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Physician-Level Data May Not Reduce Opioid Prescription Rates

December 18, 2017 - Giving physicians individualized data on how their opioid prescription rates compare to their peers may not have a measurable effect on reducing the number of patients who receive the medications, according to a new perspective piece published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Using data from athenahealth to identify clinicians with higher than average and lower than average...The team suggests that several factors may have contributed to the apparent ineffectiveness of this particular program. The Department of Public Health had less than a year to plan and executive the initiative, and may not have been the right organization to communicate with physicians. Data coming from medical boards, specialty societies, or health systems might be more impactful,...

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Humana: Can Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Voice Tools Revamp EHRs?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Electronic health record (EHR) developers and consumer tech companies aren’t the only ones who believe that healthcare’s big data could use a massive makeover with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and perso...

EHR Analytics Track C. Diff Patients to Flag Infection Trends

by Jennifer Bresnick

Using electronic health record (EHR) data to track the movements of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) patients throughout the hospital can help to highlight the risks of infection for future patients sharing the same spaces, according to...

CA Children’s Hospitals Win Davies Award for Analytics, Safety

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient safety improvements supported by big data analytics and health IT tools have secured the 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award for Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford Children’s Health. The hospitals improved s...

EHR Natural Language Processing Flags Social Determinant Search Terms

by Jennifer Bresnick

Applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to the electronic health record can help providers identify key terms associated with the social determinants of health, says a new study out of Massachusetts General Hospital. Using QPI...

MIT Uses Deep Learning to Create ICU, EHR Predictive Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Deep learning, a variant of machine learning that aims to mimic the decision-making structure of the human brain, can help to supplement the skills of critical care clinicians, according to a pair of new research papers from MIT. Researcher...

How Big Data Analytics Companies Support Value-Based Healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

As value-based reimbursement takes an increasingly firm hold on the healthcare industry, provider organizations are leaning heavily on their EHR and big data analytics vendor partners to equip them with the tools, health IT infrastructure, ...Compared to their capabilities in 2016, a number of high-profile big data analytics companies have significantly upped their game when it comes to risk scoring and patient segmentation using these data sources, the report details. Arcadia H...“Grocery purchase histories could augment a clinical history to put health risks in a new light,” the report suggests. “Retail purchasing of over-the-counter medical products could point to undocumented healthcare risks, a...“In general, today’s analytics products support a collection of evidence-based quality metrics and their associated care gaps. Revenue assurance remains a high priority for most healthcare organizations and these products provid...

Chan, Zuckerberg Donate $10M to UCSF Precision Medicine Lab

by Jennifer Bresnick

Dr. Priscilla Chan and her husband, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, have made a $10 million donation to one of the nation’s leading precision medicine research facilities at UC San Francisco. The UCSF Institute for Computational Hea...

Google Using FHIR, Deep Learning for Healthcare Predictive Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

As part of Google’s ongoing quest to enhance the accuracy and usefulness of machine learning, researchers from the tech giant are expanding their partnerships with leading healthcare organizations to create more advanced predictive an...

Cerner Pilot Uses Population Health Analytics for Chronic Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Truman Medical Centers (TMC) in Missouri have teamed up with Cerner Corporation to develop a new set of population health analytics algorithms to support a comprehensive chronic care management program for patients. The pilot program levera...

KLAS: Epic Systems, Cerner Lead EHR Vendors in Sepsis Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospitals searching for clinical analytics and patient surveillance tools for combating sepsis give high marks to functionalities provided by Epic Systems and Cerner Corporation, KLAS Research says in a new report.  The two competitors...Organizations are looking to expand sepsis monitoring tools from the medical-surgical floors into the emergency department and ICU in an effort to better equip their providers with real-time alerting, clinical decision support, and protocol...While 53 percent of respondents said they are using a sepsis surveillance tool tied to their EHR provider, 19 percent chose to invest in a third-party product instead. “Surveillance and infection control vendors make up the majority o...Users expressed disappointment with limited functionalities and narrow reporting capabilities, and others stated that they only use these tools to supplement other more robust clinical decision support and alerting products. Few other vendo...

Epic Systems Integrates Geisinger Population Health Toolkit

by Jennifer Bresnick

Care management content provided by xG Health Solutions, powered by Geisinger, will be available within Epic’s Healthy Planet product, allowing users to access evidence-based care guidelines, patient assessment frameworks, and care pl...

Data Governance Key to Hospital’s Natural Language Query Project

by Jennifer Bresnick

Whether inside or outside of the hospital, data is everywhere – and consumers of data are getting used to a certain level of speed, accuracy, and trustworthiness when they ask questions of Google, Siri, or Cortana.  In everyday l...Adding a query feature to the workflow would result in a more efficient use of resources, AAMC believed, but Lehr’s team faced the same data governance challenges that most healthcare organizations encounter: the data had to be define...Building a diverse and committed analytics team Healthcare organizations often struggle to assemble a team of data scientists and developers capable of undertaking such a process due to talent shortages, tight budgets, and poorly defined ex...Generating organizational enthusiasm to match technical achievements However, understanding the problem is only half the battle, Lehr pointed out.  End users across the organization must also understand the solution – and why the...

EHR Sample Size Matters in Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

With a large enough number of electronic health records, machine learning algorithms may be able to develop patient-specific predictive analytics for ICU patients that accurately forecast mortality rates, says a study in JMIR Medical Inform...The death counting and decision tree methods dropped off significantly in reliability when the sample size exceeded 12,000 patients, while the random forest and logistic regression models were less susceptible to accuracy problems. While th...

Epic EHR, Big Data Tools Bring 2016 HIMSS Davies Award to Mercy

by Thomas Beaton

Mercy, a large Catholic health system headquartered in Missouri, is the winner of the 2016 Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence, HIMSS announced.  Mercy has developed big data analytics dashboards within its Epic EHR to help provider...

Population Health Tool Using EHR Data Reduces HIV Impact in MA

by Jennifer Bresnick

Public health officials in Massachusetts are working to create an interoperable population health management system using EHR data to identify and engage HIV patients at risk of falling away from recommended treatment protocols. The system,...

EHR Data, Machine Learning Create Cost-Based Clinical Pathways

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations may be able to better identify variations in best practices for chronic disease management by utilizing EHR data and machine learning analytics to combine clinical and cost information, says a new article from Weill...

Project to Develop EHR Toolkit to Stem Readmissions

by Nathan Boroyan

About 95 percent of U.S. hospitals use electronic health records (EHR) for population health management, but the technology has yet to realize its full potential. A team from the Dartmouth Institute is working to change that. Led by Dartmou...

Is Gene Therapy a False Trail for Precision Medicine Research?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Gene therapy researchers aiming to create precision medicine treatments may be heading in the wrong direction, according to an editorial published last month in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and should not be the only are...

EHRs Can’t Keep Up with Healthcare Analytics Abilities, Needs

by Jennifer Bresnick

The electronic health record simply isn’t evolving quickly enough to keep up with rapid innovations in healthcare big data analytics and the increasingly complex needs of end-users, says an editorial published in the Journal of the Am...


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