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How Machine Learning Could Revolutionize Healthcare Diagnostics

May 4, 2016 - If you are in healthcare, you may have heard the term “machine learning” without really knowing what it means. It’s not a new technology, but it is one that has taken huge leaps forward over the past couple of years and is proving to be invaluable in healthcare. Essentially, machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that refers to the ability of a computer to...

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Clinical Analytics Tool Examines Infant Mortality in Indiana

by Jennifer Bresnick

The state of Indiana is working to leverage predictive clinical analytics to target high risk births and reduce infant mortality among certain identifiable sub-populations, according to a report by KSM Consulting.  By using machine learning...

VA Enlists Watson for Big Data Analytics, Decision Support

by Jennifer Bresnick

IBM’s supercomputer will have a chance to stretch its muscles at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) thanks to a new multi-million dollar contract to improve clinical decision support for veterans with PTSD.  Watson, perhaps most famous...

Analytics Algorithm Produces Superior Clinical Documentation

by Jennifer Bresnick

A computer algorithm can produce more complete and organized clinical documentation from the same information as a human, claims a new study. Chalk another one up to artificial intelligence: a new study shows that computer generated clinical...

Navigating the Complexity of Quality Measure Reporting

by Sponsored Content

In this fifth post of this series, we discuss the challenge posed by the complex and rapidly growing quality measurement ecosystem, and the steps we took to find our way out of that measure wilderness. Imagine if every town you crossed into had...

Big data, mHealth center wins $10.8 million grant from NIH

by Jennifer Bresnick

Big data produced by wearable mHealth devices will be the focus of a new research project funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The National Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K) at the University of Massachusetts...

Setting your EHR data free for clinical analytics

by Sponsored Content

Editor’s note: This piece is the first in a series of contributed articles discussing the healthcare analytics industry at large.  The series will address the big questions involved in building a clinical analytics program, from data...

Stanford starts first clinical informatics fellowship program

by Jennifer Bresnick

Stanford Medicine will offer the first accredited clinical informatics fellowship for physicians that will lead to a certification in the new subspecialty.  While physicians can take a board exam to gain their certification until 2017, they...

Case study: Big data improves cardiology diagnoses by 17%

by Jennifer Bresnick

The human brain may be nature’s finest computer, but artificial intelligences fed on big data are making a convincing challenge for the crown.  In the realm of healthcare, natural language processing, associative intelligence, and machine...

CDC: Nearly 28% of American diabetics are undiagnosed

by Jennifer Bresnick

While the fact that 9.3% of Americans are now afflicted by diabetes is a worrying new statistic, perhaps even more concerning is that 27.8% of those patients are undiagnosed and untreated, according to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC)...

Genetic analytics identifies aggressive prostate cancer risks

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have used genetic data analytics to unearth a clue to the most aggressive and deadly forms of prostate cancer by flagging two genes that combine to heighten the risk of the most severe...

Johns Hopkins, UCSF, Stanford to join FDA innovation center

by Jennifer Bresnick

Move over, Lena Headey: there’s another CERSI coming to town.  Undoubtedly more genial and altruistic than the popular Game of Thrones character, the FDA’s Centers of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI) will begin to...

NIH: We’re ready to “mine the big data mountain”

by Jennifer Bresnick

There are few industries in the world as deeply reliant on data as healthcare, and yet there are few industries that have lagged so far behind as medicine when it comes to digitizing, harnessing, examining, and acting upon the avalanche of information...

Twitter provides big data for adverse drug event identification

by Jennifer Bresnick

With millions of messages posted worldwide every day, ranging from mundane moaning about the weather to incredibly personal details, few data sources are bigger than Twitter.  Researchers have been interested in tapping this deep pool of unfiltered...

90% of patients would share data for analytics, research

by Jennifer Bresnick

The vast majority of patients are willing to share their personal health information with researchers and physicians to help further the understanding of a disease – and a significant proportion of those people don’t even mind if the data...

NIH to boost role of genomics in research, clinical analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The National Institutes of Health will be launching a new program this summer aimed at expanding the role of genomics in the identification, research, and treatment of a range of diseases.  Led by Dr. Michael Gottesman, Deputy Director for Intermural...

Workplace focus on chronic disease may improve management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Bringing chronic disease management into the workplace may be an important tool for ensuring that patients with diabetes, asthma, hypertension, or obesity maintain good lifestyle choices and optimal health.  With a $3.15 million grant from the...

Boston Children’s integrates predictive analytics in ICU

by Jennifer Bresnick

Young patients in the cardiac intensive care unit at Boston Children’s Hospital are among the most vulnerable, subject to sudden changes in their conditions that are hard for clinicians to predict and often harder to correct when left too late. ...

EHRs, health IT can be leveraged to cut health disparities

by Jennifer Bresnick

EHR adoption is not a goal in and of itself, but a pathway towards reducing historical health disparities, write Dominick Mack, MD, MBA, Executive Medical Director of the GA-HIT Extension Center and Ayanna V. Buckner, MD, MPH, FACPM, Associate...

Colorado providers invest $63M in personalized medicine

by Jennifer Bresnick

Personalized medicine and applied genomics are more than just pie-in-the-sky ideas in Colorado.  A partnership between University of Colorado Health (UCHealth), the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Children’s Hospital Colorado...


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