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Pistoia Alliance to Use Blockchain for Life Sciences Data Sharing

February 7, 2019 - The Pistoia Alliance, a global, non-profit alliance of life sciences stakeholders, has launched the next phase of its blockchain project, in which members will examine how blockchain can improve data identity, data integrity, and data sharing. This newest chapter of the project will focus on the development of practical life science research and develop use cases that deliver clear...

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BRCA Public Database to Improve Risk Scoring, Cancer Care Decisions

by Jessica Kent

A global resource that contains information on thousands of inherited variants in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes is now publicly available, which will help facilitate risk scoring and accelerate innovative cancer research, according to the...

AMIA Backs NIH Data Sharing Policy, Calls for Phased Implementation

by Jessica Kent

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) has issued comments in support of an expansive update to NIH’s data sharing policy, and recommended a phased approach to implement new requirements for NIH-funded research across...

Blockchain Key to Enhancing Clinical Research, Patient Data Sharing

by Jessica Kent

Blockchain may be the key to accelerating clinical research, according to a new report by Deloitte, due to the technology’s potential to streamline data sharing and enhance interoperability. Large volumes of high-quality patient...

PCORI Data Sharing Policy Supports Analytics, Health Data Exchange

by Jessica Kent

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) has approved a new policy that will encourage data sharing among researchers with the goal of accelerating big data analytics and secure health information exchange. The new policy...

CHIO Role at CMS Will Enhance Data Sharing, Health IT Use

by Jessica Kent

The new Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO) position at CMS will work with federal officials and industry stakeholders to improve care delivery and patient outcomes through increased data sharing and health IT use. First announced in...

AMA, Google Name Winners of PGHD, Data Sharing Challenge

by Jessica Kent

The American Medical Association (AMA) has announced the three winners of its AMA Healthcare Interoperability and Innovation Challenge, a project sponsored by Google Cloud that aims to promote data sharing and create tools that will use...

93% of Clinical Trial Participants Comfortable with Data Sharing

by Jessica Kent

Ninety-three percent of clinical trial participants reported that they would be comfortable with data sharing, allowing universities and other non-profit organizations to access their information and accelerate discoveries, according to a...

NIH Data Science Plan Aims to Boost Data Analytics, Access

by Jessica Kent

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released the final draft of its Strategic Plan for Data Science, which seeks to enhance biomedical research by boosting healthcare data analytics capabilities, data access, and data sharing. In...

ONC Health Data Resource Enhances Patient Data Sharing, Access

by Jessica Kent

ONC has released the ONC Guide to Getting and Using Your Health Records, an online resource that will inform patients, parents, and caregivers on how to access and share their health data and further promote patient-centered care. Patient...


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