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Top 3 Priorities for Health Data Governance, Management in 2019

December 18, 2018 - With January rapidly approaching, health data governance gurus and HIM professionals only have a few days left to get their 2019 New Year’s resolutions in order. Whether it’s a new clean-inbox policy or a membership to the gym, project manager (and serial resolution-breaker) knows that establishing a goal is only one small piece of the process.  Developing a detailed,...

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Schooling Docs in Population Health Requires Data, Aligned Incentives

by Jennifer Bresnick

One of the proudest moments in a physician’s life is when he or she crosses the stage to shake hands with faculty and receive the coveted MD degree.  The embossed leatherette folio represents the culmination of years of hard...

EHR Satisfaction Rises, Usability Complaints Drop for Nurses

by Jessica Kent

Electronic health record (EHR) satisfaction and acceptance among nurses has improved significantly, with ninety-six percent reporting that they would not want to go back to using paper records, according to a recent Black Book...

Machine Learning Can Quiet “Building Crescendo” of EHR Dissatisfaction

by Jennifer Bresnick

The notion that electronic health records are difficult to work with and cumbersome to use has become a worryingly common theme across the healthcare industry.  Providers working in organizations of all sizes, settings, and...


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