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CMS Requests Input on “New Direction” in Patient-Centered Care

September 20, 2017 - CMS officials have opened up an informal survey designed to collect public input on how the agency can take an innovative approach to fostering affordable, effective patient-centered care. With a focus on value-based reimbursement structures like advanced alternative payment models (APMs), provider incentives, and consumer-directed care models, CMS hopes to take Medicare and Medicaid in a...

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Can $10B Solve Healthcare’s Big Data Analytics, Productivity Woes?

by Jennifer Bresnick

“Give me a lever long enough and a firm place to stand, and I shall move the world,” declared Archimedes in defense of the notion that with the right tools in place, the targeted application of a little force could shift a mass that...

Seema Verma Receives Confirmation as New CMS Administrator

by Jennifer Bresnick

Seema Verma, the former head of Indiana’s Medicaid agency, will lead the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as Republican lawmakers seek to make significant changes to both public programs.    In a 55-43 vote that saw...

NY Medicaid Review Will Promote Cost Cutting, Big Data Analytics

by Thomas Beaton

The University at Albany’s Institute for Health System Evaluation (IHSE) will lead a $3.9 million effort to review the effectiveness of the state’s Medicaid program. In partnership with teams at Boston University and the University...

ONC Playbook Breaks Down Health IT, EHR Tasks and Buzzwords

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry seems to be largely driven by buzzwords: quick and snappy phrases that reduce complex, difficult, expensive and often confusing initiatives into keywords that may not mean much to the uninitiated.  From big data and...

Interoperability Focus is Critical as Meaningful Use Drags On

by Jennifer Bresnick

LAS VEGAS - Healthcare is an industry made for challenges. From solving the most complex clinical cases and providing immediate care for critical patients to changing lives and curing rare diseases by pushing the boundaries of science, providers...

Does State Regulation Help Boost Health IT, HIE, EHR Adoption?

by Jennifer Bresnick

With millions of patients’ lives hanging in the balance at any given moment, it’s no wonder that the healthcare sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries there is.  From the quality and cleanliness of medical devices...


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