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FDA App Challenge Honors Opioid Abuse, Overdose Tool

December 19, 2016 - A California-based startup has won an FDA app challenge aimed at fighting opioid abuse and preventing deadly overdoses. OD Help, created by PwrdBy, connects potential opioid overdose victims with naloxone carriers, said the FDA in a blog post. According to Peter Lurie, MD, MPH, Associate Commissioner for Public Health Strategy and Analysis, the contest asked participants to create apps that...

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Stress, Depression Negatively Impact Chronic Disease Management

by Nathan Boroyan

Depression, stress, and other mental health conditions may negatively affect a patient’s chronic disease management capabilities more than the disease itself, according to a study published in Quality of Life Research.   The study...

PCORI Grants $64 Million to Population Health Research Projects

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) has approved $64.1 million in funding to support five population health research projects hoping to improve patient-centered care across the healthcare industry. The awards are the first...

CDC: Improved care could prevent 258,000 annual deaths

by Jennifer Bresnick

More than a quarter of a million people die from preventable conditions each year, says a new population health report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), representing a significant opportunity for providers to fine tune their chronic...

How does population health management meet social media?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The internet has made population health management a breeze in so many ways.  Texting appointment reminders, emailing health information, and keeping patients engaged through online portals have become facts of live for the technologically-savvy...

Seven health IT questions to improve pay for performance

by Sponsored Content

Pay-for-performance is completely changing the way payers and health provider networks must work together.  The traditional one-way transaction-based communication approach is no longer effective. Care-quality initiatives, cost savings,...

Low-income patients much less satisfied with care quality

by Jennifer Bresnick

Low-income patients in California are significantly less content with their healthcare experience than more wealthy residents of the state according to a new report by the Blue Shield of California Foundation.  Low-income patients report...

CDC: Only 16% of providers screen patients for alcohol use

by Jennifer Bresnick

While plenty of people spend the weekend at a local pub with nothing more than a mild hangover and some embarrassing text messages to show for it, millions of others take the Saturday night party a little too far.  Binge drinking, defined...

Using population health management for provider improvement

by Jennifer Bresnick

If there’s one thing that upper management and in-the-trenches clinicians can agree upon, it’s the need to make the best possible use of limited resources.  From the largest hospital chains to the smallest critical access facilities,...

Real-time data analytics accurately predicts local flu activity

by Jennifer Bresnick

A research team from Columbia University is doing its part to tackle the winter aches and sniffles by using real-time data from Google and the CDC to forecast influenza trends in an increasingly reliable way.  Jeffrey Shaman, PhD, and colleagues...

Predictive risk analytics, HIE to help young asthma patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX and non-profit research firm PCCI are collaborating on a pair of data-driven initiatives to help pediatric patients receive better care from healthcare providers and social services organizations. ...

Western NY Beacon shares lessons for diabetes management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Diabetic patients in upstate New York have gotten some significant help managing their conditions from the Western New York Beacon Community (WNY Beacon) and regional health information exchange HEALTHeLINK.  After working with nearly 100...

HINTS surveys dig into population health literacy for smokers

by Jennifer Bresnick

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is paying tobacco users enough for a nice dinner if they participate in a survey intended to garner a better idea of how smokers view their own bad...

mHealth supports diabetes, heart health in rural populations

by Jennifer Bresnick

With cardiovascular disease accounting for 48% of all deaths worldwide, heart health is a lot more than just a local population health management initiative for a single hospital to explore.  It’s a problem that requires broad, intensive,...

Survey: Population health, analytics top priorities for providers

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management is a top priority for nearly two-thirds of hospital executives, according to a new survey by HealthLeaders Media.  Sixty-one percent of hospitals have already identified a target patient population and are actively...

Big data helps tackle drug resistance at the point of care

by Jennifer Bresnick

With EHR and pharmacy data on 15 million patients and a growing antibiotic resistance problem waiting to be solved, athenahealth and Epocrates have put their big data under a microscope to add a new weapon to the arsenal of population health...


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