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Can Big Data Analytics Improve Medication Non-Adherence?


Integrated big data analytics may be the next big thing in mitigating issues with medication non-adherence, according to a new study published in JMIR Medical Informatics. A research team led by Brian E. Dixon, MPA, PhD, studied a group of Type...

How Federal Health IT Work Paves the Way for Big Data Analytics


Just like “population health management” and the “Internet of Things,” the phrase “big data analytics” means something a little bit different to everyone.  For large hospitals and health systems, it may...

Will Half-Hearted Commitment Scupper Healthcare Data Analytics?


Healthcare providers are used to making all-or-nothing decisions about patient care each and every day, but they may not be taking the same committed, confident approach to their big data analytics programs.  Wary of the risks of failure...

Limits of Big Data Analytics Pose Challenges to Patient Safety


In a report to Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found hospitals face three major challenges with implementing evidence-based patient safety practices, including limitations with integrating, sharing, and analyzing big data....

PA Big Data Analytics Projects Get $3M in Funding from UPMC


Six big data analytics projects focused on personalized medicine and patient outcomes will receive funding from UPMC Enterprises, the innovation arm of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The newly established Pittsburgh Health...

Big Data Analytics Show More Sepsis Deaths in Large Hospitals


Researchers are using big data analytics to better understand the signs and symptoms of sepsis, which may be able to help physicians treat and manage patients more effectively. In a study published in the journal Medical Care, a team from Houston...

Partners Data Lake Offers Healthcare Analytics as a Service


The sprawling Partners HealthCare system is continuing to churn through the largest Epic EHR implementation project to date.  But the network, which includes Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has much...

How Big Data Analytics Can Boost Provider Autonomy, Outcomes


If there’s one thing that the healthcare system has learned since the beginning of the EHR adoption tidal wave, it’s that big data isn’t always better data.  When deployed effectively, big data analytics can deliver staggeringly...

FDA Accelerates Precision Medicine with Rare Disease Funding


The FDA has announced the start of a new grant program focused on studying the history and life cycle of rare diseases in an effort to improve the health system’s understanding of uncommon conditions The announcement was made on Rare Disease...

Quality Metrics, Data Analytics are Top Value-Based Care Fears


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” data analytics pros are prone to say, and nowhere is the phrase more appropriate than when discussing the healthcare industry’s transition to value-based care.  As...

How Did Maine’s State HIE Become a Big Data Analytics Beacon?


Over the past decade or so, the healthcare industry has tried any number of new projects, pilots, grants, and initiatives designed to improve health data interoperability and population health management across the care continuum.  While...

Top 5 Basics to Know About the Precision Medicine Initiative


Feelings of national unity may be hard to find during a contentious election year, but the collaborative spirit is alive and well in at least one corner of the White House as stakeholders from across the care continuum take on the Obama Administration’s...

How to Turn EHR Data into Actionable Big Data Insights


Electronic health records (EHRs) have been transformative in the healthcare industry, enabling faster patient information access, improved workflow, reduced costs and information sharing. Healthcare providers, however, are flooded with big data...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Partnerships Make News at HIMSS16


As the healthcare industry buckles down to face the eventual end of meaningful use, the transition to alternative payment models, and the “silver tsunami” of aging patients in need of chronic disease care, the vendor community is...

HIMSS Analytics Refreshes EMRAM, Looks to Real Health IT Value


LAS VEGAS – Health IT adoption may be an ongoing journey that unfolds a little bit differently for each organization, but there are still some valuable signposts available along the way.  Aside from meaningful use attestation itself,...

ONC Launches Two FHIR Interoperability App Challenges


LAS VEGAS - When it comes to health data interoperability, FHIR is the name of the game for the Office of the National Coordinator.  At HIMSS16 in Las Vegas, National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc, announced two new industry challenges...

National Patient Identifier May Cut “Silly Waste” in Healthcare


LAS VEGAS – The healthcare industry may be eagerly awaiting the eventual demise of the EHR Incentive Programs, but providers will be disappointed if they think that the end of meaningful use is the end of their health IT troubles. ...

Precision Medicine Summit Brings Big Data, EHR Ideas Together


The White House’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) is kicking off in a big way this month, officials announced today at an industry summit.  Stakeholders from across the healthcare continuum gathered to share new ideas, receive...

Big Data Analytics Poses Problems, Promises for Healthcare


Healthcare stakeholders are pretty certain that big data analytics is going to become one of the defining features of the industry in the near future – but few predictions about events yet to come are free from warnings about what might...

Epic Systems Leads Mindshare for Population Health, EHR Tools


Despite the fact that meaningful use incentive dollars have all but dried up, providers are not slowing down on their health IT infrastructure development.  A new survey by peer60 finds that healthcare organizations are actively seeking...


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