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EHR Metadata Could Enhance Clinical Decision Support Alerts

March 7, 2019 - Using EHR metadata, such as audit data and access log details, may help optimize the design and development of provider clinical decision support (CDS) and EHR-based alerts, a study published in JMIR Medical Informatics revealed. While audit and access logs in the EHR are mainly used for security purposes, the researchers noted that this information can also be used to answer important...

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4 Natural Language Processing Use Cases for Healthcare Orgs

by Jessica Kent

The rise of big data in the healthcare industry is setting the stage for natural language processing (NLP) and other artificial intelligence tools to assist with improving the delivery of care.   NLP algorithms have already proven...

EHR Data Mining, Patient Outreach Can Aid Hypertension Care

by Jessica Kent

Pairing EHR data mining with patient outreach and follow-up could be an effective way to identify patients with undiagnosed hypertension and support chronic disease management in underserved communities, according to a study published in...

Machine Learning Underpins Predictive Analytics for Hypertension

by Jessica Kent

A predictive analytics model using machine learning to extract patient EHR data effectively predicted patients at high-risk for hypertension and could ultimately improve care quality and reduce healthcare costs, according to a study...

EHR Natural Language Processing Identifies Care Guideline Adherence

by Jessica Kent

Using natural language processing (NLP) can help providers measure the quality of heart failure inpatient care by extracting key data from the electronic health record (EHR) and monitoring adherence to clinical guidelines, according to a...

EHR Timestamp Data Can Help Monitor, Improve Clinical Workflows

by Jessica Kent

Organizations can use EHR timestamp data to improve clinical workflows by approximating the time it takes to complete common tasks. The data may be able to help providers with refining scheduling methods, analyzing EHR use, and quantifying...

Open Source EHR Generator Delivers Healthcare Big Data with FHIR

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare data analysts frustrated by the lack of access to large volumes of clean, trusted, and complete patient data can now take advantage of an open source EHR data generator platform called Synthea. One million synthetic patient...

EHR Sample Size Matters in Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

With a large enough number of electronic health records, machine learning algorithms may be able to develop patient-specific predictive analytics for ICU patients that accurately forecast mortality rates, says a study in JMIR Medical...


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