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Humana Creates New Data Analytics, Digital Health Division

A new digital health and data analytics center will help Humana create more personalized experiences for its members, says President and CEO Bruce Broussard.

Humana data analytics and digital health

Source: Xtelligent Media

By Jennifer Bresnick

- Humana has announced the launch of a new data analytics and digital health division, called Humana Studio H, which will focus on developing data-driven products and services for use across the entire organizations.

The center will be based in Boston, and will be led by Heather Cox, a former financial technology (fintech) executive who will take on the title of Chief Digital Health and Analytics Officer.

Cox will report directly to Humana President CEO Bruce Broussard, indicating that the company is placing significant value on the effort to integrate big data and health IT strategies even more deeply into its existing operations.

“What we’re developing in Boston is a critical capability that can help Humana leap forward and overcome friction points to create a simplified, connected and personalized health care experience for our members and the physicians and others who provide their care,” said Broussard.

“We understand that where lifestyle and health care intersect, there is an opportunity to influence health and well-being in a holistic way – especially for seniors.”

Cox most recently served as Chief Technology and Digital Officer at USAA, a financial services company focused on providing insurance, investment, and retirement services to military members, veterans, and their families.

She has also led fintech and mobile experience development at Citigroup, Inc., and worked to enhance consumer experiences at Capital One.

“Digital technology and analytics are building blocks for devising products, tools and services that deliver on the promise of whole-person health care, and Heather Cox has the experience, vision and drive to innovate and boldly lead Humana’s efforts in these important areas,” said Broussard.

The data analytics center is expected to employ around 250 team members within the next five years, Humana said.

“It’s gratifying to be joining an organization with such a strong commitment to helping people achieve their best health,” said Cox.

“American health care can be enormously complex, but Humana’s expansion of its digital health and analytics capabilities can provide a game-changing platform to simplify and streamline the health care experience and ultimately improve members’ lifestyles by enhancing the quality of their health care. Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of marrying technology with human needs, and I’m eager to apply my experience in a dynamic industry like health care.”

Cox will be joined by Beth Bierbower, a Humana veteran who will be responsible for creating innovative health experiences for seniors.  Bierbower also reports directly to Broussard.

“I look forward to collaborating with Heather as we work to bring next-generation products to life at Humana,” said Beth Bierbower, president of this new Humana initiative.

“I’m also excited about the prospect of bringing together talented, high-energy and innovative people in Boston to tackle some of the biggest challenges in our industry. I’m confident that Humana members will appreciate what we come together to develop.”

Humana has been the subject of many headlines in recent months, most notably after Aetna’s proposed acquisition of the company fell through in early 2017.  The $37 billion purchase was deemed to fall afoul of anticompetitive regulations.

More recently, rumors that Walmart was in the market to purchase Humana stirred up the industry, but the company does not appear to be waiting for a buyer before pursuing advanced data analytics and consumer experience goals.

The Humana Studio H offices are expected to be completed in the summer of 2019, and will be located in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood.


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