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Cerner Pilot Uses Population Health Analytics for Chronic Care

May 17, 2017 - Truman Medical Centers (TMC) in Missouri have teamed up with Cerner Corporation to develop a new set of population health analytics algorithms to support a comprehensive chronic care management program for patients. The pilot program leverages Cerner’s population health management platform to identify TMC patients with common chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart failure. ...

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Better Care and Lower Costs through Preventive Analytics

by Robert Steele, RN

It’s common for many in the healthcare field to think of data analytics as one large, monolithic body of information and analysis. We frequently fail to take a divide-and-conquer approach by breaking analytics down into separate categories...

Smart Pillbox Produces 80% Diabetic Medication Adherence Rate

by Jennifer Bresnick

Diabetic patients taking part in a telehealth program for chronic disease management experienced better blood glucose control and an 80 percent medication adherence rate when using a smart pillbox that alerted providers to their behavior patterns,...

Mayo Clinic launches “Better” apps for remote care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telehealth has just gotten a whole lot “Better” with a new mobile app service launched by the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  The remote care suite will allow customers to access a symptom checker and medical knowledge...

Top 5 healthcare analytics and big data trends of 2013

by Jennifer Bresnick

There might be a great deal of anticipation about the explosive growth of healthcare analytics in 2014, but 2013 was no slouch when it comes to technological advances and improvements in care quality, communication, and data integrity. ...

Survey: Patients embracing home health, data analytics, HIE

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare is on the right track with its push towards data analytics, population health, and information sharing, according to the Intel Healthcare Innovation Barometer survey.  Patients are eager to embrace remote monitoring, a greater role...


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