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Humana Invests $7M in Social Determinants of Health Programs

Humana will make contributions to nine organizations focused on addressing social determinants of health.

Humana will invest $7 million in social determinants of health programs

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By Jessica Kent

- The Humana Foundation has announced plans to invest nearly $7 million in 9 organizations that are committed to addressing the social determinants of health, including food security, social connection, and financial stability.

The new investments from the Humana Foundation will address health equity and the social determinants of health through partnerships and collaborations with local organizations. Each organization receiving an investment in 2018 will have an opportunity to receive continuing funding for one or two additional years based on the specific results they achieve during the first year of their respective programs.

The investments include a donation to the San Antonio Food Bank to help create a Senior Wellness Intervention Model program, which will aim to reduce food insecurity and social isolation. Humana will also invest in San Antonio’s Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) to help alleviate social isolation among seniors through free access to internet-connected technology.

Additionally, the AARP Foundation in Florida’s Broward County will receive an investment to create a program that will screen older adults for food insecurities and food-related disease. In Tampa, the investment will go to Wholesome Communities Florida: Waking Up to Wellness, a cross-sector collaboration that aims to transform affordable access to healthy food.  

“The Humana Foundation’s new Strategic Community Investments will have a tangible impact on the health and well-being of communities across the US through our collaboration with local organizations across all sectors,” said Walter Woods, CEO of the Humana Foundation. “We look forward to celebrating the successes of our partner organizations as they report targets and milestones of their projects in the coming year.”

Each of the nine organizations is located in seven Humana Bold Goal communities across the US. Humana’s Bold Goal program aims to help individuals improve their health 20 percent by 2020, tracking its success using the CDC’s population health tool Healthy Days. In April 2018, Humana released a report showing that the Bold Goal initiative significantly improved the number of Healthy Days in several communities nationwide.

“Positive change doesn’t happen overnight; it’s the result of strong collaboration, steadfast resolve and innovative thinking. I’m encouraged by this year’s Healthy Days results and the future of our Bold Goal,” Humana CEO Bruce Broussard said at the time.

“As the US population ages, we need to support their needs as well as the nurses, physicians and caregivers who are providing direct services and care. Our focus on collective impact and addressing social determinants of health inside and outside of the clinical setting is leading us toward more Healthy Days.”

These new investments further demonstrate Humana’s long-term commitment to identifying and addressing the social determinants of health. In January 2018, the organization announced a revised grant strategy to provide long-term investments into community programs that focus on the non-clinical factors affecting health.

The strategy uses fewer grants with larger funding amounts so that local partners have the necessary resources to improve health equity within communities. With these new investments, Humana will continue to support social determinants of health work at the local level.

“We’re excited about getting the new strategic investment program started, and even more excited to see how the organizations will put the contributions to such good use,” Woods added. “We’ll be in close contact with each organization over the year ahead as we plan for the second year of this program and determine where our investment dollars will make the greatest impacts in 2019 and beyond.”


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