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How to Prove the Value of Business Continuity

Emergent cybersecurity risks, and the increasing complexity of hospital IT systems have raised the alarm among healthcare IT leaders, who can no longer leave management of business continuity to IT departments alone. Yet more CIOs say they're... Download white paper

Five Reasons Health Systems Need to Take Action on Provider Data Management

Accurate provider data is a critical resource, enabling effective patient access while improving operational efficiency. However, provider data is often stored in disparate sources and formats across a health system, making it impossible to obtain... Download white paper

ER Avoidance Case Study: Outreach Reduces Unwarranted Utilization, Save $706K

A large commercial health plan expanded its partnership with Carenet Healthcare Services to further reduce non-urgent ER visits and associated costs. For two years, Carenet had been conducting ER avoidance outreach to the plan’s members... Download white paper

Why Joining the Concierge Movement is Critical for Meeting Employer Needs and Consumer Expectations

Customer-centricity is infiltrating healthcare and it’s fundamentally changing the game for all players, from payers and providers to plan sponsors and consumers. The sweeping shift toward consumer-driven, value-oriented healthcare, combined... Download white paper

Overcoming Barriers: The Faces of Medication Nonadherence

Medication nonadherence is one of the biggest issues in healthcare today. Nearly two-thirds of Americans do not take their medications as prescribed costing the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $337 billion annually. Based on decades of in-depth... Download white paper

7 Key Steps for Successful Member Onboarding and Relationship Cultivation

As the healthcare sector shifts toward a more consumer-directed marketplace with individuals wielding greater cost-sharing responsibility and decision-making power, it’s never been more important for health plans to establish a strong,... Download white paper

HEDIS Best Practice Guide: Proven Strategies for Closing Gaps in Care

The continued shift towards value-based care has placed an ever-increasing emphasis on improving quality measures and closing gaps in care. Carenet Healthcare Services has the consumer influence expertise needed to increase patient engagement... Download white paper

10 Nurse Advice Line Best Practices: Proven Strategies for Enhancing Care and Cutting Costs

The pressure to provide high quality care at a lower cost has never been greater. The shift to value-based care, nurse and physician shortages, inappropriate emergent care utilization, and escalating consumer demands makes the situation more... Download white paper

Children’s Mercy Case Study: Where Compassion and Technology Meet

Children’s Mercy, a 367-bed hospital in Missouri, is leading medical professionals to reach more patients with telemedicine. Dr. Laura Fitzmaurice, Chief Medical Information Officer, stresses that the telemedicine program is about putting... View webcast

You Can Reach All Your Members with Engaging Interactive Programs

Members expect more frequent and constructive interactions with their health plans and providers. But figuring out how to engage them at the time, place and modality they prefer is a challenge. Scalable, smart, tech-enabled platforms can help... Download white paper

Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing, Ransomware and Email Fraud

Osterman Research conducted a survey among corporate decisions makers in early 2018 and found that nearly 28% of those organizations had experienced a phishing attack that was successful in infecting their networks with malware.  Over 17%... Download white paper

PopHealth2018 Summit Archive

The PopHealth2018 Summit featured speakers from leading hospitals and provider groups discussing long-term successful population health management strategies, and sharing best practices for applying data-driven solutions to the challenges of... Download white paper

Infographic: Create a Financial Safety Net for your FQHC by Offering CCM Services

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, it is projected that they will impact the number of those 65 and older up to 75 percent. Meanwhile, the safety net intended to catch all of these people who will need care is beginning to fray—especially... Download white paper

Infographic: What Opportunities are in Your Self-Pay Balances

A significant amount of your self-pay and charity-care balances might be missed opportunities for revenue if patients become eligible for Medicaid after their initial visit. Once successfully enrolled, the Medicaid coverage they’re eligible... Download white paper

Don’t Let No-Shows Get the Best of Your Practice.

Providers across the board struggle with issues like lost revenue, scheduling issues, and the associated down time caused by missed appointments. Topics to be covered in this white paper include: How email, text, voice, and even social media... Download white paper

Benefits of Managed Hosting to Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

The differences between conventional and cloud server infrastructure have important implications for how infrastructure is deployed and managed.  Without a full understanding of what these services entail and the benefits and drawbacks that... Download white paper

Best Practices for Addressing the HIPAA Security Rule

In this webinar, renowned HIPAA consultant David Ginsberg will spotlight best practices for addressing the HIPAA Security Rule, with a focus on the Audit Controls standard. He will explain how meeting this standard can help your organization... View webcast

Doctor On Demand: Making Data-Driven Decisions. Securely.

All businesses face the challenge of making data accessible and actionable, while maintaining consistency and enterprise-wide definitions of core concepts. Healthcare companies face the added challenge of maintaining the high standards for privacy... View webcast

Education is Key to Improving Provider E/M Coding Accuracy

Errors in physician coding cost billions of dollars each year to the U.S. healthcare system. Such a large financial impact can be attributed to a relatively small problem: human error. This white paper delves into the details surrounding the... Download white paper

7 Must-Ask Questions: What Healthcare Leaders Should Know About Business Continuity

Does your hospital have the technology, resources, and a plan in place to meet today’s business continuity challenges? A Spok survey of CHIME CIOs asked how confident healthcare leaders are in their organization’s ability to recover... Download white paper