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Three HIEs Connect to Create “Patient-Centered Data Home”

January 5, 2017 - Three HIEs have established a long-term agreement to enhance health data interoperability, allowing a patient’s healthcare record to follow them across state lines. The Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN), and East Tennessee Health Information Network (etHIN) are building a “Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH),” which aims...

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Three HIEs Connect to Create “Patient-Centered Data Home”

by Thomas Beaton

Three HIEs have established a long-term agreement to enhance health data interoperability, allowing a patient’s healthcare record to follow them across state lines. The Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), Michiana Health Information...

CMS: New API Will Automate MACRA Quality Measure Data Sharing

by Jennifer Bresnick

The MACRA Quality Payment Program (QPP) is getting its very own application programming interface (API) to automate the process of sharing electronic data on quality measures, CMS announced today.  The new tool is the first of several efforts...

Will MACRA and the QPP Unlock Health Data for Smarter Care?

by Jennifer Bresnick

MACRA and the Quality Payment Program (QPP) have the potential to usher in a revolutionary new era in healthcare, says National Coordinator Dr. Vindell Washington – one that will enable a meaningful, intelligent ecosystem of informed care...

How Data-Driven Care Management Improves Population Health in NC

by Jennifer Bresnick

Comprehensive population health management can be a struggle for providers who lack the data, infrastructure, and community collaboration to support patients across the care continuum.  But many healthcare organizations in North Carolina...

How Does the ONC Define HIE, Value-Based Care, Population Health?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The new ONC Health IT Playbook contains a wealth of resources and information for healthcare organizations in various stages of reform.  From the very beginning stages of negotiating an EHR purchase to the complex integration of multiple...

Maine’s HIE Analytics Cut ED Visits, Integrate Behavioral Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Maine’s state health information exchange (HIE) is continuing to bring improved care coordination and actionable insights to the region’s providers through its advanced big data analytics efforts. In its latest annual report, HealthInfoNet...

ONC Taps Boston Children’s for $275K FHIR, API Innovation Award

by Jennifer Bresnick

The FHIR ecosystem is still heating up as the EHR developer community searches for innovative new ways to bring application programming interfaces (APIs) into mainstream use.  Spurred on by the promise of up to $625,000 in competitive awards...

Reviewing the Progress of Health Data Access, Interoperability

by Sheri Stoltenberg

Vice President Joe Biden may not be the most likely champion for improving healthcare data interoperability, but that was exactly the topic of his speech at this May’s seventh annual Health Datapalooza, a public-private conference focusing...

Is Blockchain the Answer to Healthcare’s Big Data Problems?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The explosion of digital data in the healthcare industry seems to have brought with it nothing but problems.  From complaints about EHR usability and workflows to the complicated quandaries of data interoperability, analytics, and security,...

ONC Needs Input on MACRA Interoperability Measurement Program

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Department of Health and Human Services is still in search of the right strategies to make seamless health data interoperability a reality across the care continuum, and the Office of the National Coordinator is hoping that the stakeholders...

Providers Quick to Blame Vendors for HIE, Interoperability Woes

by Jennifer Bresnick

No matter how often health IT vendors insist that improved health data interoperability is on the way, providers are reluctant to believe that their developers are putting enough elbow grease into accelerating the pace of seamless health information...

New York Requires 100% e-Prescribing, But Adds Big Loopholes

by Jennifer Bresnick

The nation’s e-Prescribing networks may be some of the nation’s most successful health information exchange systems, but healthcare providers in New York State are concerned that they may not be able to meet a new requirement to send...

How Did Maine’s State HIE Become a Big Data Analytics Beacon?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Over the past decade or so, the healthcare industry has tried any number of new projects, pilots, grants, and initiatives designed to improve health data interoperability and population health management across the care continuum.  While...

MS Medicaid Achieves Real-Time Health Data Interoperability

by Sara Heath

A health data interoperability project has enabled the nation’s first real-time health information exchange between the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) and the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), the groups announced...

Senate Committee Moves Interoperability, Health IT Bill to Vote

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Senate HELP Committee is pushing forward with its efforts to advance interoperability across the healthcare system by unanimously voting to move the “Improving Health Information Technology Act” to the Senate floor. The bill focuses...

Does State Regulation Help Boost Health IT, HIE, EHR Adoption?

by Jennifer Bresnick

With millions of patients’ lives hanging in the balance at any given moment, it’s no wonder that the healthcare sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries there is.  From the quality and cleanliness of medical devices...

ONC: Don’t Let HIPAA Errors Hinder Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare providers should not let HIPAA misunderstandings prevent the appropriate sharing and use of patient information for population health management and care coordination, the Office of the National Coordinator reminds stakeholders in...

VA Streamlines Care Coordination with New Health IT System

by Jennifer Bresnick

Care coordination has always been a struggle for healthcare organizations seeking to transfer patients from one provider setting to another, and the process if often complicated by poor communication, administrative red tape, and convoluted documentation...

Can Senate Health Data Interoperability Proposals Improve HIE?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Health data interoperability owes a significant debt to the Senate Health Committee, which has been instrumental in goading the industry towards improved health information exchange over the past year or so. Through a series of high-profile public...

WEDI Appoints Charles Stellar as Interim President and CEO

by Jennifer Bresnick

After the abrupt departure of Devin Jopp, EdD, from WEDI’s top post last week, the health information exchange and data governance organization has announced the appointment of Charles W. Stellar to fill the void. Stellar, who most recently...


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