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Care Coordination

30-Day Readmissions for CHF Cut in Half with Remote Monitoring

by Jennifer Bresnick

Unplanned 30-day readmissions can be significantly reduced through care coordination, telehealth, and remote monitoring. Remote patient monitoring has been instrumental in cutting 30-day readmissions for patients with congestive heart failure...

“Virtual Clipboard” to Streamline Patient Intake Data Workflow

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient intake has been one of the last paper-bound holdouts in healthcare, but that may soon change as stakeholders collaborate on a “virtual clipboard” project. A number of prominent healthcare organizations, including HIMSS, WEDI,...

UnitedHealthcare Expands Bundled Payments for Cancer Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Bundled payments for cancer care aim to reduce costs, improve standardization of treatments, and encourage transparency. UnitedHealthcare is expanding its bundled payments program for cancer treatments as part of its continued push towards bringing...

Poor Medication Reconciliation Puts 60% of Opioid Users at Risk

by Jennifer Bresnick

Electronic monitoring of opioid prescription data can improve medication reconciliation and reduce patient safety risks. Close to 60% of patients who are taking opioids for pain medication are also taking additional drugs that present serious...

Automated Care Coordination is $9000 Cheaper than Nurses

by Jennifer Bresnick

Automated phone calls are cheaper than human labor for patient follow-up, but may not be equally effective. Patient follow-up programs that use automated telephone interactions to promote care coordination are significantly less expensive and...

How Do Public Health Orgs Inform Population Health Management?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Public health departments are experts at population health management. What can healthcare providers learn from their efforts? Hospitals, health systems, and physician providers aren’t the only organizations heavily invested in population health...

HHS Awards $36.3M to Providers for Population Health, EHR Use

by Jennifer Bresnick

HHS has splashed out on more than $36 million to recognize high quality population health management and improvements in clinical quality. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced the distribution of $36.3 million in Affordable...

Colorado Payers Build Online Care Coordination Portal

by Jennifer Bresnick

A centralized patient data portal will help Colorado providers with care coordination and population health management. A coalition of seven health plans in Colorado are creating an easier way for physicians to use healthcare data for care coordination...

Summit Medical, Humana Form Accountable Care Organization

by Jennifer Bresnick

Humana Medicare Advantage members in Tennessee who receive services at Summit Medical Group will now be covered under a new accountable care organization (ACO), the organizations announced this week.  Starting January 1, 2015, the seven-year...

NYU Langone, Lutheran to Create Clinically Integrated Network

by Jennifer Bresnick

NYU Langone Medical Center and Lutheran Medical Center intend to form a clinically integrated network to help providers within the system focus on care coordination, population health management, and advanced care supported by clinical analytics,...

Can mHealth, Predictive Analytics Improve Care Coordination?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Providers are seeking value in mHealth, but better predictive analytics may be required to make patient-generated health data truly effective. Providers and patients are both finding value in mHealth and telehealth technologies that help turn...

Population Health, Clinical Analytics Drive New Job Categories

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations are expanding their ranks in new directions in order to address ICD-10, population health management, and care quality. Just a few years ago, the idea of hiring a Chief Population Health Officer would have seemed absurd...

ONC Pilot Focuses on PGHD, Patient Engagement, HIE Start-Ups

by Jennifer Bresnick

ONC hopes to smooth the process of bringing patient engagement, HIE, and care coordination technologies to the market through a new partnership program. The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) is getting into the matchmaking game to encourage...

Care Coordinators Improve Colon Cancer Screening Follow-Up

by Jennifer Bresnick

Nurses serving as care coordinators produced a slight increase in follow-up colonoscopy rates after primary screenings, asserts one small study. Patients receiving positive results from initial colon cancer screenings were somewhat more likely...

70% of Patients Want EHR Data Sharing Despite Security Concerns

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients remain deeply concerned about EHR data sharing security even as they recognize the benefits of HIE for better care. Despite continued, widespread concerns over the security of EHR data, patients generally understand the necessity for...

Care Coordination Technique Reduces Medical Errors by 30%

by Jennifer Bresnick

Pediatric residents who used the “I-PASS” system reduced medical errors and improved satisfaction with transitions of care. A simple mnemonic device can help providers improve care coordination and reduce patient safety issues and...

Family Caregivers Significantly Improve Transitions of Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

The presence of family caregivers is associated with a higher rate of successful post-hospitalization interventions, a new study finds. Hospitalized patients who had attentive caregivers present during discharge and transition of care activities...

PA Establishes Prescription Drug Database for Care Coordination

by Jennifer Bresnick

The new electronic monitoring database aims to help reduce substance abuse and provide better coordination of care. Pennsylvania will establish a statewide prescription drug database in an attempt to improve care coordination and reduce doctor...

Five Steps to Get Started with Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management encompasses a wide and varied range of activities, including care coordination, chronic disease management, health information exchange, patient risk stratification, clinical analytics, community outreach, and internal...

Do Hospital-Based Interventions Reduce 30-Day Readmissions?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospital-based interventions may not have a significant impact on 30-day or 90-day readmissions for chronic diseases, one study says. Hospitals may not be able to reduce unplanned 30-day readmissions for chronic disease patients through transitional...


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