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Big pharma opens up big data for clinical trials, analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Something strange is happening in the board rooms and laboratories of some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world: the doors of the famously secretive and profit-hungry corporations are slowly cracking open, allowing clinical researchers...

Healthcare and big data: From dictatorship to democracy

by Sponsored Content

Data development and analytics within commercial life sciences enterprises are moving from a dictatorship to a democracy – a shift with serious implications for enterprise data management.    How does a life sciences CIO make...

NIH develops big data plan to encourage research, analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) isn’t just ready to mine the big data mountain: they’re already swinging the pickaxe.  The Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative is ready to maximize the usefulness of biomedical data...

HCCI granted access to Medicare claims data for analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) has been named the first Qualified Entity (QE) allowed full access to national Medicare claims data, allowing the independent, non-profit organization to track and publicly report on population health trends...

Nearly 34% of business intelligence, big data users pick Epic

by Jennifer Bresnick

Epic Systems doesn’t just have the hospital EHR market locked down – they’re a heavy favorite in the business intelligence arena, as well.  According to software adoption statistics from the Definitive Healthcare database, 33.7% of all...

Case study: Big data improves cardiology diagnoses by 17%

by Jennifer Bresnick

The human brain may be nature’s finest computer, but artificial intelligences fed on big data are making a convincing challenge for the crown.  In the realm of healthcare, natural language processing, associative intelligence, and machine...

Big data, clinical analytics predict metabolic syndrome risks

by Jennifer Bresnick

Big data from health insurance companies can be combined with a clinical analytics platform to accurately predict the risks of developing metabolic syndrome, reports a study from the American Journal of Managed Care.  The study was able to generate...

FDA using EHR data analytics to monitor drug safety

by Jennifer Bresnick

The FDA is using EHR data and information from electronic claims to give drug safety monitoring a boost, writes Janet Woodcock, MD, in a blog post for FDAVoice.  Using an active surveillance pilot called Mini-Sentinel, the Agency has enlisted...

Clinical analytics market to reach $12.26 billion in 2019

by Jennifer Bresnick

The clinical analytics technology market is slated to grow at a 44.15% CAGR to reach $12.26 billion by 2019, says a Research and Markets report, growing exponentially as providers leverage EHR technology, harness big data, and dive into population...

How visualizing big data brings meaning to clinical analytics

by Sponsored Content

Now that the healthcare informatics industry has figured out how to harvest Big Data, the next big challenge is figuring out how to display the information in ways that are useful. Data visualization tools have made it somewhat easier to glean...

Multispecialty diabetes registry to foster clinical analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

A first-of-its kind patient registry targeting diabetes will bring clinical analytics to a multitude of specialties and research partners, announced Joslin Diabetes Center, pharmaceutical maker AstraZeneca, the American College of Cardiology,...

Online predictive analytics simulator tackles ED bottlenecks

by Jennifer Bresnick

While the emergency department exists primarily to handle the unexpected, healthcare organizations don’t have to rely on a wait-and-see approach in order to properly allocate staff members, open beds, and other resources.  Researchers at the...

ONC’s 10-year plan: Big data, analytics, population health

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Office of the National Coordinator’s (ONC) 10-year interoperability plan offers a vision of the healthcare ecosystem founded upon data analytics, population health management, and health information exchange.  Announced by National...

Will public EHR data offer population health management help?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management is high on the agenda for cloud-based EHR developer Practice Fusion.   Adding to its integrated offerings centered around helping providers stratify patients, identify shortfalls, and compare their performance to...

Ohio, Florida create cancer HIE network for clinical analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

A partnership between The Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC) and Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, has launched a cancer data health information exchange network intended to promote clinical analytics, speedier...

Genetic analytics identifies aggressive prostate cancer risks

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have used genetic data analytics to unearth a clue to the most aggressive and deadly forms of prostate cancer by flagging two genes that combine to heighten the risk of the most severe...

NIH: We’re ready to “mine the big data mountain”

by Jennifer Bresnick

There are few industries in the world as deeply reliant on data as healthcare, and yet there are few industries that have lagged so far behind as medicine when it comes to digitizing, harnessing, examining, and acting upon the avalanche of information...

39% of providers still use Excel for data analytics reports

by Jennifer Bresnick

Nearly one in four healthcare organizations still use some form of the basic Excel spreadsheet to track and report on their clinical and financial analytics, says a new survey from TCS Healthcare Technologies, despite a health IT market brimming...

Google pours $130 million into cancer data analytics firm

by Jennifer Bresnick

Google Ventures, the investment arm of the search engine giant, is taking a big leap into clinical analytics with an investment of close to $130 million in Flatiron Health.  The investment is Google’s fourth-largest to date, says the Wall...

Twitter provides big data for adverse drug event identification

by Jennifer Bresnick

With millions of messages posted worldwide every day, ranging from mundane moaning about the weather to incredibly personal details, few data sources are bigger than Twitter.  Researchers have been interested in tapping this deep pool of unfiltered...


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