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Healthcare analytics, big data, NLP markets set for growth

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare may be lagging behind other industries in its analytics capabilities, but it won’t be doing so for long if a series of market reports accurately predict the next few years in health IT.  From big data as a service to natural language...

New law would increase access to Medicare data for analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) and John Thune (R-SD) have introduced a new bill to make Medicare data more transparent, allowing researchers, health plans, and providers to gain better insight into the financial and clinical impact of the decisions...

HINTS surveys dig into population health literacy for smokers

by Jennifer Bresnick

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is paying tobacco users enough for a nice dinner if they participate in a survey intended to garner a better idea of how smokers view their own bad...

Three reasons to be thankful for healthcare analytics this year

by Jennifer Bresnick

As the nights draw in and the pantry starts filling up with boxes of stuffing mix, cans of cranberry sauce, and disposable roasting pans, people start thinking about only one thing.  Christmas presents. But before the jingle bells start...

Trial uses real-time clinical analytics to study cancer drug

by Jennifer Bresnick

In a first-of-its-kind clinical trial, researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Berg Pharmaceuticals will incorporate real-time clinical analytics and genetic analytics into...

Debate, concern over AHA cardiac risk calculator grows

by Jennifer Bresnick

Has big data made a big mistake?  Some critics of the recently released heart attack and stroke risk calculator formulated by the American Heart Association think that the predictive algorithm might be overly cautious, resulting in higher population-wide...

HIMSS unveils DELTA score for healthcare analytics maturity

by Jennifer Bresnick

The widely cited statistic that only the top 5% of hospitals have a robust data analytics infrastructure will be tested with a thorough assessment and a new maturity score released by HIMSS Analytics and the International Institute for Analytics...

For healthcare analytics, big data needs to be smart data: Q&A

by Jennifer Bresnick

To many healthcare organizations, big data looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet.  On the first go, they try to pile as much as they can on their plates, only picking through the bounty when they get back to the table to figure out what they...

CMS makes healthcare analytics easier with new data tools

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare data analytics will be getting a whole lot easier for researchers interested in Medicare and Medicaid information with the launch of the Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC), CMS announced at a White House event this week.  Researchers...

Can mHealth help low-income patients with chronic diseases?

by Jennifer Bresnick

From the provider’s perspective, population health management often depends on using a wide swath of data to identify patient cohorts that might benefit from a certain intervention.  But sometimes those cohorts are self-selecting, and offer...

Is healthcare ready to get SMAC-ed around?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Social, mobile, analytics, cloud.  To the delight of pun-loving media, SMAC has become a cute shorthand way of saying what we’re all thinking: the four horsemen of the digital revolution are here to stay, and organizations can either adapt...

How the Center for Diagnostic Imaging uses big data analytics

by Patrick Ouellette

Looking at how healthcare organizations use big data analytics through the lens of a specific technology such as imaging can help provide insight into that various ways in which these organizations not only collect and manage large data sets,...

How big pharma uses big data to develop better drugs

by Jennifer Bresnick

Analytics may have great potential to help patients at the point of care, but before a physician can use clinical decision support to pick a therapy for a certain condition, he needs to have options to choose from.  In order to create the...

Could a national patient identifier be the key to analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The universal language of mathematics has plenty of potential to bring minds together, but there’s one number in healthcare that divides opinions faster than saying one plus one equals three.  The idea of a single identifying number for patients,...

HIE, standardization are critical for healthcare analytics: Q&A

by Jennifer Bresnick

In order to form a complete picture of a patient’s health and activities, an individual provider needs much more than what goes in to her EHR.  She needs data from a patient’s cardiologist, and podiatrist, and the emergency room he visited...

Revenue cycle analytics presents opportunities for healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

No matter how carefully a healthcare organization balances the books, there will always be things that slip through the cracks.  Inefficiencies are the inevitable byproduct of significant change, and few industries have ever experienced a similarly...

Q&A: Unstructured clinical notes just as valuable for analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

While much has been made of the need to standardize clinical data with EHRs that use templates, click boxes, and dropdowns to funnel information into pre-determined data elements, the need for such strict organization may not be top priority...

Who needs to be on the team for healthcare analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

There’s no magic analytics genie waiting to transform your practice into an agile, data-savvy utopia.  It takes hard work, advanced planning, and buy-in from everyone involved in collecting, storing, manipulating, and using data throughout...

Quick facts: How healthcare analytics can help your patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Analytics is one of those things that sounds great but often takes a backseat to things like clearing the waiting room within a few hours and making sure medical students don’t accidentally kill anyone.  It might seem like something that the...

Analytics is most effective when used at the point of care: Q&A

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare analytics has real and tangible benefits for providers, but only if data trickles down to the laptop in the consult room.  And that only happens when all the stakeholders in the industry – health plans, physicians, vendors, and...


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