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Artificial Intelligence is Altering Healthcare, but Not with “Magic”

November 27, 2017 - Depending on who is making the statement, artificial intelligence is either the best thing to happen to healthcare since penicillin or the beginning of the end of human involvement in the medical arts. Robot clinicians are coming to take over every job that can possibly be automated, warn the naysayers.  That might not be such a terrible thing, say the enthusiasts.  The sooner the...

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APIs Boost Care Coordination, Data Exchange at Northwell Health

by Jennifer Bresnick

Northwell Health, the largest hospital system in the most populous metro region in the country, has a lot on its plate when it comes to conducting care coordination activities for more than 8 million people.   With 21 hospitals, over 2700...

Microsoft Revs Up Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Projects

by Jennifer Bresnick

Microsoft is getting very serious about bringing artificial intelligence into the healthcare system, launching a brand new research division and several development projects with provider groups and vendor partners. The company, better known...

ONC Picks FHIR Health Data Aggregation App Contest Winners

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Office of the National Coordinator has picked six data aggregation, EHR utilization, and patient experience developers as winners of the second phase of its API-based app challenge.  The industry-wide competition, announced in March...

Bridging the Gap Between Big Data Science, Health IT Usability

by Jennifer Bresnick

The health IT landscape often seems starkly divided between two opposing camps: those who design elegant algorithms and regimented workflows in the idealized sterility of the R&D department, and those whose frenzied, frustrating daily experience...

EHR Workflow, Patient ID Woes Top 2016 Patient Safety Error List

by Jennifer Bresnick

Electronic health records have once again scooped the unenviable top spot on ECRI Institute’s annual patient safety risk list.  While last year’s list identified data integrity errors as the foremost patient safety concern for...


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