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All of Us Precision Medicine Network Expands with $13.8M in Grants

August 31, 2017 - The All of Us precision medicine initiative is continuing its steady growth with a new round of grants aimed at bolstering recruiting efforts and enrolling a diverse patient population in the large-scale genomic databank. The National Institutes of Health is doling out $13.8 million to three sets of healthcare provider organizations serving patients in the Deep South and Midwestern states....

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AHA Calls for Changes to Qualified Entity Data Sharing Rules

by Jacqueline Belliveau

In a recent letter to CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt, the American Hospital Association detailed several recommendations related to the proposed rule expanding the uses of Medicare claims data under the Qualified Entity (QE) Program. The...

Demographic Data Quality Key in Improving Patient Matching

by Sara Heath

Increasing patient demographic data quality can lead to significant improvements in patient matching systems, a new Sequoia Project report explains. Through a detailed case study of Intermountain Healthcare’s patient matching...

Virtual Clipboard Pilot for Patient Matching Moves Forward

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Virtual Clipboard project, a collaborative push to improve patient matching, registration, and health data interoperability in a standardized way, is moving forward into its pilot phase, announced stakeholders today.  Led by the Sullivan...

CHIME: Patient Matching Crucial for HIE, Care Coordination

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry is in need of much more robust, accurate, and sophisticated patient matching techniques if it is to take full advantage of health information exchange and care coordination technologies, say CHIME leaders in a letter to...

NCQA Pilots Electronic Clinical Quality Measures Program

by Jennifer Bresnick

The National Council for Quality Assurance has enlisted three healthcare IT companies to test pilot its electronic clinical quality measures code validation program.  The pilot, called eMeasure, will test the ability of EHR software to access...

EHNAC, DirectTrust to Accredit Personal Health Records, Portals

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and DirectTrust, originator of the Direct secure messaging protocol, are teaming up to provide industry standards for vendors of personal health records and patient portal products. ...

CHIME Offers $1M for 100% Accurate Patient Matching Solution

by Jennifer Bresnick

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is putting $1 million up for grabs in search of an interoperable and scalable patient matching solution.  The competition hopes to encourage developers and innovators to create...

Will Apple Watch be the mHealth Answer to Big Data Analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Apple enthusiasts may be used to spending their afternoons salivating over new offerings from the high-style technology giant after a press event, but the release of the Apple Watch this week has tantalized many mHealth proponents and big data...

Patient Engagement a Low Priority for Healthcare Organizations

by Jennifer Bresnick

Despite being touted as a major part of the healthcare reform puzzle, patient engagement is not high on the priority lists of provider organizations, claims a new report by Chillmark Research.  With many organizations relying on basic patient...

White House Details Precision Medicine Big Data Genomics Plan

by Jennifer Bresnick

The White House has started to provide details about President Obama’s precision medicine initiative, which hopes to harness the power of big data and large-scale genomics to develop personalized treatments for a variety of diseases.  Announced...

Big Data Analytics Spurs Development of Personalized Medicine

by Jennifer Bresnick

Personalized medicine, or “precision medicine” as President Obama called it in his State of the Union address earlier in January, is finally coming into its own with the rapid growth of big data analytics, genomic sequencing, and support...

Big Data Governance Crucial for Healthcare’s Internet of Things

by Jennifer Bresnick

It’s been six years since the number of internet-connected electronic devices surpassed the number of people who own them, the FTC says in a new report, but the Internet of Things is just getting started.  Big data is getting bigger,...

Virtual Clipboard to Tackle Patient Matching, Interoperability

by Jennifer Bresnick

Whether visiting a physician’s office for a simple cough, making a beeline for urgent care, or signing in to the hospital for an elective procedure, one part of the patient experience is nearly always the same: the ritual handoff of the pen...

Patient-Generated Health Data, mHealth Can Improve Outcomes

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient-generated health data, and the ability of healthcare providers to accept, view, exchange, and use such data to make better treatment decisions, are some of the most crucial pieces of a coordinated and effective care team, write Michael...

Despite EHR Patient Portals, Providers Still Charge for PHI

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient portals have not done much to reduce the practice of charging copying fees for patient medical record access. Despite the growing prevalence of EHR adoption and online patient portals, healthcare organizations still widely charge patients...

“Virtual Clipboard” to Streamline Patient Intake Data Workflow

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient intake has been one of the last paper-bound holdouts in healthcare, but that may soon change as stakeholders collaborate on a “virtual clipboard” project. A number of prominent healthcare organizations, including HIMSS, WEDI,...

Colorado Payers Build Online Care Coordination Portal

by Jennifer Bresnick

A centralized patient data portal will help Colorado providers with care coordination and population health management. A coalition of seven health plans in Colorado are creating an easier way for physicians to use healthcare data for care coordination...

Healthcare Quality, Cost Data Websites Fall Short for Consumers

by Jennifer Bresnick

The suite of CMS Compare websites lacks meaningful healthcare quality and cost information for Medicare patients, GAO states in a new report. CMS could be doing a better job in presenting healthcare quality and cost data to Medicare beneficiaries,...

How Useful Are Wearable Devices for Patients, Providers?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient-generated health data (PGHD) is an increasingly important piece of population health and chronic disease management, but wearable devices that track fitness, diet, and sleep data aren’t without their problems.  In addition to physician...


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