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RI to Use All-Payer Claims Database for Quality, Cost Analytics

Rhode Island will use the state’s all-payer claims database to enhance data transparency, improve care delivery, and reduce costs.

Rhode Island will use all-payer claims database for quality and cost analytics

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By Jessica Kent

- The Peterson Center on Healthcare, the state of Rhode Island, and Brown University have announced the Rhode Island Healthcare Cost Trends Collaborative Project, in which researchers will study spending information from Rhode Island’s all-payer claims database (APCD) to increase data transparency and reduce costs.  

A $550,000 grant from the Peterson Center to Brown University’s School of Public Health will help facilitate the new initiative.

Over the next year, researchers from Brown University will work with Rhode Island policymakers to identify spending patterns and measure healthcare performance.

After analyzing the APCD, the project teams will work with multiple stakeholders, including payers, providers, and patients, to assess cost drivers, discuss opportunities to lower costs and improve outcomes, and establish goals for future healthcare growth.

The project will also explore how greater transparency around provider performance can improve purchasing decisions and care delivery.

The Peterson Center believes that the initiative will help create an evidence database to facilitate data transparency efforts nationwide.

“In order for states to responsibly control healthcare spending and improve outcomes, they need to better understand what they are already buying,” said Jay Want, MD, Executive Director of the Peterson Center on Healthcare.

States are large purchasers with broad regulatory authority, giving them a unique opportunity to improve healthcare effectiveness and efficiency by addressing increasing care costs.

To accomplish this, states must have information on what works, as well as what they can do to drive change and create high-quality healthcare systems.

Rhode Island will join the handful of other states that have launched a comprehensive project to examine healthcare claims, study how dollars are spent, and set a spending growth goal.

The Rhode Island Healthcare Cost Trends Collaborative Project will add to the Peterson Center’s other efforts to leverage data analytics to improve healthcare quality and spending.

In 2017, the organization announced a two-year, $1.1 million grant that allowed researchers at Brown University to analyze Medicare claims data and stratify hospital systems by cost and quality.

After categorizing systems by quality, researchers conduct site visits to high- and average-performing organizations to assess how differences in care delivery can impact patient outcomes.

Researchers are also working to identify and disseminate best practices for treating complex patients.

With the Rhode Island Healthcare Cost Trends Collaborative Project, the Peterson Center expects to enhance data transparency and reduce care costs in Rhode Island and in states across the nation.

“We want to give Rhode Island the tools it needs to improve the quality and sustainability of the care its citizens receive, while creating a model that other states can replicate,” said Want. 


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