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Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health Dashboard Expands to 500 Cities

by Jennifer Bresnick

The City Health Dashboard, an online resource offering interactive insights into clinical data and social determinants of health, now covers 500 cities across the United States.  The publicly available tool, developed by the...

Machine Learning Can Quiet “Building Crescendo” of EHR Dissatisfaction

by Jennifer Bresnick

The notion that electronic health records are difficult to work with and cumbersome to use has become a worryingly common theme across the healthcare industry.  Providers working in organizations of all sizes, settings, and...

New AHA Digital Tool Offers Chronic Disease Screening Services

by Jessica Kent

The American Heart Association (AHA) is working to improve community health with its Health Screening Services, which will allow consumers to identify potential chronic disease risks and inspire them to make necessary behavioral and...

ACP Urges Social Determinants Data Collection, Education

by Jessica Kent

To address the care disparities associated with the social determinants of health, healthcare stakeholders must adjust data collection, medical education, and public policy, the American College of Physicians (ACP) has argued. Despite...

Minority Health Disparities Impacting Care Access, Management

by Jessica Kent

Minority health disparities continue to impact several quality metrics, including care access, provider communication, chronic disease management, and mental health treatment, according to a new CMS report. CMS stated that in order to...

Aetna, Harvard Partner for Population Health Research Initiative

by Jessica Kent

Aetna will partner with the Harvard T.H. Chan School for Public Health for a five-year research collaborative that will study the determinants of well-being and their correlation to population health and productivity. Researchers from...

HCOs Falling Short of Population Health, Value-Based Care Goals

by Jennifer Bresnick

Slow and steady may win the race in Aesop’s fables, but healthcare organizations that are falling short of their population health management and value-based care goals will have a hard time making up ground against their...

Population Health Nurses Require Changes in Education, Practices

by Jessica Kent

Nurses can play an integral role in improving population health, but healthcare stakeholders must first initiate changes in nursing education, practices, and policy to enhance population-focused leadership capabilities and data management...

Humana Targets Social Determinants to Improve Population Health

by Jessica Kent

Humana’s Bold Goal program, a comprehensive strategy aiming to improve population health, focuses on identifying and addressing social determinants of health to boost outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries in communities across the...

Mental Health, Primary Care Integration Cuts Depression Scores

by Jennifer Bresnick

Integrating mental healthcare into the primary care ecosystem can drastically reduce patient-reported depression scores and enhance the overall experience of care, says a new article published in the Journal of the American Board of Family...


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