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How Intermountain Used Cloud APIs and Big Data to Improve Patient Matching

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Patient matching is notoriously difficult, forcing organizations to invest in manual data stewardship processes to review and remediate duplicate records and improve patient data. But with patient data volumes increasing, and with patient data challenges getting much more difficult, organizations often are faced with hundreds of thousands or millions of unresolved stewardship tasks awaiting manual review.

If left unresolved, EHRs and EMPIs become littered with duplicate patient records — which cost organizations millions of dollars in denied claims and redundant tests, and have drastic effects on patient safety and quality of care.

In this webinar, Shannon and Nick will explain how they use big data-backed APIs to improve data stewardship productivity at Intermountain Healthcare by 174% — which in turn improved overall care quality while reducing costs. Attendees will learn:

  • How to improve data stewardship productivity and reduce data stewardship costs without having to re-architect your existing HIM program.
  • How to use new cloud-based API services to automatically find and remediate duplicate records in your EHR or EMPI.

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