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94% of patients would share health data if it improves care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient privacy doesn’t mean the same thing to providers that it did five years ago, and it doesn’t seem to mean the same thing to patients, either.  In the age of the internet over-share, where intimate details of relationships and the...

Philips, GE dive into clinical informatics with new businesses

by Jennifer Bresnick

Two big names are muscling their way into the informatics and health IT game this year as Royal Philips and General Electric both announce forays into the industry.  GE recently announced its purchase of API Healthcare, an analytics firm...

Seven health IT questions to improve pay for performance

by Sponsored Content

Pay-for-performance is completely changing the way payers and health provider networks must work together.  The traditional one-way transaction-based communication approach is no longer effective. Care-quality initiatives, cost savings,...

Researchers to study use of AI in clinical decision support

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Informatics and the Regenstrief Institute have been awarded nearly $700,000 to develop a method of using artificial intelligence as a tool in the burgeoning field of clinical decision...

EHR data analytics reveal subtypes of autism in children

by Jennifer Bresnick

The varied cluster of neurological, psychological, and physical symptoms clustered under the umbrella of autism often present slightly differently in each child, making it difficult for physicians and therapists to develop and act upon a treatment...

Findings in radiology studies differ widely state-to-state

by Jennifer Bresnick

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to radiology studies, those thousand words could produce ten different ICD-9 codes – or maybe no codes at all.  The ability to read MRI and CT scans takes practice, skill,...

Kaiser Permanente safety net reduces risk of adverse events

by Jennifer Bresnick

As one of the biggest health networks in the nation with more than 3.6 million members in the Southern California Permanente Medical Groups (SCPMG) system, Kaiser Permanente has invested heavily in a complex system of health IT for its patients. ...

IBM pours $1 billion into big data with Watson supercomputer

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Jeopardy! champion supercomputer is retiring from the glamour of game shows and getting its servers dirty with some serious analytics work.  While Watson has already been given a crash-course in clinical decision support and dabbled...

EHR analytics creates drug safety dashboard at VA hospitals

by Jennifer Bresnick

Using 19 key metrics found within the electronic health record, a team of pharmacists at the Veterans Affairs Sierra Pacific Network have created a drug safety dashboard to flag potential adverse events during inpatient stays.  Janet Carmichael,...

MRI brain scan database brings big data to pediatrics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers at Johns Hopkins are using a $600,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to build a cloud-based databank of pediatric brain MRIs in order to help identify abnormalities in pediatric patients.  The system will allow...

Univ. at Buffalo, NYS partner for genomics research projects

by Jennifer Bresnick

The University at Buffalo, part of New York State’s SUNY system, has partnered with the recently formed New York Genome Center (NYGC), located in Manhattan, to advance research into genomics and personalized medicine for the discovery and treatment...

2.5 petabytes of centralized cancer data to accelerate genomics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is planning a major new project to bring staggering amounts of cancer research data to the cloud.  The Cancer Genome Atlas, anticipated to be 2.5 petabytes in size, will centralize the work of the NCI and...

ECRI: Big data among top health IT issues for execs in 2014

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospital executives have their hands full these days trying to keep their facilities financially viable while maintaining high quality care and the best possible outcomes for an increasingly complex patient population.  While leveraging health...

Three ways big data is poised to change the face of healthcare

by Jennifer Bresnick

“Big data” is one of those terms that means everything and nothing to healthcare.  The data gathered by hospitals, physician providers, health information exchanges, and pharmacies can be applied to the big picture of a community, state,...

Top ten big data and healthcare analytics stories of 2013

by Jennifer Bresnick

HealthITAnalytics might have made its debut late in 2013, but in the few months since bursting onto the scene, it’s certainly made a splash.  Analytics is one of the hottest topics in healthcare today as organizations large and small seek...

PCORI will speed analytics with $93.5M in research funding

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is prescribing a financial shot in the arm for medical research this month after announcing an enormous grant to fund a brand new clinical research network.  PCORI board member and Director...

As big data takes over, how will healthcare analytics stack up?

by Jennifer Bresnick

You can’t take two steps in mid-December without tripping over a prediction for what will happen in the following year, but that’s not such a bad thing when you’re talking about predictive analytics in the first place.  “Big data”...

Top 5 healthcare analytics and big data trends of 2013

by Jennifer Bresnick

There might be a great deal of anticipation about the explosive growth of healthcare analytics in 2014, but 2013 was no slouch when it comes to technological advances and improvements in care quality, communication, and data integrity. ...

WEDI: Data exchange, payment reform key to healthcare success

by Jennifer Bresnick

Innovative strategies to engage patients, reform reimbursement models, and embrace new forms of patient-provider encounters will only succeed on a strong foundation of data integrity and information exchange, according to the newly published...

In 2014, data analytics must measure outcomes, improve health

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare analytics is poised to change the way medicine works by using data to model, predict, and track patients while delivering up-to-the-second insights about everything from the financial performance of a whole hospital to how an individual...


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