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AI, mHealth Apps Aid Clinical Trials, but Adoption is Slow

February 20, 2018 - Artificial intelligence (AI) and mHealth applications can accelerate clinical trial innovation by enhancing patient participation and optimizing efficiency, but organizational resistance and underdeveloped data analytics are barriers to stakeholder adoption, according to a Deloitte report. As consumer expectations have evolved, clinical trial participants have come to demand a more patient-friendly...

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Big Data Analytics Fuels Penn State Precision Health Research

by Jessica Kent

Penn State researchers recently announced their plan to create a Digital Collaboratory for Precision Health Research that will leverage big data analytics to boost individualized care. Project collaborators hope to develop a secure health IT...

CHIME Opioid Task Force Launches to Discuss Community Health

by Jessica Kent

On January 24 and 25, over two dozen healthcare IT leaders gathered in Washington, DC for the first meeting of the CHIME Opioid Task Force. Attendees sought to determine how to best use CHIME members’ expertise and access to critical data...

Deep Learning, Big Data Fuel Medical Device for Predicting Seizures

by Jessica Kent

A medical device using deep learning to analyze long-term neural data could effectively predict seizures in patients with epilepsy and reduce their disease burden, according to a study published in eBioMedicine. Developing accurate and reliable...

NIH Preps National Launch of “All of Us” Precision Medicine Biobank

by Jessica Kent

The All of Us Research Program is in its expanded beta phase and is making strides in patient engagement and data capabilities in preparation for its national launch, according to program director Eric Dishman. The program, which began its initial...

3 Keys to Drive Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

by Jessica Kent

For artificial intelligence in healthcare to grow, organizations must improve implementation strategies, data management, and leadership training, according to an Infosys report. The cross-industry survey of more than 1,000 business and IT leaders...

Yale, Epic Partner to Boost Healthcare with Big Data Analytics

by Jessica Kent

Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) has announced a partnership with Epic Systems to launch the Capacity Command Center (CCC) that will combine data analytics and the physical co-location of key operational services to enhance patient care. “Through...

AHRQ to Grant $5M for Big Data Patient Safety Learning Labs

by Jessica Kent

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) plans to spend up to $5 million to fund the creation and utilization of patient safety learning laboratories that leverage big data analytics to improve clinical care. The organization is...

Adopting Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine Drives Quality Care

by Jessica Kent

The successful adoption of technological innovations in big data analytics, precision medicine, and digital health will increase quality care, according to a health policy statement from the American College of Cardiology (ACC). During an ACC...

UCSC Cancer Research Awarded $500,000 Precision Medicine Grant

by Jessica Kent

The California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM) has awarded a $500,000 state grant to the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative of the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute. Treehouse is the pediatric cancer research arm of the UCSC...

Does Social Determinants Data Enhance Population Health Analytics?

by Jessica Kent

Adding social determinants data to more traditional clinical data analytics did little to enhance the accuracy or precision of predictive population health analytics, according to a study published in JAMIA. When directed to predict the need...

AHIMA: Focus on Healthcare Big Data Analytics, Informatics in 2018

by Jessica Kent

The need for big data analytics, improved informatics, and stronger information governance will be some of the top issues for healthcare organizations in 2018, according to a recent article from the Journal of AHIMA. The coming year is set to...

40% of CIOs to Deploy a Healthcare Analytics Platform in 2018

by Jessica Kent

Forty percent of hospital CIOs plan to make launching of enterprise healthcare analytics platforms a top priority in 2018, according to a Spok survey of CHIME members. The survey results indicate that CIOs continue to face widespread technological...

Big Data, PCP Engagement Aid Mount Sinai with Population Health

by Jennifer Bresnick

While the majority of healthcare organizations have at least recognized the importance of population health management, large integrated delivery systems with hundreds of locations and thousands of providers often find it difficult to drive positive...

How the Healthcare “Value Chain” Leads to Big Data Analytics Success

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations may come in many different sizes, shapes, and specialties, but all providers working in the industry today have one major trait in common: their big data is getting bigger by the minute – and leveraging these assets...

Top 5 Reasons to be Thankful for Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

As Thanksgiving rolls around once again, bringing with it the heady scent of roasting turkey and apple pie, healthcare providers and hard-working support staff will gather around their dining room tables to share their gratitude for their triumphs,...

OIG Seeks Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics, Visualization Tools

by Jennifer Bresnick

The HHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is requesting industry input on healthcare big data analytics and data visualization tools that can help it manage its existing and future data assets. The federal agency’s ideal solution will...

AMA Launches Integrated Healthcare Big Data Analytics Platform

by Jennifer Bresnick

The American Medical Association is working to develop an integrated big data analytics and clinical informatics platform that will offer a common data model for organizations seeking to deliver the highest possible quality of coordinated care....

Big Data Analytics, Population Health Top Executive Priority List

by Jennifer Bresnick

Big data analytics and population health management are among the top priorities for healthcare executives in 2018 as organizations attempt to navigate an uncertain regulatory landscape while improving the quality of care, according to the 2018...

Big Data, AI Rapidly Transforming the CIO Role in Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

Few roles in the healthcare industry are exempt from the transformative effects of big data analytics, and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position is surely not one of them.  CIOs are quickly expanding from infrastructure gurus and...


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