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Nurses Play a Critical Role in EHR Optimization, Data Governance

May 23, 2018 - Most healthcare organizations have now celebrated at least a handful of anniversaries with their electronic health records, and are now coming to the realization that implementation was only the start of a long and often difficult optimization and data governance journey. Even when health IT tools are well-suited to the organization right out of the box, maintaining a high degree of...

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Over 80% of Nurses See Increased Role in Patient Management

by Jessica Kent

Eighty-seven percent of registered nurses (RNs) agreed that non-physician healthcare professionals, including RNs and nurse practitioners, are playing an increasingly important role in patient management and care coordination, according to...

Population Health Nurses Require Changes in Education, Practices

by Jessica Kent

Nurses can play an integral role in improving population health, but healthcare stakeholders must first initiate changes in nursing education, practices, and policy to enhance population-focused leadership capabilities and data management...

Nurse Informaticists Can “Triage” EHR Optimization Problems

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations still struggling to improve clinical workflows and address persistent EHR optimization and usability problems often turn first to their vendors in order to seek help with optimization.  After all, it’s...

Chief Nurse Informaticists Tackle EHRs, Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Nurse informaticists often work behind the scenes of the healthcare big data analytics landscape, fine-tuning electronic health records, overseeing data reporting tools, and training nurses and other staff members to use data to its...

National nursing informatics award goes to MD professor

by Jennifer Bresnick

Nancy Staggers, RN, PhD, FAAN received the prestigious Virginia K. Saba Informatics Award last month from the American Medical Informatics Association, marking nearly three decades of achievement in academic and practical...

EHR, analytics fragmentation presents challenges for hospital

by Jennifer Bresnick

“Interoperability” is a word familiar to every health IT professional.  But too often, it’s still preceded by “the lack of.”  In hospitals and health systems nationwide, specialists like Audrey Funt, RN, MSN, Clinical...

Clinical work leads to informatics for tech-savvy nurses

by Jennifer Bresnick

Not too long ago, the idea of having a full-time nurse informaticist on staff was nearly unheard of.  But as information technology and the thirst for analytics permeates hospitals and health systems across the nation, the need for a...

Q&A: PCMH drove analytics, population health at Philly center

by Jennifer Bresnick

For most people, a little incentive can go a long way towards galvanizing change, whether it’s customer reward points for buying certain products or a Christmas bonus at work for accomplishing a major goal.  For an organization like...

What is the role of nurse informaticists in healthcare analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

When discussing the challenges and opportunities of health IT, physicians often take center stage as the face of the provider organization.  But nurses are equally important in the search for better technology, better data, and better...


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