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NY Medicaid Review Will Promote Cost Cutting, Big Data Analytics

A health system evaluation team from the University at Albany will review New York’s Medicaid program for opportunities to cut costs, improve value, and leverage big data analytics.

NY Medicaid review will promote cost cutting, big data analytics

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By Thomas Beaton

The University at Albany’s Institute for Health System Evaluation (IHSE) will lead a $3.9 million effort to review the effectiveness of the state’s Medicaid program. In partnership with teams at Boston University and the University of Maryland, IHSE will examine opportunities to reduce costs and integrate big data analytics strategies into the ongoing process of developing a value-centered delivery system.

“The team is uniquely positioned to fulfill the requirements of the evaluation project, as the group includes researchers with expertise in health care cost analysis, econometric forecasting, quality improvement, access to care, evaluation, measurement, and Medicaid,” said Diane Dewar, director of IHSE and principal investigator on the project.

The Medicaid reform delivery system reform incentive program (DSRIP) aims to restructure health care delivery by reinvesting in the Medicaid program, with a goal of reducing avoidable hospital use by 25 percent over the next five years.

“This project will leverage the strong relationships and experiences that UAlbany has with colleagues at Boston University and Maryland to facilitate a responsive, comprehensive evaluation for the New York State Department of Health that provides timely, useful information to guide future decisions in the health policy arena,” said Laura Schweitzer, vice president for health sciences and biomedical initiatives and interim dean at UAlbany's School of Public Health.

The IHSE will manage the DSRIP evaluation and actively participate with partner organizations in comparative analysis.  This falls mostly on the IHSE because they specialize in using healthcare data and building cost analyses to improve health system policies and decision making.

UAlbany’s Center for Human Services Research is in charge of the qualitative analysis for the Process/Implementation Evaluation because of their 20 plus years of experience in conducting applied research to inform practice and policy on how to improve the lives of New Yorkers.

The Econometrics Research Institute (ERI) at the University at Albany will lead in the econometric methods for the time series design. ERI has more than 30 years of research experience in health economics with a range of topics that include Medicaid and Medicare cost inflation, women’s health, hospital costs, disability insurance, veteran’s health and hospital malpractice premiums, and big data analysis.

By implementing these strategies to analyze DSRIP effectiveness, the team is confident they will provide a proper evaluation of the program. 


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