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Top 5 Basics to Know About the Precision Medicine Initiative


Feelings of national unity may be hard to find during a contentious election year, but the collaborative spirit is alive and well in at least one corner of the White House as stakeholders from across the care continuum take on the Obama Administration’s...

How to Turn EHR Data into Actionable Big Data Insights


Electronic health records (EHRs) have been transformative in the healthcare industry, enabling faster patient information access, improved workflow, reduced costs and information sharing. Healthcare providers, however, are flooded with big data...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Partnerships Make News at HIMSS16


As the healthcare industry buckles down to face the eventual end of meaningful use, the transition to alternative payment models, and the “silver tsunami” of aging patients in need of chronic disease care, the vendor community is...

HIMSS Analytics Refreshes EMRAM, Looks to Real Health IT Value


LAS VEGAS – Health IT adoption may be an ongoing journey that unfolds a little bit differently for each organization, but there are still some valuable signposts available along the way.  Aside from meaningful use attestation itself,...

ONC Launches Two FHIR Interoperability App Challenges


LAS VEGAS - When it comes to health data interoperability, FHIR is the name of the game for the Office of the National Coordinator.  At HIMSS16 in Las Vegas, National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc, announced two new industry challenges...

National Patient Identifier May Cut “Silly Waste” in Healthcare


LAS VEGAS – The healthcare industry may be eagerly awaiting the eventual demise of the EHR Incentive Programs, but providers will be disappointed if they think that the end of meaningful use is the end of their health IT troubles. ...

Precision Medicine Summit Brings Big Data, EHR Ideas Together


The White House’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) is kicking off in a big way this month, officials announced today at an industry summit.  Stakeholders from across the healthcare continuum gathered to share new ideas, receive...

Big Data Analytics Poses Problems, Promises for Healthcare


Healthcare stakeholders are pretty certain that big data analytics is going to become one of the defining features of the industry in the near future – but few predictions about events yet to come are free from warnings about what might...

Epic Systems Leads Mindshare for Population Health, EHR Tools


Despite the fact that meaningful use incentive dollars have all but dried up, providers are not slowing down on their health IT infrastructure development.  A new survey by peer60 finds that healthcare organizations are actively seeking...

IBM Grows Watson with $2.6B Truven Health Analytics Purchase


IBM is making a major play to secure its position as one of the healthcare industry’s go-to options for advanced big data analytics and clinical decision support. Today, the company announced that it has agreed to purchase Truven Health...

Decoding 10 More Top Healthcare Big Data Analytics Buzzwords


The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and new technologies, tools, strategies, and initiatives are popping up at a breakneck pace.  You’ve read through our first primer on the most common terms and phrases you’re likely...

How Big Data, EHRs, IoT Combine for Chronic Disease Management


As the nation’s medical system sheds its own reactive, sick-care skin and reinvents itself as a proactive, data-driven, team-based ecosystem of wellness and health maintenance, there is a strong consensus among provider organizations that...

Big Data Analytics to Bring Billions in Healthcare Market Growth


Big data analytics isn’t just a fad for the healthcare industry: it’s a quickly growing, incredibly lucrative opportunity to restructure the way care delivery works.  Billions of dollars are on the line for vendors who can successfully...

UPMC Gene Test Brings Personalized Medicine to Cardiac Care


Clinicians at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center are bringing personalized medicine into the routine care process for cardiac patients in need of stents for clogged arteries by using a simple blood test to identify gene variants that...

How to Cut Through the Noise of the Healthcare Internet of Things


Healthcare providers are busy people.  Between high patient loads and the demands of EHR documentation, the reporting requirements, the internal meetings, and the minutes wasted waiting for test results or other communications from the care...

Does State Regulation Help Boost Health IT, HIE, EHR Adoption?


With millions of patients’ lives hanging in the balance at any given moment, it’s no wonder that the healthcare sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries there is.  From the quality and cleanliness of medical devices...

$5M Precision Medicine Grant Integrates Genomics, Big Data


Precision medicine is getting a $5 million boost at research organizations in Pennsylvania as the three-year Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement (CURE) project gets underway.  The grant will fund the discovery of potential breast...

MD Medical School Uses Precision Medicine to Improve Cancer Care


The University of Maryland has announced a new initiative to advance its medical school’s precision medicine programs. According to a public statement, the University of Maryland School of Medicine has begun its new initiative, the Maryland...

Big Data Shows Persistent Ordering of Unnecessary Procedures


Nearly a third of providers are ordering unnecessary procedures such as lower back MRIs when not necessary, regardless of their facility’s payment model, big data shows. In a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care, a research...

New Healthcare Analytics Model May Improve Patient Satisfaction


Census based surveying, or the ability to reach more patients through a more comprehensive data collection method, might be a big data solution to patient satisfaction issues. In a recent report, Press Ganey explains the process of census based...


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