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New Collaboration to Support Diabetes Prevention, Management

September 23, 2016 - Leaders of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) have banded together to form a new organization focused on supporting diabetes prevention and management within the primary care ecosystem. DPP leaders on Wednesday announced the launch of the Council of Diabetes Prevention, a membership-based nonprofit, which aims to increase patient access to the National DPP, the first program of...

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New Collaboration to Support Diabetes Prevention, Management

by Nathan Boroyan

Leaders of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) have banded together to form a new organization focused on supporting diabetes prevention and management within the primary care ecosystem. DPP leaders on Wednesday announced the launch...

Health IT, Executive Support Key to ED Patient Flow Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

The emergency department can often be a busy, hectic, stressful place for both patients and their providers.  Neither can know in advance what will happen when they walk through the doors: who they will see, how long it will take, if a hospital...

NIH Addresses Socioeconomic Disparities in Patient Outcomes

by Jacqueline Belliveau

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced the launch of a population health management initiative to foster research and spread awareness of racial and ethnic disparities in patient outcomes of surgical care. NIH’s National...

Senators Urge CMS to Reconsider Hospital Compare Quality Ratings

by Jacqueline Belliveau

In a recent letter, a group of sixty senators urged CMS to delay the release of the Hospital Compare Star Ratings because the current methodology for rating hospital quality does not include all relevant quality measures and the process is not...

CMS Diabetes Prevention Program Cuts Spending, Boosts Outcomes

by Jacqueline Belliveau

A comprehensive chronic disease management program that focuses on preventative care for diabetes and prediabetes is a successful way to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, HHS announced this week, and should be implemented in communities...

Safety Net Population Health Management Means Doing More with Less

by Jennifer Bresnick

For healthcare organizations of any size, type, and specialty, every dollar always counts.  The immutable bottom line regulates all activities, from technology purchases to staff salaries to what gets served in the cafeteria each day. ...

CMS Offers $157M to Fund Community Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Recognizing the need to integrate the social and community needs of patients into population health management on a broader scale, CMS has announced a new $157 million funding opportunity to bolster innovative strategies for helping to address...

Do Aging Physicians Present Care Quality, Patient Safety Risks?

by Jennifer Bresnick

It’s a subject that few physicians want to face during the later stages of their careers.  At what point does a clinician become too old to effective deliver high quality care with a minimum risk to patient safety? As fewer young medical...

Kaiser Permanente Targets Population Health with New Med School

by Jennifer Bresnick

Not content with being one of the nation’s largest healthcare provider systems and a key innovator in the health IT space, Kaiser Permanente is taking its leadership role one step further by opening up a new medical school, officials announced...

23% of Hospitals See Payment Cuts for Patient Safety, HACs

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient safety deficiencies and high rates of hospital acquired conditions (HACs) have led CMS to cut reimbursement rates for 758 hospitals, representing 22.9 percent of the 3308 organizations subject to the HAC Reduction Program.  Fiscal...

Hospital Acquired Conditions, Patient Safety Hold Steady in 2014

by Jennifer Bresnick

Key hospital quality and patient safety metrics, including the rates of hospital acquired conditions (HACs), certain infections, and adverse drug events (ADEs), have not seen significant change from 2013 to 2014.  However, these events remain...

Is the New CMS Hospital Quality Rating System Fair, Accurate?

by Jennifer Bresnick

CMS has given the nation’s hospitals lower-than-expected marks on their new report cards thanks to an overhaul of the way hospital quality scores are being calculated.  With the patient experience placed front and center in the new...

Poor Communication Hinders Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Effective population health management relies on the seamless, coordinated work of a multi-faceted care team, yet the majority of clinicians feel unable to communicate with their peers in a timely, meaningful way, according to a new survey from...

AMA, CDC Launch Joint Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Effort

by Jennifer Bresnick

The American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control have announced the launch of a new Type 2 diabetes prevention effort targeted at the thirty percent of Americans affected by pre-diabetes.  In a press conference this week,...

How a Shortage of 90K Physicians May Impact Healthcare Reform

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry could be short up to 90,000 physicians by 2025 if current demand continues to outstrip new graduates, warns the Association of American Medical Colleges in a new report, and the impact on current healthcare reform efforts...

PCMH Care Coordination Program Cuts Hospital Readmissions

by Jennifer Bresnick

Providing cooperative, community-based post-discharge care coordination for elderly patients can help to reduce preventable hospital readmissions, finds a study published this month in the American Journal of Managed Care.  Patients aged 60...

CMS Seeks Comment on PCMH, Care Coordination, ACOs

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is seeking public comment on its advanced primary care models intended to provide better care coordination, more personalized attention, and better overall population health management throughout...

Hospital Acquired Infections Kill 2, Put Dozens at Risk in CA

by Jennifer Bresnick

UCLA Health System is dealing with a major superbug crisis after carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), spread by dirty endoscopes, was implicated in the deaths of two patients and the sickening of seven more.  With up to 170 patients...

CMS Sets New Patient Care Quality Metrics for Nursing Homes

by Jennifer Bresnick

CMS is adding more stringent patient care quality metrics to its Nursing Home Compare website in order to improve transparency around the effectiveness, safety, and performance of long-term care providers.  Starting on February 20, CMS will...

Are Standardized Clinical Pathways Stymying Drug Innovation?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Powerful clinical decision support tools harnessing the potential of big data analytics may make it easier for physicians to set their patients on a standardized road to improvement, but the expansion of pre-approved, packed care may be doing...


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