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Financial Big Data Analytics Woes Plague Healthcare Providers, Payers

January 3, 2018 - Healthcare providers and payers must improve their financial big analytics competencies if they wish to succeed in 2018’s rapidly evolving business environment, says a new report by Kaufman Hall, but few organizations have the ability to access and leverage actionable insights. Chief financial officers (CFOs) across the care continuum both desire and require enhanced access to financial...

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Healthcare Financial Analytics, Business Intelligence Market Takes Off

by Jennifer Bresnick

Financial analytics and business intelligence tools are poised to become the next major area of investment for healthcare providers and payers, predicts a new series of market reports. As hospitals and physicians deeper into value-based care...

Data Warehouse, ERP Tools Top Wish List for Value-Based Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

2017 may already be a quarter of the way gone, but healthcare executives are still hoping to score some major big data analytics infrastructure upgrades before the calendar rolls over again as they look towards a future of value-based care. ...

Lack of Talent, Direction Afflict Healthcare Data Analytics Plans

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations are eager to dive into big data analytics projects that improve clinical quality and reduce inefficiencies, but a chronic lack of qualified talent, concerns about interoperability, and uncertainty over where to start...

Healthcare Analytics Help Mercy Uncover Cost, Quality Insights

by Jennifer Bresnick

Every spring, the HIMSS Conference and Exhibition brings tens of thousands of healthcare stakeholders together under one massive roof to share best practices, explore the latest innovations, and brainstorm new strategies for achieving the Triple...

CMS Continues Data Transparency Push with Medicare Drug Info

by Jennifer Bresnick

CMS is continuing to demonstrate its newfound commitment to data transparency by releasing information on 2015 Medicare spending rates for Part B and Part D drugs. The data, which covers medications administered by physicians in an office or...

Using Business Intelligence, KPIs for Revenue Cycle Management

by Joncé Smith

The healthcare industry’s transition to value-based care does not end with clinical patient care. The shift also extends into healthcare providers’ revenue cycle management processes. For effective claims management within the new...

Using Data Analytics Tools for Healthcare Claims Management

by Joncé Smith

Effective claims management requires healthcare organizations to deploy a multi-faceted strategy that relies on data analytics and includes many phases of the revenue cycle, beginning when the patient schedules an appointment. The focus cannot...

Providers Struggle with Time, Tools for Revenue Cycle Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare providers haven’t quite gotten the hang of revenue cycle analytics, according to a new survey by Navicure, and organizations continue to struggle with the basics of developing a financial analytics program. Despite widespread...

Goals and Guidance are Key to Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Joncé Smith

Last month, the results of the fourth annual Health IT Industry Outlook Survey were released, shedding light on 2016 industry trends and pain points expressed by chief information officers, chief medical information officers, IT directors and...

Revenue Cycle Big Data Analytics Bring Insights and Savings

by Jennifer Bresnick

When it comes to big data analytics in the healthcare arena, gaining clinical insights is only half the battle.  Provider organizations attempting to deliver the highest quality care available often operate on razor-thin financial margins...

How to Gather Good Data for Healthcare Claims Accuracy Testing

by Mark Benedict

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, the health care industry will lose about $22,000 to waste, fraud and other issues related to claims accuracy and administration. That’s a $275 billion loss in the United States each year,...

GAO: VA Patient Panel Setup Limits Data Analytics, Care Access

by Jennifer Bresnick

Unpredictable variation in the sizes of patient panels attributed to primary care providers in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may be restricting patient access to basic services, found a report by the Government Accountability Office...

Big Data on Patient Transfers Raises Quality, Snags Revenue

by Jennifer Bresnick

When it comes to transitions of care, much has been made about the need for a patient’s data to follow him or her along the care continuum.  Primary care providers, specialists, and hospitals exist in isolated data bubbles, their conversations...

Population Health Management Starts with Flagging High Costs

by Jennifer Bresnick

In order to begin an effective population health management initiative, providers must first identify and stratify patients by the costs they incur, says a new white paper by the Health Care Transformation Task Force.  By proactively flagging...

HIM, Revenue Cycle Analytics to Overtake EHR Purchasing

by Jennifer Bresnick

Revenue cycle analytics, health information management, and administrative IT systems are slated to overtake the EHR purchasing market for hospitals within the next few years, according to a new Frost and Sullivan report.  As EHR adoption reaches...


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