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Final Rule for Stage 3 Meaningful Use Comes Closer to Publication


The final rule for Stage 3 Meaningful Use is now under review by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), bringing the hotly anticipated guidelines one step closer to publication and the opportunity for industrywide scrutiny.  Intense...

True Interoperability Requires Proof before Mandates, HL7 Says


Before piling on additional EHR and health IT mandates, the federal government must prove to the healthcare industry that interoperability can produce measurable return on organizational investment, says Health Level Seven International (HL7)...

CMS Names ICD-10 Ombudsman, Provides Last-Minute Tips


As yellow buses and backpacks take over the lives of children once again, CMS hopes the healthcare industry will be in the mood to get back to school itself by learning its ICD-10 ABCs.  With less than one month until the October 1, 2015...

Care Coordination, Quality Care Can Increase Patient Loyalty


In the healthcare industry, ensuring patient consumer loyalty to a certain healthcare provider is critical not only for organization finances, but for physician reputation and job fulfillment as well. But what are the key factors in consumer...

Final ICD-10 End-to-End Testing Week Sees 87% Success Rate


With just over one month until the ICD-10 transition, CMS has released the latest statistics from its July ICD-10 end-to-end testing week.  Eighty-seven percent of submitted claims were accepted, mirroring results from earlier in the year. ...

Precision Medicine Must Be a “Team Effort,” White House Says


Collaboration is the name of the game when it comes to precision medicine, says White House Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil in a blog post outlining the next steps for the nation’s march into genomics, big data analytics, and personalized...

Big Data, Meaningful Use, BYOD Bring Problems, Opportunities


To say that the healthcare industry is in a state of flux may be the understatement of the 21st century.  Despite ongoing criticism over the “slow” pace of big data analytics, EHR interoperability, patient engagement, and reimbursement...

Final ICD-10 Preparation Checklist for Hospitals and Physicians


It may still be pool party weather in most of the country as the dog days of August slowly slink by, but cool temperatures and an undoubtedly cool reception for October 1, 2015 are right around the corner.  With little evidence that ICD-10...

CMS Offers Coding “Cheat Sheets” for ICD-10 Implementation


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is doing everything it can to inspire confidence in providers during the final few weeks before ICD-10 implementation.  As part of the Road to Ten preparation resource package, CMS has...

Will Meaningful Use Disgruntlement Delay Precision Medicine?


EHRs and meaningful use simply don’t make anyone happy, if the latest in a long line of dismal survey results is to be believed.  Torturous interfaces, unbreakable data siloes, endless quality reporting requirements, and untenable...

77% of Patients Experience Inaccurate EHR Medication Reconciliation


A study published this month in the American Journal of Managed Care found that more than three quarters of patients experienced a medication reconciliation discrepancy when researchers compared EHR data with pharmacy claims data.   Active...

Data Governance, Partnership Key to DOD EHR Project, Cerner Says


Cerner President Zane Burke had a lot to celebrate in a corporate earning call held August 4, which made special mention of the EHR vendor’s role in the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health’s triumph over its competitors, which included...

Will Lower EHR Copying Fees Improve Patient Engagement?


While patient portals are becoming increasingly popular in healthcare organizations, especially as more providers seek to attest to Stage 2 meaningful use, but many patients, caregivers, or legal representatives still need to request copies of...

EHR Interoperability, HIE Criteria Prompt Stage 3 MU Concerns


Currently available EHR technologies do not have the interoperability and bi-directional health information exchange capabilities to meet criteria included in the proposed Stage 3 meaningful use rule, state a coalition of health IT stakeholders...

25% of Physicians Won’t Be Ready for ICD-10 Implementation


There are only fifty-eight days until the ICD-10 deadline, yet only one in five physicians has even started conducting external testing with health plans or clearinghouses, WEDI says in a press release detailing results from its latest ICD-10...

Calls for Stage 3 Meaningful Use Delay Intensify with New Bill


Congress is doubling down on its calls to pull the emergency brake on Stage 3 meaningful use with a new piece of legislation that would delay rulemaking for the third segment of the EHR Incentive Programs until at least 2017.  This week,...

CMS Turns to Value-Based Reimbursement, Data Analytics at 50


Medicare has experienced its fair share of ups and downs during the first fifty years of its life, but former CMS Administrator Donald M. Berwick, MD, believes the massive public insurance program is just getting started.  In an interview...

What Does “Flexible” ICD-10 Implementation Really Mean?


Earlier in July, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services appeared to be answering the fervent wishes of the healthcare industry by announcing that it would commit to a “flexible” ICD-10 implementation process.  While the...

Last Minute ICD-10 Testing, Preparation Tips for Providers


As October 1, 2015 draws ever nearer, CMS is ramping up its efforts to provide ICD-10 testing and preparation know-how to providers who may be trying to sprint towards the finish line.   Despite the fact that there are only 68 days until...

Who is Responsible for Ensuring Health Data Interoperability?


The ongoing task of digitizing the healthcare industry has never been anything short of frustrating for every stakeholder involved.  Regulators have struggled with convincing providers that investments in EHRs and health information exchange...


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