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NCQA Launches Two New Population Health Management Programs

NCQA’s new population health management programs will provide standards for organizations to enhance holistic patient care delivery.

NCQA launches two new population health programs

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By Jessica Kent

- The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has launched two new population health management programs designed to assess and support organizations as they deliver holistic patient care.

NCQA’s Population Health Program Accreditation will evaluate how organizations apply population health management concepts to manage individuals in a proactive manner. The accreditation framework will assist organizations in better aligning their processes for success with value-based reimbursement models.

The program will assess an organization’s maturity in data integration, the delivery of targeted interventions, and the ability to measure quality and improve performance. This program aims to help organizations improve individualized, person-centered care, as well as increase their operational efficiency.

The program standards will also help organizations meet the needs of employers and payers.  Providers meeting the accreditation standards will be able to offer automatic credit to health plans seeking NCQA accreditation, reducing the administrative effort required to achieve the designation.

The second initiative, the Population Health Management Prevalidation program, will evaluate health IT systems and identify functionality that supports or meets NCQA standards for population health management. Prevalidation increases the value of a program to NCQA-Accredited organizations and assures customers that health IT solutions support their goals.

The program assesses health IT solutions in up to four areas, including data integration, population assessment, segmentation, and case management. Organizations using health IT systems that meet NCQA requirements can earn automatic credit toward their NCQA surveys, which will save time and ease administrative burdens.

Additionally, organizations with NCQA-Accredited solutions will have an ongoing collaborative relationship with NCQA and learn about planned policy changes and enhancements to program requirements.

These new programs will provide a framework for organizations and health IT solutions to improve population health management.

“The Population Health Management Programs suite moves us into greater alignment with the focus on person-centered population health management,” said Margaret E. O’Kane, President, NCQA.

“Not only does it add value to existing quality improvement efforts, it also demonstrates an organization’s highest level of commitment to improving the quality of care that meets people’s needs.”


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