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Mayo Clinic latest to leverage IBM Watson’s data analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Mayo Clinic is the latest healthcare epicenter to enlist Watson for some heavy lifting when it comes to data analytics and medical research.  Watson will help Mayo fill up its clinical trials more quickly by improving the patient matching...

Setting your EHR data free for clinical analytics

by Sponsored Content

Editor’s note: This piece is the first in a series of contributed articles discussing the healthcare analytics industry at large.  The series will address the big questions involved in building a clinical analytics program, from data...

Data integrity research spurs international population health

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers in North Carolina are helping to foster population health management and disease control efforts in developing nations by studying data integrity techniques and sharing their knowledge with the help of a $180 million grant from the...

Battling bad data to grow market share with big data

by Sponsored Content

The healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic changes, including shifting market dynamics, stricter regulatory requirements, and a demanding, consumer-centric marketplace. In the middle of it all is data – and the multiplied power of big...

NIH announces genomic research, data sharing policy

by Jennifer Bresnick

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced the release of its finalized guidelines for genomic data sharing and research.  After receiving more than one hundred public comments on the draft of the policies, NIH has clarified and revised...

Report: Healthcare analytics market is still “finding its way”

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry might finally be waking up to the possibilities of big data and clinical analytics, but the marketplace for analytics solutions is still finding its feet, says a new report from Chillmark Research.  While the shift to...

Cross-industry collaboration is key for healthcare analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Even the most enthusiastic data analytics advocate would be hard pressed to argue that the healthcare industry is on the cutting edge of adopting and leveraging data science techniques to solve some of the most pressing problems of clinical care,...

Open source mentality brings new data visualization techniques

by Jennifer Bresnick

While healthcare organizations are still striving to understand the scope and usefulness of big data for clinical analytics and financial insights, some data scientists and software developers are focusing on the next step: how to turn unimaginable...

Market roundup: Big data, text analytics, Hadoop set to grow

by Jennifer Bresnick

The current rush to unlock the power of big data for healthcare analytics is leading to some significant business opportunities in a variety of market segments according to the latest crop of reports and predictions.  From patient engagement...

How can predictive data analytics improve medication adherence?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Medication adherence is one of the most complex and costly problems facing the healthcare system today.  With approximately one third of patients failing to take their medications as prescribed, wasting $290 billion a year in avoidable costs,...

What can Google searches reveal about health disparities?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Google may track patterns in search engine use primarily to target advertising to users, but healthcare providers may be able to glean some important insights from the company’s big data, as well.  The New York Times reports that correlating...

UMass professor receives $500K grant for mHealth big data

by Jennifer Bresnick

Benjamin Marlin, an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has received a five year, $536,000 grant to assist his research into machine learning tools that capture and analyze mHealth data.  The big data analytics project...

Predictive, clinical analytics at MGH turn data into insights

by Jennifer Bresnick

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has a reputation as one of the top epicenters for healthcare in the nation, bolstered in no small part by its deeply integrated and robust clinical analytics programs.  Spearheaded by MGH radiologist Dr....

Intel: Wearables, big data will track Parkinson’s disease

by Jennifer Bresnick

Intel Corporation and the Michael J. Fox Foundation are launching a new pilot program to combine the power of big data with the ubiquitous reach of a wearable health tracking device in order to gather deeper insight into Parkinson’s disease. ...

Cerner buys Siemens to boost population health, RCM assets

by Jennifer Bresnick

EHR interoperability may have just taken a big step forward with Cerner’s announcement of its $1.3 billion acquisition of Siemens Health Services.  The move will combine two of the biggest health IT companies in the American market with an...

NIH grants 23andMe $1.4M for genetic analytics, research

by Jennifer Bresnick

23andMe, the home genetics testing company under scrutiny from the FDA, has secured the good will of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with a $1.4 million grant to develop its genetic database for expanded research and analytics. The Google-backed...

Google using big data to find what a “healthy human” looks like

by Jennifer Bresnick

All good science experiments have one important thing in common: a control group that establishes a foundation with which to compare the effectiveness of any other interventions.  Participants who haven’t developed a certain disease yet may...

What are the barriers to clinical analytics, big data success?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Developing a clinical analytics infrastructure that actually brings value to an organization is a tall order for most hospitals and healthcare providers.  With the market still in the trial-and-error phase, battling obsolete legacy systems,...

Big data, health development awarded $27M in grants in NYC

by Jennifer Bresnick

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced $55 million in grant funding for a series of projects at the City University of New York (CUNY), $27 million of which will be focused on big data analytics and healthcare workforce developments. ...

HHS, feds must do more to open health data to industry

by Jennifer Bresnick

The federal government produces enormous quantities of clinical and financial health data, but hasn’t done enough to be transparent with the wealth of information it is currently holding, argued Mary R. Grealy, President of the Health Leadership...


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