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EHR analytics help identify new antidepressant users

by Jennifer Bresnick

By using clinical analytics to scan EHR records from patients in Minnesota, a team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic were able to identify new users of common antidepressant drugs, a prerequisite step in the quest for more accurate, automated...

EHRs, health IT can be leveraged to cut health disparities

by Jennifer Bresnick

EHR adoption is not a goal in and of itself, but a pathway towards reducing historical health disparities, write Dominick Mack, MD, MBA, Executive Medical Director of the GA-HIT Extension Center and Ayanna V. Buckner, MD, MPH, FACPM, Associate...

Mayo Clinic, VC investors bring analytics to the bedside

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Mayo Clinic has teamed up with a group of health IT investors, including Rock Health, to launch Ambient Clinical Analytics with more than a million dollars in seed funding and a mission to transform the way physicians in the ED and ICU receive...

EHRs hold the key to data analytics if you know where to look

by Jennifer Bresnick

The EHR is both the best tool for clinical analytics and also an organization’s biggest challenge.  Implementing an EHR is difficult enough, but optimizing the system so it can function at its best has taken many providers years of very hard...

Boston Children’s using genetics to predict best medications

by Jennifer Bresnick

Boston Children’s Hospital, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Research Institute are partnering on a pilot to expand the use of pharmacogenomic clinical testing in order to match seriously ill pediatric...

Philips, GE dive into clinical informatics with new businesses

by Jennifer Bresnick

Two big names are muscling their way into the informatics and health IT game this year as Royal Philips and General Electric both announce forays into the industry.  GE recently announced its purchase of API Healthcare, an analytics firm...

Why have hospitals stopped buying data analytics infrastructure?

by Jennifer Bresnick

In consumer technology, trends are all about the next big thing.  The most recent generation of cell phone with the coolest features will always attract buyers who need to have the latest and greatest, no matter what the cost.  For...

Seven health IT questions to improve pay for performance

by Sponsored Content

Pay-for-performance is completely changing the way payers and health provider networks must work together.  The traditional one-way transaction-based communication approach is no longer effective. Care-quality initiatives, cost savings,...

Trainee informaticists must face myriad EHRs, analytics tools

by Jennifer Bresnick

Providers forced to switch from one health IT suite to another after a failed implementation or a necessary upgrade always have plenty to grumble about.  New interfaces, new workflows, and new reporting protocols can throw any employee off track...

EHR use, patient portal outreach increase shingles vaccine rate

by Jennifer Bresnick

Senior citizens are more likely to receive a vaccine against the blisteringly painful shingles virus if their providers use EHRs and send literature to patients through the mail or by email, according to researchers at The Ohio State University. ...

How will Stage 2 Meaningful Use impact clinical analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

2014 is a game-changing year in healthcare, and will ask providers to contend with major adjustments including coding changes, new patient populations, new technology, and new ways of thinking about the art and science of medicine.  Among...

EHR analytics creates drug safety dashboard at VA hospitals

by Jennifer Bresnick

Using 19 key metrics found within the electronic health record, a team of pharmacists at the Veterans Affairs Sierra Pacific Network have created a drug safety dashboard to flag potential adverse events during inpatient stays.  Janet Carmichael,...

PCCI, UTSW get funding for clinical translational research

by Jennifer Bresnick

Non-profit research center PCCI and the University of Texas Southwestern have announced $30 million in funding to advance their work in clinical translational research provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Agency for Healthcare...

Top ten big data and healthcare analytics stories of 2013

by Jennifer Bresnick

HealthITAnalytics might have made its debut late in 2013, but in the few months since bursting onto the scene, it’s certainly made a splash.  Analytics is one of the hottest topics in healthcare today as organizations large and small seek...

What will a clinical informatics focus mean for physicians?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The 400 physicians who passed the inaugural clinical informatics subspecialty exam this fall will have a significant burden on their shoulders as they lead the way towards a closer alignment of data science with clinical expertise.  As the first...

Risk score roundup: How EHR analytics are changing healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

For many patients, the simple act of having a condition identified and addressed by a healthcare professional is a Christmas miracle.  Patients who suffer from depression, domestic abuse, and other underdiagnosed conditions often don’t receive...

Clinical informatics becomes board-certified subspecialty

by Jennifer Bresnick

While nurses have long dominated the burgeoning field of clinical informatics, they will be soon be gaining some valuable new partners among their physician colleagues.  The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) officially announced...

Top 5 healthcare analytics and big data trends of 2013

by Jennifer Bresnick

There might be a great deal of anticipation about the explosive growth of healthcare analytics in 2014, but 2013 was no slouch when it comes to technological advances and improvements in care quality, communication, and data integrity. ...

EHR analytics, financial reform will change pharmacy practice

by Jennifer Bresnick

Pharmacy professionals will have some extra tools in the pockets of their lab coats over the next few years as analytics and improved EHR technology make the process of ordering, verifying, and distributing medications easier and more streamlined. ...

What does the Stage 2 Meaningful Use delay mean for analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

After sneaking its way into the news late last week, the HealthITBuzz blog post by Acting National Coordinator Jacob Reider and Robert Tagalicod, Director of the Office of e-Health Standards and Services at CMS stating that Stage 2 will be extended...


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