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    Leveraging Healthcare Big Data to Improve Population Health

    Overcoming the infrastructure challenges of harnessing big data in the healthcare environment will be critical for better population health management. The Department of Health and more »...

    Will Half of Big Data Challenges Be Conquered by 2018?

    Big data analytics may become routine in the next few years, but patient engagement, revenue cycle management, and population health will remain significant challenges. Healthcare more »...

    Harvard Uses Predictive Analytics to Create Heart Disease Score

    A simple survey harnesses predictive analytics to flag the potential for cardiovascular disease in clinically well patients. A new web tool from the Harvard School more »...

    CMS Appoints Chief of Big Data for New Analytics Office

    CMS has tapped Niall Brennan to lead its big data analytics efforts as head of the new Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics. The Centers more »...

    Healthcare Quality, Cost Data Websites Fall Short for Consumers

    The suite of CMS Compare websites lacks meaningful healthcare quality and cost information for Medicare patients, GAO states in a new report. CMS could be more »...

    Can mHealth, Predictive Analytics Improve Care Coordination?

    Providers are seeking value in mHealth, but better predictive analytics may be required to make patient-generated health data truly effective. Providers and patients are both more »...

    Population Health, Clinical Analytics Drive New Job Categories

    Healthcare organizations are expanding their ranks in new directions in order to address ICD-10, population health management, and care quality. Just a few years ago, more »...

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