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$5M Precision Medicine Grant Integrates Genomics, Big Data

by Jennifer Bresnick

Precision medicine is getting a $5 million boost at research organizations in Pennsylvania as the three-year Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement (CURE) project gets underway.  The grant will fund the discovery of potential breast...

MD Medical School Uses Precision Medicine to Improve Cancer Care

by Sara Heath

The University of Maryland has announced a new initiative to advance its medical school’s precision medicine programs. According to a public statement, the University of Maryland School of Medicine has begun its new initiative, the Maryland...

Big Data Shows Persistent Ordering of Unnecessary Procedures

by Sara Heath

Nearly a third of providers are ordering unnecessary procedures such as lower back MRIs when not necessary, regardless of their facility’s payment model, big data shows. In a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care, a research...

New Healthcare Analytics Model May Improve Patient Satisfaction

by Sara Heath

Census based surveying, or the ability to reach more patients through a more comprehensive data collection method, might be a big data solution to patient satisfaction issues. In a recent report, Press Ganey explains the process of census based...

MA Unveils Healthcare Big Data Analytics, EHR Innovation Project

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is setting its sights on becoming the cornerstone of the nation’s digital healthcare sector, officials announced yesterday, by launching a new public-private initiative to foster innovation in the development...

TX Health IT Leader Wins 2015 HIMSS Nursing Informatics Award

by Sara Heath

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has announced the recipient of its Nursing Informatics Leadership Award, according to a recent press release. To recognize her influence and contributions to the informatics industry,...

Big Data Analytics Improves Chronic Disease Risk Stratification

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management – and specifically chronic disease management – depend on the ability of providers to identify patients at high risk of developing costly and harmful conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, and chronic...

Precision Medicine, Big Data Crowdsourcing Bring IT Innovation

by Jennifer Bresnick

Crowdsourcing is nothing new for charities and creative projects across a number of different industries, but it may have special importance for healthcare’s journey into big data analytics and precision medicine.  Gathering large...

Can Cloud Big Data Analytics Fix Healthcare’s Insight Problem?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Having your head in the clouds is more a complement than a criticism these days as more and more technology services shift off site and into the hands of third-party providers.  For the healthcare industry, the cloud seems a natural fit. ...

HHS, OptumLabs Partner for Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Sara Heath

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced a healthcare big data analytics partnership with OptumLabs, according to a press release. The lab, which was founded by both Optum and Mayo Clinic, will host HHS research initiatives...

AMA, AHA to Prioritize Hypertension, Chronic Disease Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

As the “silver tsunami” of aging patients continues to make comprehensive chronic disease management difficult for healthcare providers, the American Medical Association and American Heart Association are targeting one of the conditions...

Definitive Healthcare Acquires Provider Database Publisher

by Jennifer Bresnick

Definitive Healthcare, a leading source for data analytics and market intelligence in the healthcare space, has announced its acquisition of US Lifeline, which oversees an online healthcare organization database. US Lifeline, a unity of Medical...

Clinical Decision Support Guidelines Cut Unneeded Angioplasty

by Jennifer Bresnick

Unnecessary and rarely appropriate angioplasty procedures are occurring less often thanks to a concerted effort to educate providers about clinical guidelines for the cardiovascular treatment, says a study published this month in the Journal...

Simple Healthcare Predictive Analytics Flag Elderly Fall Risk

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare payers looking to boost their quality scores only need a few easily accessible data points in order to accurately predict and reduce injuries from falls among elderly patients, says a study published this month in the American Journal...

UPMC Wins Award for Healthcare Big Data Analytics Excellence

by Sara Heath

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health Plan has been awarded the Excellence in Analytics Award by the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) for its exemplary healthcare big data analytics programs.  According to...

Twitter, EHR Big Data Help Track Flu with Predictive Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Tweeting about the sniffles has never been so interesting – at least to computational epidemiologists at Boston’s Children Hospital, who are using non-traditional data sources like social media and internet searches in conjunction...

Gains in Longevity Slow Down for Most Chronic Diseases

by Jennifer Bresnick

Despite an increased focus on preventative care and chronic disease management, gains in mortality rates are slowing down for most common conditions, and actually increasing for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to new data...

Population Health Management High Priority for Providers

by Sara Heath

Population health management is a healthcare delivery practice that aims to provide high-quality care to all populations by utilizing value-based payment approaches and patient-centered care. A recent study conducted by Healthagen’s Chief...

Cooperative Chronic Disease Management Aids Renal Patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients with more serious forms of chronic kidney disease (CKD) benefit from a cooperative chronic disease management approach that integrates both primary care providers (PCPs) and nephrologists, according to a study published this month in...

Meaningful Use, ICD-10 Drive Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Just under half of US hospitals have deployed some type of healthcare big data analytics infrastructure focused on generating actionable business intelligence insights, says a new survey by HIMSS Analytics and Qlik, driven mostly by the pressure...


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