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Blue Cross Blue Shield Invests in Healthcare Big Data Analytics


All thirty-six members of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association have agreed to contribute to the development of BCBS Axis, a healthcare big data analytics repository with information on more than 36 million provider records, 2.3 billion...

Can the Healthcare Internet of Things Cut Costs by 25 Percent?


At the moment, the healthcare Internet of Things may seem like a poorly defined amalgamation of medical devices and consumer monitoring technologies that don’t quite fit into existing health IT categories.  But this growing, shifting...

How to Use Healthcare Big Data Analytics for Accountable Care


As healthcare organizations sit down to plan their operational strategies for the next few years, they may find themselves staring into a maelstrom of uncertainty, rapid evolution, and unpredictable change.  With the timing of the EHR Incentive...

NIH Unveils Precision Medicine, Genomics, Big Data Analytics Plan


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has published a detailed framework outlining its vision for the development of its Precision Medicine Initiative, a wide-ranging research program that hopes to integrate healthcare big data analytics, advances...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Suffers from “Fragmented” Approach


Healthcare organizations are keenly aware that big data analytics is poised to change the way the industry operates, but few have developed comprehensive and integrated strategies to address the complex tasks of infrastructure development and...

How to Succeed as a Pioneer Accountable Care Organization


The Medicare Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program has had its ups and downs during its first three years of life, as intrepid healthcare organizations lead the rest of the industry towards value-based reimbursement and data-driven,...

Big Data Analytics, Digital Health M&A May Profit Health Systems


Healthcare systems that proactively acquire or invest in digital health service providers in addition to their traditional merger and acquisition targets are more likely to create profitable, diversified portfolios of complementary holdings,...

IBM Watson, Boston Children’s Kick Precision Medicine into Gear


College students aren’t the only ones moving into their new Boston-area digs this season as the school year gets under way.  The brand new IBM Watson Health division opened the doors to its Cambridge offices today, announcing a slew...

Lasting Patient Engagement Begins with Tailored Access to Care


“Patient engagement” may have a very specific and quantifiable meaning within the context of the EHR Incentive Programs, but the majority of healthcare systems must look beyond their rate of patient portal signups if they wish to...

Semantic Big Data Lakes Can Support Better Population Health


The healthcare industry is currently holding its breath as it waits to see how CMS will adjust the final Stage 3 meaningful use rule in response to stakeholder complaints about the maturity of EHRs and big data analytics technologies, but not...

Medicaid Big Data Vital for Population Health Management


Encounter data collection is an important part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) proposed rule for improving population health management within Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), according to a recent article by Philip...

How Advanced Genomics, Big Data Will Enable Precision Medicine


For decades, researchers have been seeking a cure for cancer. That goal has been elusive, mostly because, until recently, we had no way to identify the mutations that cause cells to go from normal growth to out-of-control-growth. With genome...

NIH Awards $35.4M in EHR Genomics, Precision Medicine Grants


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is jumpstarting the nation’s precision medicine efforts by awarding more than $35 million in grants to academic and healthcare organizations researching the best ways to integrate genomic data into...

HSPC Interoperability Project Tackles HIE with FHIR, App Culture


CommonWell, Carequality, and the Argonaut Project may be the names that first spring to mind when discussing the healthcare industry’s private interoperability efforts, but the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC) is planning...

Google Takes Aim at Diabetes with Big Data, Internet of Things


Freshly revitalized after Google’s much-discussed reorganization under the Alphabet umbrella, the tech giant’s life science team is once again planning to tackle diabetes with the help of big data analytics and innovative Internet...

Predictive Analytics, NLP Flag Psychosis with 100% Accuracy


A predictive analytics algorithm that leverages natural language processing was able to predict the onset of psychosis in high-risk youths with 100 percent accuracy, says a study published in Schizophrenia this month.  Using machine learning...

EHR Big Data Analytics Aid Cancer Screenings, Follow-Ups


Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine are using electronic “triggers” in vast quantities of EHR data to flag and follow up with patients who have experienced abnormal findings during an initial screening or evaluation for certain...

Market Growth Ahead for Healthcare Big Data, Internet of Things


As healthcare big data analytics competencies become more and more important for the provider community, opportunities for sales and installations are growing accordingly.  Despite financial constraints and the looming threat of disruptive...

Are Big Data, Genomics, Precision Medicine the Cure for Cancer?


A cure for cancer has always been one of the most elusive goals in healthcare, but new big data analytics solutions from a fresh wave of innovators may be bringing clinicians and patients closer than ever to critical breakthroughs in the treatment...

Big Data Predictive Analytics Score Flags 30-Day Readmissions


Big data analytics researchers at the University of Washington Tacoma are introducing a new way to predict the return of congestive heart failure patients to the hospital within the critical 30-day readmissions window.  Dubbed the “Risk-o-Meter,”...


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