Feasible Alternative?


There has been no shortage of ICD-10 legislation hitting the House floor in the past couple of months as healthcare stakeholders seek new avenues for easing the predicted burden of the transition.  While even the most steadfast opponents...

Virtual Clipboard Pilot for Patient Matching Moves Forward


The Virtual Clipboard project, a collaborative push to improve patient matching, registration, and health data interoperability in a standardized way, is moving forward into its pilot phase, announced stakeholders today.  Led by the Sullivan...

After CMS Tenure, Tavenner Takes Over Payer Relations at AHIP


Months after stepping down as Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Marilyn B. Tavenner will become President and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), a powerful trade group for payers that includes...

CMS to Require Health Information Exchange for Long-Term Care


A new proposed rule released this week in conjunction with the White House Conference on Aging would require long-term care (LTC) facilities and nursing homes to participate in health information exchange, CMS says.  During a patient transfer...

Big Data on Patient Transfers Raises Quality, Snags Revenue


When it comes to transitions of care, much has been made about the need for a patient’s data to follow him or her along the care continuum.  Primary care providers, specialists, and hospitals exist in isolated data bubbles, their conversations...

CMS Details MACRA Quality Reporting, Payment Reform Proposals


In the first update to the Medicare physician fee schedule (PFS) since the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula was repealed in April, CMS has unveiled its proposed rule for implementing some of its major changes to the industry’s clinical...

Andy Slavitt Nominated to Head CMS, but Faces Challenges


Acting CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt may be moving into Medicare’s top spot permanently if the Senate confirms the White House’s Thursday nomination, major news outlets report.  Slavitt, who stepped in to fill the position vacated...

HIM, Healthcare Big Data Analytics Skills Increase in Demand


Healthcare big data analytics and informatics skills will be among the most sought-after competencies for health information management (HIM) professionals in the next few years, predicts a survey published in the Journal of AHIMA.  Despite...

CHIME: Patient Matching Crucial for HIE, Care Coordination


The healthcare industry is in need of much more robust, accurate, and sophisticated patient matching techniques if it is to take full advantage of health information exchange and care coordination technologies, say CHIME leaders in a letter to...

ONC Reissues Call for Certified EHR Technology Test Procedures


The ONC is hoping to remind providers that it is still accepting proposals for Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) test procedures, tools, and data after publishing a notice in the Federal Register earlier this summer.  In a new blog post on...

CMS, AMA Compromise on ICD-10 Implementation Flexibility


The dreaded ICD-10 implementation process may be getting a little bit easier for healthcare providers when October 1, 2015 finally rolls around, CMS and the American Medical Association (AMA) said in a joint announcement this week.  The...

June ICD-10 End-to-End Testing Produces 90% Acceptance Rate


The latest results from Medicare’s ICD-10 end-to-end testing seem to indicate an upward trend in the claims acceptance rate as the clock ticks down to October 1, 2015.  During June’s end-to-end testing week, 90 percent of test...

ICD-10 Implementation Fight Drags On with Three Months Left


ICD-10 implementation opponents are nowhere near ready to give up the fight as the calendar moves relentlessly towards October 1, 2015.  Despite the fact that the ICD-10 compliance date is less than 100 days away, healthcare stakeholders...

Expectations Clash over Informal, Online Patient Engagement


Tech-savvy, smartphone-toting patients may be strapping on wearables and tapping on mHealth apps all day long, but many providers still aren’t sure if they want the added burden, annoyance, or responsibility of communicating with their...

Healtheway Rebrands to Promote Health Data Interoperability


Healtheway, one of the nation’s most successful health data interoperability collaborations to date, announced a new strategy and direction this morning, punctuated by a name change.  The non-profit organization that supports the national...

Patient Management, Attribution Program Expands Access to Care


While hospitals and health systems face numerous obstacles when it comes to caring for patients across a complex, convoluted continuum of care, sometimes the most challenging part of the process is ensuring that patients are able to make initial...

Improving the Role of EHRs in Population Health Management


The Department of Health and Human Services has spent half a dozen years and billions of dollars trying to convince healthcare providers that the electronic health record is a valuable tool for improving the quality and coordination of care across...

ICD-10 Group Slams “Safe Harbor” Bills, Debunks Coding Myths


Mention the phrase “ICD-10 transition” to a healthcare provider, and most will respond with an instinctive grimace and a few choice words for federal regulators intent on seeing the new code set implemented on October 1, 2015 –...


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