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EHR, analytics fragmentation presents challenges for hospital

by Jennifer Bresnick

“Interoperability” is a word familiar to every health IT professional.  But too often, it’s still preceded by “the lack of.”  In hospitals and health systems nationwide, specialists like Audrey Funt, RN, MSN, Clinical Informaticist...

Florida to create database for mental health analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Florida Council for Community Mental Health (FCCMH) will be embarking on a first-of-its-kind project to aggregate deidentified mental health and addiction data on a state-wide level for broad analytics.  The data from participating agencies...

EHR analytics identify delays in kids eight months earlier

by Jennifer Bresnick

An EHR-based analytics system developed by researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine can help physicians detect developmental delays in young children eight months earlier than they could through conversations with caregivers...

Missile defense analytics can spot sepsis before physicians

by Jennifer Bresnick

When you think about Lockheed Martin, you probably think about national defense instead of healthcare.  But the global security and aerospace company, which also operates more than 50 medical clinics nationwide within the VA and Social Security...

Population health relies on analytics, community involvement

by Jennifer Bresnick

At its heart, healthcare is an intensely personal experience.  A physician and a patient in a closed room, discussing intimate details of health and behavior rarely shared outside that particular setting.  But the impact of what happens in...

What’s the foundation for managing big data in healthcare?

by Sponsored Content

It is clear in today’s healthcare industry that big data is becoming more than just a buzzword. According to IBM, 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Regardless of whether that claim is...

EHR analytics: Hypertension 4 times more likely in obese kids

by Jennifer Bresnick

By studying the electronic health records of nearly a quarter of a million Kaiser Permanente patients, researchers were able to find a clear link between overweight children and the higher likelihood of hypertension, according to a report published...

EHR data, analytics identify domestic abuse victims in minutes

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers from Boston University Medical Center and the Department of Veterans Affairs have developed a screening tool to identify women suffering from intimate partner violence (IPV), which often produces high incidences of depression and...

Who needs to be on the team for healthcare analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

There’s no magic analytics genie waiting to transform your practice into an agile, data-savvy utopia.  It takes hard work, advanced planning, and buy-in from everyone involved in collecting, storing, manipulating, and using data throughout...

Grants spur research into genomics, big data, applied analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

With big research grants come big opportunities to translate academic analytics into real-life tools available at the point of care.  From entrepreneurial accelerators to government initiatives to private funding for promising ways to improve...

ACO success depends on data integration, analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The decision to join an accountable care organization (ACO) may start out as a financial one, but anyone who takes the plunge quickly finds out that revenue is only half the battle.  ACOs depend on a comprehensive examination of a provider’s...

What is the role of nurse informaticists in healthcare analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

When discussing the challenges and opportunities of health IT, physicians often take center stage as the face of the provider organization.  But nurses are equally important in the search for better technology, better data, and better ways...

Quick facts: How healthcare analytics can help your patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Analytics is one of those things that sounds great but often takes a backseat to things like clearing the waiting room within a few hours and making sure medical students don’t accidentally kill anyone.  It might seem like something that the...

Analytics is most effective when used at the point of care: Q&A

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare analytics has real and tangible benefits for providers, but only if data trickles down to the laptop in the consult room.  And that only happens when all the stakeholders in the industry – health plans, physicians, vendors, and...

Big data helps tackle drug resistance at the point of care

by Jennifer Bresnick

With EHR and pharmacy data on 15 million patients and a growing antibiotic resistance problem waiting to be solved, athenahealth and Epocrates have put their big data under a microscope to add a new weapon to the arsenal of population health...

Why do providers need to integrate analytics into the EHR?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

How long will it take to get healthcare analytics solutions into the hands of healthcare organizations and providers? According to Keith Dunleavy, MD, President and CEO of Inovalon, it depends on the partnerships formed by stakeholders in the...

Q&A: Key to healthcare analytics lies in full clinical record

by Jennifer Bresnick

For good analytics, you need more than good data.  You need all the data that exists on a patient in order to make truly informed decisions about treatments, costs, and outcomes.  But up to 80% of a patient’s information is buried in free-text...

Why does big data need to be transformed into little data?

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Why does big data need to be transformed into little data? The answer to that is simple: you can’t easily make sense of big data until it is analyzed and delivered in a comprehensible way to the end-user. A new report by Thomson Reuters...

30% of EHRs lack population health, reporting capabilities

by Jennifer Bresnick

One-third of electronic health record systems lack sufficient population health management and reporting capabilities to support in-depth analytics, according to a survey of 50 senior healthcare executives conducted by Porter Research.  Even...

50% of hospitals get healthcare analytics, BI data from EHRs

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospitals are seeing the value within their own EHR systems when it comes to healthcare analytics, according to new data from the HIMSS Analytics 2013 U.S. Clinical & Business Intelligence Study.  More than 50% of hospitals that use...


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