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Game-Changing Patient Matching Case Study

Read this case study to see how the nation’s largest public HIE automatically resolves its potential match tasks. They are able to achieve real-time, high-accuracy patient matching – performing over 1,000,000 match decisions per day... Download white paper

Healthcare Needs a New Architecture for Patient Identity Interoperability

Read this whitepaper to learn about how poor patient matching approaches are harming our healthcare system - both today and in the future: The ability to access patient information is integral to care coordination across the full continuum of... Download white paper

Infographic: 5 Ways Clinical Mobility can Help Move the Needle on Patient Outcomes

With a focus on patient-centered care and value-based reimbursement, healthcare providers are searching for solutions that move the needle on patient outcomes and satisfaction. Clinical mobile devices help to improve communication among care... Download white paper

The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Health Clouds, Q3 2017

In a 37-criteria evaluation of enterprise health cloud providers, Forrester Research identified the 10 most significant ones — ClearDATA, CloudMine, IBM, Kinvey, Medable, Microsoft, MphRx, NTT DATA, Salesforce, and SAS — and researched,... Download white paper

Integrating with Salesforce Health Cloud: Deliver Personalized Patient Experiences

Healthcare is undergoing a massive transformation. Regulation and payment reform is shifting the focus away from volume of care to delivering value-based care. The race to deliver value is driving an increasingly interconnected health system... Download white paper

2017 Connected Patient Report

To understand how Americans communicate with their healthcare providers, insurance payers and pharmaceutical firms — and their thoughts on up-and-coming technologies in healthcare such as artificial intelligence (AI) — Salesforce... Download white paper

Take Customer Engagement to New Heights

Today’s healthcare customers, from  patients to members, want faster, more responsive service across every channel  and on any device—and they want it  now. Providing omni-channel service at  a cost that makes... Download white paper

Welcome to the Age of the Patient

Improving patient health is the calling that brings most healthcare professionals to the industry. But at the organizational level, patient care can sometimes be at odds with the business of running a healthcare system. Traditional payment systems... Download white paper

Make Patient No-Shows No More: Fight the Good Fight Against Missed Appointments

Are no-shows killing your practice? Do you feel like you have too many patients who forget to show up and too many wasted appointment slots that could be making you money? No-shows are a total drag. Download this white paper to learn how you... Download white paper

Creating a Comprehensive Incident Detection, Response Plan

Risk-based, enterprise-wide information security programs are becoming more critical for providers as cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and grow more sophisticated. Prevention, mitigation, and detection are crucial, but what happens in... View webcast

Delivering Patient-Centered Care Powered by the Cloud

Healthcare organizations exist to deliver quality care to patients. To be successful, that care must be timely, accessible, and most of all, effective. This is an industry where people’s well-being is at stake and the technology supporting... Download white paper

Delivering Telehealth to Rural Populations: How to Reach the Hard-to-Reach Patient

Health systems across the country are finding that a well-developed telehealth platform can deliver much-needed healthcare to rural communities, where providers are scarce and access is limited. In many cases, that platform is a lifeline for... View webcast

Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry

Data breaches are becoming too common,  Stealing healthcare records is a lucrative business.  These records can contain personal, medical, and financial information that a criminal requires for identity theft. Despite all of the... Download white paper

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Empowers Care Teams with Innovative Technologies

One pioneering medical group looked at the rate of infant blindness in Armenia, which was 3x the rate of the US and other Western countries, and asked, how can we help? How can we eliminate preventable blindness? Pairing innovative technologies... Download white paper

Using New Technologies to Enhance Patient Satisfaction

We all have heard the phrase location, location, location. Thats really at the heart what Phunware does with mobile technologies. No matter if your organization is a hospital, clinic, or different care facility many organizations of all sizes... View webcast

Protect Endpoints Everywhere, Your First and Last Line of Defense for Today’s Threats

Today, you need deep visibility into what users are doing on their endpoints, what’s happening with the files located there, and where that endpoint is trying to connect to on the internet. And you need the control to stop malicious behavior... Download white paper

Case Study: Dignity Health Customer Snapshot Improving Wayfinding and Patient Experience

Dignity Health is the fifth-largest hospital system in the U.S. and the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in California. It operates 39 hospitals and ancillary facilities across 21 states. Dignity Health needed a mobile solution for wayfinding... Download white paper

Mobile First: Harnessing the App Lifecycle for Transformative Business Success

While many of us weren't looking, the world changed. Mobile devices — how we use them, when and where we use them, even why we use them—have changed both personal lives and business in profound ways. Across industries, brands... Download white paper

Effective Consumer Engagement Strategies

Health care is quickly becoming a value-driven industry, and not just because of regulatory and reimbursement changes that stress the delivery of lower-cost, higher-quality care. Consumer expectations are also evolving rapidly, spurred by increasing... Download white paper

Components Necessary for Managing High-Risk Populations

Effectively managing the health of populations requires health care organizations to identify opportunities for reducing avoidable costs and use this information to manage the care of people with similar health risks. In order to succeed with... Download white paper

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