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Next Generation Provider Relationship Management

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The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and adoption of value-based reimbursement is forcing payers to rethink their relationships with providers. A healthcare economy based on outcomes requires greater communication and collaboration between both sides in order to be profitable while delivering high-quality care at a lower cost. In the midst of the transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement, payers must work with their provider partners to improve trust, address cost structures, identify appropriate incentives, and make care management the top priority.

In this presentation, iCare-Independent Care Health Plan Chief Medical Officer, MD, MJ, will share strategies essential to finding the sweet spot of the payer-provider relationship that ultimately benefits the health of plan members.

We will include strategies for:

  • Enabling open and transparent communication with provider partners
  • Reducing provider friction associated with credentialing by centralizing information
  • Keeping provider in network by reducing complex administrative and business processes
  • Incentivizing ensure continuous quality improvement into the future
  • Responding to emerging regulatory and policy changes impacting reimbursement

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