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Can Big Data Analytics, Data Governance Restore Joy to Medicine?


NEW ORLEANS - Physicians who are struggling to muster up the enthusiasm to continue the practice of medicine may not feel like adding a mountain of big data to the mix will do much to help them recapture the joy of patient care.  After all,...

Why are HIM Pros Key to Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine?


NEW ORLEANS - Healthcare big data analytics and precision medicine won’t get very far without the knowledge, expertise, and unique skills of health information management professionals, said John Showalter, MD, MSIS during a standing-room-only...

ICD-10 Implementation is Just the Beginning for Coder Education


NEW ORLEANS - October 1, 2015 is etched into the consciousness of health information management professionals as the day when ICD-10 finally becomes a reality, but anyone who thinks that the hard work will be over once the first ICD-10 claim...

AHIMA: “Long-Awaited” ICD-10 Implementation is Good for Patients


NEW ORLEANS - With ICD-10 implementation just three short days away, AHIMA is celebrating what it sees as a victory for data integrity during the 2015 Convention and Exhibit in New Orleans.  The new code set promises both benefits and headaches...

Patient Adherence, Evidence-Based Care Top Priority for Docs


Increasing patient adherence and delivering evidence-based treatment programs are top priorities for the vast majority of physicians, according to a new survey from the American Association for Physician Leaders (AAPL) and the Navigant Center...

What to Expect at AHIMA: ICD-10, Big Data, Population Health


The 2015 AHIMA Convention may be taking place in the Big Easy next week, but there’s nothing simple about any of the top issues that attendees are facing as an eventful year in healthcare comes to a close.  Thousands of health information...

WEDI and NATE Partner for Patient Matching, Interoperability


The Virtual Clipboard Initiative, a collaborative project that hopes to drastically improve patient matching techniques and broaden health data interoperability, will be moving into its second phase with the help of the National Association for...

One Week to Go: Top 5 ICD-10 Implementation Facts to Remember


Anyone still holding out hope for an ICD-10 implementation delay may finally need to resign themselves to the fact that the new code set is coming – and there is only one week left until the fateful day dawns.  After years of debates...

IOM: Use EHRs More Efficiently for Patient Safety, Diagnostics


Electronic health records and clinical decision support functionalities can be vital tools for providers during the process of diagnosis, says the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in a new report, but healthcare organizations must learn how to leverage...

Federal HIT Plan Focuses on Population Health, Patient Engagement


Patient engagement and robust population health management are two of the top goals for CMS and the ONC over the next five years, says National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo in a letter prefacing the new Federal Health IT Strategic Plan.  Released...

Don’t Publish Stage 3 Meaningful Use Rule, Urge AMA and Others


The American Medical Association and forty other professional societies are strongly urging HHS and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) not to publish the finalized rule for Stage 3 Meaningful Use.  Citing low uptake of Stage 2 attestation...

Can CommonWell Make Health Data Interoperability a Reality?


Of the growing number of private industry projects aimed at bringing health data interoperability to the masses, the CommonWell Health Alliance has always seemed like a leader of the pack.  Founded in 2013 and able to announce pilot sites...

Epic, Cerner, DirectTrust, and the Quest for EHR Interoperability


For a concept that is supposed to bring healthcare organizations together, EHR interoperability is certainly one of the most divisive topics in the industry.  With hundreds of different opinions about how to achieve it, where to start, what...

Final Rule for Stage 3 Meaningful Use Comes Closer to Publication


The final rule for Stage 3 Meaningful Use is now under review by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), bringing the hotly anticipated guidelines one step closer to publication and the opportunity for industrywide scrutiny.  Intense...

True Interoperability Requires Proof before Mandates, HL7 Says


Before piling on additional EHR and health IT mandates, the federal government must prove to the healthcare industry that interoperability can produce measurable return on organizational investment, says Health Level Seven International (HL7)...

CMS Names ICD-10 Ombudsman, Provides Last-Minute Tips


As yellow buses and backpacks take over the lives of children once again, CMS hopes the healthcare industry will be in the mood to get back to school itself by learning its ICD-10 ABCs.  With less than one month until the October 1, 2015...

Care Coordination, Quality Care Can Increase Patient Loyalty


In the healthcare industry, ensuring patient consumer loyalty to a certain healthcare provider is critical not only for organization finances, but for physician reputation and job fulfillment as well. But what are the key factors in consumer...

Final ICD-10 End-to-End Testing Week Sees 87% Success Rate


With just over one month until the ICD-10 transition, CMS has released the latest statistics from its July ICD-10 end-to-end testing week.  Eighty-seven percent of submitted claims were accepted, mirroring results from earlier in the year. ...

Precision Medicine Must Be a “Team Effort,” White House Says


Collaboration is the name of the game when it comes to precision medicine, says White House Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil in a blog post outlining the next steps for the nation’s march into genomics, big data analytics, and personalized...

Big Data, Meaningful Use, BYOD Bring Problems, Opportunities


To say that the healthcare industry is in a state of flux may be the understatement of the 21st century.  Despite ongoing criticism over the “slow” pace of big data analytics, EHR interoperability, patient engagement, and reimbursement...


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