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Unique Device Identifiers in Claims Could Aid Healthcare Analytics

May 17, 2017 - Adding unique device identifiers (UDIs) to claims data could significant improve patient safety and healthcare analytics, argues a new letter to CMS and the FDA, and speeding up the regulatory process requiring the change “would equip patients, clinicians and researchers with better data to prevent harm and reduce cost.” The letter, signed by nearly two dozen payers, providers,...

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Using Business Intelligence, KPIs for Revenue Cycle Management

by Joncé Smith

The healthcare industry’s transition to value-based care does not end with clinical patient care. The shift also extends into healthcare providers’ revenue cycle management processes. For effective claims management within the new...

Using Data Analytics Tools for Healthcare Claims Management

by Joncé Smith

Effective claims management requires healthcare organizations to deploy a multi-faceted strategy that relies on data analytics and includes many phases of the revenue cycle, beginning when the patient schedules an appointment. The focus cannot...


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